What is Hashish? Learn all about Hash

What is Hash? What is Hashish? Are hash and hashish the same? These are very popular questions. The quick answer is yes. Hash and Hasish are the same. Hash is a compressed form of cannabis. Read below to learn more.

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What is Hash?

Hashish is more than just another slang word for marijuana. If you’ve heard this word before or are just learning about it for the first time, it may still be confusing what exactly hashish is and why it’s different than weed. You may have seen the terms “hash” or “hasheesh” instead, but they all refer to the same thing.

If you’re new to hash or maybe don’t know the difference between hash and weed, take the time to enlighten yourself on some stoner history below.

What is hash

Hashish Definition

Hashish is an Arabic word meaning “dried herb” or “grass.” It’s a hallucinogenic drug with similar effects to weed and is cultivated by collecting resin secreted from female cannabis plants. The resin is comprised of trichomes, which are made up of potent THC.

It’s been around for centuries (dating back to 700 AD but becoming popular in 900 AD). Its popularity began in the middle east but made its way to the western world in the 19th century. It was prevalent during the “hippie” era of the 1960s and 1970s, along with many other Eastern drugs.

What’s the Difference between Hash and weed?

So we admit, hash sounds very similar to our dear friend Mary Jane; however, hash is generally known to be more potent and dense. Hashish will hit harder faster because of how condensed the resin is. The two drugs also look very different; while marijuana is more of a leaf, hash sort of looks like a greenish chocolate bar. Hash is also generally more expensive because of its concentration.

It’s also not the same as the concentrated oil used for dabs. While dabs are more of a sticky, gooey texture, hash is more chalky and crumbly like a very interesting-looking brownie.

How to Use Hashish

The usage of hashish is very similar to that of marijuana. It’s most common to smoke it (in a pipe, bong, hookah, apple, or whatever’s on hand). Some people put some regular weed underneath the hash crumbles to make it light and burn easier.

It’s also common to eat crumbles. You can cook these crumbles into cannabutter, much like weed. Don’t eat hash plain because you won’t get high. Plus, it won’t taste terrific. It is possible to heat plain hash and get a high from it by putting it on a baking tray and heating it in the oven. However, it’ll be a more enjoyable experience if you bake it into something or mix it with another food.

Hash is also available in vapor form. Most hash in dab form is sourced purely from kief and may still feel different from cannabis dab pens. This method is a great way to try hash without ever having to leave your couch.

Lastly, if you’re hoping to go all out, there’s the “Two Knife Method.” If you use this method, exercise extreme caution. You can do this by heating up two butter knives using a torch. Place a small crumble of hash on one knife, then flatten it with the other knife. As the smoke rises from the blade, simply inhale it. This method will make your hash-smoking session a whole experience. Maybe just put some oven mitts on and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Side effects of Hash

Be prepared for a hard-hitting, out-of-this-world high. Hash may not be the choice for novice smokers or someone looking for a casual high, but it’s excellent for spiritual meditation and an immersive experience. Also, hash isn’t known for creating the same couch-lock feeling that bud might induce. Keep in mind that, just like weed, there are different strains of hashish as well, so it’s going to be a different experience for everyone. In high doses, it’s possible to experience visuals and psychedelic effects.

Hash in the Modern World

Are you dying to try hash for yourself? Great news, you can find it legally in most local dispensaries. Most hashish is grown in Morocco; however, it’s also grown in India, Afghanistan, and Nepal. Also, today’s hash is known to be more potent than the stuff the stoners from the olden days were smoking.

If you’re down to try something new or are looking for a more immersive high, hash might be the solution for you. While it may be very similar to weed, the differences can change the whole smoking experience.

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