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Welcome to our Marijuana Dispensary Finder. We are slowly building out this resource so you can find any dispensary in the world. Our dispensary pages cover, reviews, location, directions, photos and more.  So if you are looking for a dispensary near you then use this tool to help. Use the table of contents to jump to different parts of the page.

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Dispensaries Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dispensary?

A dispensary is a store that sells cannabis and CBD products and accessories. 

How many dispensaries are there?

There are thousands of dispensaries around the world. Most dispensaries are in areas that cannabis and CBD are legal.

Are dispensaries legal?

Dispensaries are legal where ever cannabis and CBD is legal. Check your State, Country or local laws to be sure.

Are there dispensaries near me?

If you live in the U.S where cannabis and CBD is legal then there is most likely a dispensary near you.

How does the dispensary finder work?

Type in a dispensary and our search engine will look it up. We are adding more dispensaries everyday so come back if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Why can't I find a dispensary?

We have thousands of dispensaries being loaded on to the site. If you can’t find one you are looking for then come back later.

Why are dispensaries important?

Dispensaries are amazing. They are important because they have experienced staff that can help you find the perfect strain, cannabis and / or CBD product for you.  If you are new to cannabis and CBD then getting advice is important and can really make your experience with cannabis better.

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