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Bulleit has been making life-changing whiskey for over three decades. Founded in 1987, Bulleit has held from the beginning that good whiskey speaks for itself. Their growth has been an extension of that philosophy — most of its growth is thanks to bartenders, whiskey lovers, and cultural partners adopting Bulleit whiskey and sharing it with others.

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About Bulleit

The Bulleit family has its own distinct traditions when it comes to distilling whiskey. The drink’s spicy, bold, uniquely smooth flavor and mouthfeel come from its legendary high-rye recipe and the distinct aging process.

Their commitment to quality has landed them plenty of accolades so far. In recent history, Bulleit’s 10-Year Old took home the double gold medal, and their Bulleit Rye and Bulleit Bourbon took gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021.

Even though Bulleit started with plenty of tradition in its blood, the brand has still had plenty of time to set new traditions into stone. In 2017, they celebrated their 30th birthday in style — by opening a brand new distillery in their hometown of Shelbyville, Kentucky.

This facility features state-of-the-art everything and was built in line with the brand’s ethics. That means construction practices that fit with Bulleit’s sustainability goals, including protecting natural habitats, conserving water, and sourcing all ingredients locally. As a result, Bulleit’s new distillery was recognized by the 2020 Icons of Whisky Awards, presented by Whisky Magazine, which gave them the Highly Commended Award for Sustainable Distillery of the Year.

Sharing this sustainability with the public is part of Bulleit’s passion. That’s why, in 2019, the brand opened their Visitor’s Center in Shelbyville at the Bulleit Distilling Co. At this center, they share their modern approach to making delicious, world-class whiskey in a sustainable and tech-forward way.

Bulleit Whiskey Products 

Bulleit is best known for its whiskeys and is generally considered a high-end brand. Their four offerings include:

  • Bulleit Bourbon: a medium amber, gently spicy, and sweet bourbon with oak aromas and a smooth mid-palate feel
  • Bulleit Rye: an award-winning straight rye whiskey that sports complexity, spice, and unparalleled quality
  • Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old: a decade in the making, this bourbon is barrel-aged in charred American white oak barrels for 10 years, resulting in a deep, rich, and smooth bourbon
  • Bulleit Barrel Strength Whiskey: a fantastic whiskey that’s straight from the barrel, unfiltered and uncut

Bulleit also sells premium crafted cocktails, the Bourbon Old Fashioned and the Rye Manhattan.

Bulleit Review & Reputation

Bulleit is a highly respected whiskey and bourbon maker. Delivering on both tradition and innovation, their whiskeys have taken numerous gold medals and continue to sit among the ranks of America’s finest spirits.

Bulleit Main Headquarters

The brand’s headquarters are in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Their products can be purchased at bars and at local distilleries.

Address: 3464 Benson Pike, Shelbyville, KY 40065

Phone Number: 866.251.7200

Website: https://www.bulleit.com/

Bulleit Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it spelled Bulleit?

The name Bulleit is not a play on the word “bullet,” but rather comes from the last name of Tom Bulleit. Once upon a time, Bulleit sourced all of his whiskey from Buffalo Trace. Now the brand sources its whiskey from other makers.

Is Bulleit gluten-free?

Bulleit bourbon is a gluten-free spirit and is safe for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. This is despite the fact that their mash is made with glutinous grains — the distillation process removes gluten.

Is Bulleit good straight?

Yes. Bulleit consistently ranks among the upper tiers of bourbon whiskeys and is considered an exquisite drink for straight sipping. Its flavor is beautiful and bold.


Bulleit whiskey brings the proud heritage of Kentucky bourbon to its logical conclusion: a beautiful whiskey that’s rich in tradition without lacking in innovation. With numerous gold medals and honorable mentions hanging on their wall, Bulleit continues to hold themselves to the highest standards in whiskey distillation. Their new distillery also showcases their commitment to sustainable distillation practices and construction. Choose between their four flagship whiskeys or grab one of their two pre-made premium cocktails — either way, you’re getting a drink that will never let you down.

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