Purple Urkle Strain — ’80s Nostalgia

purple urkle strain

The Purple Urkle Strain is similar to many indica strains. It is beneficial for relaxing and falling asleep; however, this unique strain is lighter than most strains with a distinctly fruity taste. It is part of the purple family, which includes other strains like Purple Haze.

It’s got about 16% THC and is 70% indica.

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Purple Urkle Strin
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Purple Urkle Strain Flavor Scale

The Purple Urkle strain is a delightful mixture of grape and skunk. Other strains wish they tasted this good.


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      Purple Urkle Strain Information

      The origins of this strain are a little unclear, but people assume that the strain was born in Afghanistan and Pakistan and could be the child of Mendocino Purps or Granddaddy Purple. The strain sets the bar high for other strains in both taste and smell, making it a popular choice.

      Strain Effects

      Lethargic 83%
      Hungry 78%
      Euphoric 73%
      Helps With
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 78%
      Insomnia 81%
      Depression 86%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 50%
      Itchy eyes
      Itchy eyes 50%

      Purple Urkle Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      The Smiths — How Soon Is Now?
      The Smiths — How Soon Is Now? 50%
      Depeche Mode — People Are People
      Depeche Mode — People Are People 93%
      Joy Division — Disorder
      Joy Division — Disorder 88%

      The Smiths — How Soon Is Now?

      One of the giants of the indies genre, the lyrics and melodies of The Smith’s songs are relevant to every generation.

      Depeche Mode — People Are People

      Depeche Mode was one of the first electronica bands and has been influential for any synth enthusiast.

      Joy Division — Disorder

      Joy Disorder is one of those bands that makes you feel like the main character in a coming-of-age film. Punk, yet not too heavy on the ears.

      Pairs With Food
      Pasta 50%
      Sweet Potato Fries
      Happy 50%
      Lavendar Ice Cream
      Lavendar Ice Cream 84%

      Pasta: While you’re getting all nostalgic for the ’80s, take yourself back to mom’s kitchen table and make yourself a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

      Sweet Potato Fries: When cooked correctly, the fries will come out purple! Plus, you don’t have to decide between a savory snack and dessert!

      Lavender Ice Cream: This flavor is usually one of the healthier ones. It’s light and refreshing and can curb any sweet tooth.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Gin and Tonic
      Gin and Tonic 80%
      Blackberry Cocktail
      Blackberry Cocktail 84%
      White Zinfandel
      White Zinfandel 94%

      Gin and Tonic: Using Empress 99 Gin, you can make one of the most classic drinks of all time. This nightcap feels so casual and yet doesn’t take much for you to feel the effects.

      Blackberry Cocktail: This cocktail is fruity and delicious. It contains ingredients like fresh rosemary, honey, and blackberry jam.

      White Zinfandel: One of the trendiest wines from the ’80s, this classic will be perfect for a casual night in or something to order during a night out.

      Where The Purple Urkle Strain Is Grown

      It’s grown in California along with many of its purple brothers and sisters.

      Strain Summary

      Purple Urkle’s indica effects stand alone from other strains of similar coloring. Perfect for new stoners and veterans alike, this strain provides a light high and a mouthwatering taste.

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