The Magic Grinder vs. Santa Cruz Shredder: Reviewed & Compared

Novices might pay little attention to the types of weed grinders available today. But cannabis veterans know the importance of shredding your weed while preserving the great taste and smoke quality.

Two great grinders that often get brought up are the Magic Grinder and the Santa Cruz Shredder. We’ve compared these two market leaders to help you choose the best possible equipment.

How We Rank the Top Weed Grinders

Across the world, there are an estimated 219 million cannabis users; this is likely an underestimation. How you select your equipment can come down to personal preference, but there’s no hiding from the facts.

So, how have we rated the best weed grinders, specifically the Magic Grinder and the Santa Cruz Shredder?

·  Material Quality – The build and material quality will impact your grinder’s performance and durability. Low-grade plastic might be cheap, but it won’t get you far when tackling a whole zip of weed.

·  Added Features – The top grinders on the market often include added features, like multiple chambers and magnetic lids. These can simplify preparing your weed without missing out on that unique flavor.

·  Warranty – Are you confident in your grinder? Then the manufacturer should be too. That’s why we evaluate the robustness of each warranty – assuming a grinder has one at all.

·  Price – Value for money is always important. Last year, the cannabis industry was worth $13.2 billion, meaning that’s a whole lot of spending. But getting a good deal is always important for buyers.

·  Ease of Cleaning – Grinders are harder to clean than you might think. That’s why a grinder that you can clean with ease is vital for keeping your bud honest and getting a longer lifespan from your grinder.

With this unique weed scale for grinders in mind, we will rate the Magic Grinder and the Santa Cruz Shredder together.

Before going into the different factors, let’s examine the claims made for each grinder. By understanding more about the cannabis marketing behind each product, we can test their claims and come to a more informed conclusion.

What is the Magic Grinder?

The Magic Grinder promotes itself as a groundbreaking innovation set to revolutionize the cannabis industry. It’s positioned as a state-of-the-art four-piece grinder offering sophistication and unbeatable efficiency.

Including precision grinding and a built-in weight system, so you don’t have to worry about your weed measurements, you can grind your weed into the best texture for smoking. With easy handling through its ergonomic design system and magnetic seal to preserve freshness, the Magic Grinder aims to make smoking incredible cannabis simple.

What is the Santa Cruz Shredder?

The Santa Cruz Shredder is an aluminium grinder in two- and four-piece variations. It offers a medical-grade ultrasonic cleaning process, the only one of its kind. So, if you’re concerned about contaminants, the Santa Cruz Shredder could be the grinder for you.

Its unique tooth design prevents contaminants from entering your herb during grinding. Unlike cheap grinders that only cut one way, this marijuana grinder looks to cut both ways to fluff your bud to perfection.

The Magic Grinder vs. Santa Cruz Shredder: Compared

So, it’s clear that these are two top-tier grinders. They’ll always cost more than a cheap $5 grinder, but you’re getting more for your money. Growers and smokers alike need to give the same consideration to their grinders as they would when buying cannabis seeds.

Here’s the rundown of the Santa Cruz Shredder vs. The Magic Grinder.

Material Quality

Regarding material quality, the Magic Grinder and the Santa Cruz Shredder have gone down similar routes when creating the best weed grinder for stoners everywhere.

Both use aluminium in their construction. However, the Santa Cruz uses aerospace-grade aluminium, whereas the Magic Grinder uses a special lightweight aluminium alloy. Both contribute to an incredibly durable grinder, preventing thread damage, scratches, and tooth degradation.

In this respect, it’s impossible to separate the two.

Added Features

Looking to buy weed grinders in bulk? Features are where these two grinders for marijuana diverge.

Firstly, here are some of the Magic Grinder’s features:

·  Magnetic lid to prevent spillage.

·  Sharp teeth for clean and even grinds.

·  Fine mesh filter to get rid of the pollen.

·  Dedicated anti-stick kief collector.

·  Built-in weed weight. Just shake to collect tremendous quantities of kief.

The Santa Cruz also brings several cool features to the table when preparing your weed recipes, including:

·  Two-way grinding to fluff your marijuana and prevent aluminum contamination.

·  High-micron screens for improved threading.

·  Rare earth magnetic lids.

·  Triple-layer coated nickel and copper to mitigate corrosion.

·  Ultrasonic cleaning.

However, even though the Santa Cruz sounds more high-tech, which it is, you won’t notice the difference in your grinding experience. Yes, it’s a high-performance grinder, but it’s hard to beat the Magic Grinder’s incredible kief collector and self-cleaning capabilities.


Both grinders offer slightly different warranties. With the Santa Cruz, you have a limited lifetime warranty, but this only covers the patented shredder teeth. Moreover, it only applies if they break through everyday use. Nothing else is covered.

In other words, this warranty has more holes than Swiss cheese!

In contrast, the Magic Grinder’s one-year warranty covers any material defect or poor workmanship.


Prices are pretty similar, with different models of the Santa Cruz starting at around $50 and rising to $80. The Magic Grinder is $69.99, but discounts are often available for new customers.

In short, if you want the best grinder available, the Magic Grinder will be the more affordable option.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning couldn’t be simpler with the Magic Grinder. If you’re worried about how to clean a weed grinder, just give this grinder a shake, and its unique shaking metal ball feature will stop any kief from sticking to the walls.

In contrast, the Santa Cruz can be a little tougher to clean. Even with its ultrasonic cleaning system, it’s not uncommon for kief to stick to the lid between the teeth.

The Magic Grinder vs. Santa Cruz Shredder: Which is Best?

Learn how to roll a joint the smart way with a top-end grinder. Both of the above are two market leaders, but we’ve got to give the check mark to the Magic Grinder. Its epic kief collector, fine mesh, and shake-to-clean mechanism are three things that the Santa Cruz Shredder just doesn’t have.

In short, grinding any marijuana strain with either of the above will get you some excellent results, but the Magic Grinder just edges this competition.

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