Lavender Jones Strain — It’ll Have You Jonesing for More

Need some bud that’ll quickly soothe both your body and mind? The Lavender Jones strain might be just what you’re looking for. This sativa-leaning blend of the Purple Urkle and Casey Jones strains delivers a relaxing, dreamy cerebral high that’ll send stress packing, alleviate anxiety, and eradicate physical pain and tension.

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Lavender Jones Strain
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Lavender Jones Strain Flavor Scale

With each delicious toke of the Lavender Jones strain, your tastebuds will delight in notes of:

Flowery lavender
Sweet grape and citrus
Musky herbs

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      Lavender Jones Strain Information

      Lavender Jones is a 60/40 sativa-indica hybrid with an average THC content of about 17% and CBG content of 1%. Although this strain leans sativa, it’s not particularly energizing; instead, it delivers a soothing, mind-body high that’ll leave you feeling relaxed, hazy in the head, and considerably more introspective. If you’re a fan of the wake-and-bake, this strain may be a good choice if you want to enjoy a serene, stress-free day. But Lavender Jones’ super-heady effects may prevent you from getting much done.

      Lavender Jones Strain Effects

      Relaxed 82%
      Euphoric 83%
      Happy 84%
      Tingly 85%
      Helps With
      Stress 85%
      Depression 79%
      Pain 80%
      Insomnia 86%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 47%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 42%
      Anxiety 45%
      Paranoia 44%

      Lavender Jones Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Jarhead — “let it be”
      Jarhead — “let it be” 78%
      SiR, Kendrick Lamar — “Hair Down”
      SiR, Kendrick Lamar — “Hair Down” 85%
      Chet Faker — “No Diggity”
      Chet Faker — “No Diggity” 82%

      Jarhead — “let it be”: This soothing lofi track is perfect if you need some background music for enjoying your Lavender Jones-induced introspective state.

      SiR, Kendrick Lamar — “Hair Down”: Play this track while you enjoy a bowl of Lavender Jones, and you should have no problem letting your hair down.

      Chet Faker — “No Diggity”: This chill jam paired with a few tokes of Lavender Jones is a recipe for a good day. No diggity, no doubt.

      Pairs With Food
      Lavender Marcona almonds
      Lavender Marcona almonds 83%
      Meyer lemon cake with lavender cream
      Meyer lemon cake with lavender cream 82%
      Herbes de Provence rotisserie chicken
      Herbes de Provence rotisserie chicken 87%

      Lavender Marcona almonds: Snack on these sweet, salty, lavender-laced nuts alongside a gin-based cocktail and a few tokes of Lavender Jones. Your tastebuds will thank you.

      Meyer lemon cake with lavender cream: Nosh on this tasty treat if you’re looking to complement the floral and citrus notes in your smoke.

      Herbes de Provence rotisserie chicken: It’s buttery, floral, and herbaceous and tastes amazing after a bowl of Lavender Jones.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Eau de lavender
      Eau de lavender 83%
      Aviation 85%
      Sauvignon blanc
      Sauvignon blanc 88%

      Eau de lavender: This tequila-based, lavender-laced cocktail is smooth, tasty, and floral, quite like Lavender Jones.

      Aviation: Sip on this classic gin-based cocktail if you want to complement the lavender in your smoke with some violet and lemon notes.

      Sauvignon blanc: It’s a little on the dry side and features grassy, floral, and fruity notes, which taste heavenly alongside Lavender Jones’s flowery, sweet, musky flavors.

      Where The Lavender Jones Strain Is Grown

      No one knows who deserves credit for coming up with Lavender Jones or where in the world the strain came from.


      Lavender Jones Strain Summary

      The Lavender Jones strain is a great choice when you need to stamp out stress and simply enjoy yourself for a while. But if you’re new to the nug, take it slow because this strain can be anxiety- or paranoia-inducing for tokers with a low tolerance. If soothing, stress-relieving daytime bud is your favorite, you might also enjoy Flo, another sativa-dominant hybrid with similar effects. But if you need something a bit more energizing, try Citral Flo.

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