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gelato 33 strain

Gelato 33 strain, aka the Larry Bird strain, is a sweet phenotype of the original famed Gelato from the Bay Area of California. Although this is not the original, it carries enough weight and character to compare and make a name for itself.

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Gelato 33 Strain
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This hybrid is energizing enough for a daytime boost that is elevating and elating, and fruit and sweet as the dessert namesake.


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      Gelato 33 Strain Information

      Gelato #33 is a balanced, strong hybrid originating from San Francisco.  Similar to Gelato, it is crossed between Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert, with its own powerful attributes. Definitely worth sampling all the yummy phenotypes of this strain.  With its Cookie genetics, Gelato #33 creates a great energized effect that can drive you through your day and elate you while doing so.  It has dark green, purple nugs with bright orange hairs. Aromas of fruit and citrus hit you immediately, followed by earthy tones.  This is sure to pair well with a vodka, gin, or wine or beer.

      Gelato 33 Strain Effects

      Happy 66%
      Relaxed 64%
      Uplifted 62%
      Euphoric 53%
      Focused 36%
      Helps with
      Stress 28%
      Depression 24%
      Anxiety 24%
      Pain 20%
      Headache 11%
      Dry mouth 15%
      Dry eyes 13%
      Dizzy 6%
      Headache 1%
      Anxious 1%

      Gelato 33 Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Pharrell Williams​
      Happy 50%
      Bob Marley​
      Jamming 70%
      Travis Scott
      Goosebumps​ 50%
      Pairs With Food
      Fresh greens and fruit​ 55%
      Fresh greens and fruit​
      Fire up the grill and throw some veggies on there​ 90%
      Because there's always room for dessert​ 80%
      Pairs With Spirits
      Favorite brand with bubbly mixer 80%
      Light Wine or Beer
      Light, bubbly, on the drier side 70%
      Mix with a bright citrus ftw 60%

      Gelato 33 Strain Frequently Asked Questions

      Where is the Gelato 33 strain grown?

      Is Gelato 33 strain good for pain?

      Yes, Gelato 33 helps with pain.

      Is Gelatto 33 indica or sativa?

      The Gelato 33 strain is a well balanced hybrid strain. This means that it has both indica and sativa in it.

      What is Gelato 33 good for?

      Gelato 33 helps with pain, stress, depression, anxiety and more.

      Is Gelato 33 weed strain top shelf?

      Yes, Gelato 33 would be considered top shelf weed.

      How does Gelato 33 cannabis strain taste?

      Gelato 33 strain tastes herbal and peppery with citrus notes.

      How much THC does Gelato 33 strain have?

      Gelato 33 strain has 16% – 21% THC.

      Gelato #33 Summary

      Gelato #33 is a sweet, powerful hybrid from the Cookie Fam in California.  This daytime strain can help with pain and loss of appetite, and elevate you to new heights.  Named like the dessert, this earthy, sweet flower is a favorite due to its aroma and strength.  We gladly pair with a vodka, gin, white wine, some farm-to-table goodness and of course gelato for dessert!

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