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A cannabis brand that goes beyond just flower to embrace lifestyle and coffee products as well, Tokyo Smoke is the well-rounded project of a father and son team. Alan and Lorne Gartner created the company in 2015 to expand the high-end recreational market in Canada. Lorne Gertner brought decades of experience in Canada’s medical marijuana industry as one of the founders of the country’s first legal medical grower.

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Tokyo Smoke provides curious cannabis explorers a true experience of the heightened senses and mind.

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      About Tokyo Smoke

      The company started with hybrid coffee shops rather than pure dispensaries, offering a more social and relaxed experience than other locations. However, as of 2022, they only operate traditional dispensary stores. The company was once solely founded in Canada, but as of 2019, they’ve been working on expanding into the US as well. They remain one of only four retailers licensed to operate storefront locations in Manitoba.

      Tokyo Smoke Products

      Tokyo Smoke focuses on making the shopping experience as high-end and enjoyable as its products. Their brand is based around welcoming, well-designed retail locations that are inviting and not overwhelming or confusing. They’re a great stop for newcomers to cannabis because they’re known for employing experienced and educated employees who can guide you to the right products.

      By pairing with some of the best growers in Canada, they offer a wide range of their own branded strains and a few top brands from other suppliers. They stock tools and supplies as well as a wide range of flower and concentrate products. It’s possible to get everything you need for a cannabis session with one stop at any of the Tokyo Smoke dispensaries, including clothing to wear while you’re indulging.

      tokyo smoke products

      Reviews & Reputation

      Customers give this brand of retail dispensaries big points for having uncluttered and spacious stores. Many dispensaries try to fit too much product and too many displays into small storefronts, making it hard to navigate or look at the selection when more than one customer is in the space.

      The ability to sample the scents of various strains also drew positive remarks from many visitors. The prices are considered average to low for Canadian dispensaries, which is a rare thing to find in a fully licensed chain. Many other retailers offering similar price points cut corners by sourcing unlicensed products or operating without proper permitting in their province. Tokyo Smoke prides itself on being fully licensed and permitted everywhere it operates storefronts. The only negatives are the security at the door and the potential for long waits due to high demand.

      Like most Canadian storefronts, these locations employ ID-checking systems that limit entrance to only legally qualified shoppers. Still, it’s a small hassle to deal with in return for a high-end storefront experience.

      Tokyo Smoke Headquarters

      The brand is currently based out of Toronto, but they have locations in multiple Canadian provinces. As of 2022, there were seven dispensaries in Manitoba, 27 in Ontario, 6 in Alberta, and more on the way. There used to be three coffee shops as well that operated out of Calgary and Toronto under the Tokyo Smoke brand, but they have since closed down. Customers in the three provinces where they operate storefronts can order online as well, but buyers from other areas will have to wait until the brand expands further before giving Tokyo Smoke a try.

      Address: 76 Stafford St. 3rd Floor, Toronto ON, M6J 2S1

      Phone Number: 833-518-6596


      Tokyo Smoke Frequently Asked Questions

      Does Tokyo Smoke sell edibles and hash?

      Tokyo Smoke has a full range of marijuana products in addition to plain flowers. They sell a variety of edibles, hash, concentrates, pre-rolls, and disposable vaporizer products.

      How long does Tokyo Smoke take to deliver?

      For shipped products ordered online, the average shipping time is 1 to 7 days. This depends on the company handling the delivery and how far you’re located from one of their retail stores. They also only ship cannabis products to Manitoba. Using a courier delivery service for personal pickup should result in delivery in just a few hours instead.

      Who currently owns Tokyo Smoke?

      The brand was acquired by Canopy Growth in 2018 and is now operated by them as a parent company.

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