Getting To Know The Weed Scale

You’ve got your bud, but where is your weed scale? Getting accurate weed measurements is critical for growers, harvesters, dispensaries, and customers alike. If you’ve got a scale that doesn’t have the required precision or features, there’s little chance of getting the correct measurements.

Over time, this could lead to loss of money and precious bud. That means a conventional pocket scale or a low-quality digital scale isn’t going to get the job done. This article discusses the importance of securing a suitable ganja scale for your bud.

What is a Weed Scale?

What is the scale for weed? This is how you tell precisely how much weed you have before grinding everything up with your magic grinder.

With 23 states legalizing recreational weed, scales designed for the cannabis industry are becoming increasingly common.

A weed scale can measure everything from dried goods to liquids, including cannabis flowers and infused products. More sophisticated scales can provide weed weight in both U.S. and metric units.

But not just any weed scale is suitable for cannabis.

Are Kitchen Scales Accurate for Weed?

Standard kitchen scales may seem like a quick fix for determining how much weed you have, but this is insufficient when measuring cannabis. This is because typical kitchen scales can only measure to the nearest gram.

If you’re trying to work out how many grams are in an ounce or how many ounces are in a pound of weed, they may suffice. However, for dispensaries and those looking to cook with cannabis, they need something more substantial.

Dedicated digital weed scales can measure to the nearest 0.1 gram, so many people purchase jewelry scales for measuring their marijuana.

Why Buy a Weed Scale?

Weed scales revolutionize how you extract concentrates, grow weed, and cook with cannabis. Estimations won’t give you the consistent results you expect, so a well-calibrated scale is as important as choosing the best weed grinder.

Here are some of the reasons why investing in a scale is an excellent investment:

·                Avoid breaking the legal cannabis possession limits in your state.

·                Verify the weight of your purchase if you’re a cannabis tourist.

·                Make it easy to split cannabis between your friends.

·                Determine your total harvest yield.

·                Weigh your weed conveniently.

·                Decide on your edible dosage for weed and cocktail pairings.

·                Get consistent doses every time you smoke up.

How to Use a Weed Scale

Using a cannabis scale is simple when you know how. Firstly, the precision your scale offers is critical. Marijuana scales can weigh your bud to as many as three decimal places. But the rule goes that the more precise the scale, the lower its maximum capacity.

For example, if you’re working out how to grow weed, you’ll likely prioritize greater capacity over precision.

Assuming you already have everything you need to begin weighing, here’s how to do it:

·                Step One – Place your scale on a flat surface and ensure no air or wind is circulating in the vicinity, as this will interfere with your measurements.

·                Step Two – Switch on your scale. If your marijuana doesn’t fit on the weighing platform, use the tare weighing function to increase its size. Place the lid on the platform and select the “Tare” or “T” function. This weighs only what’s on the lid.

·                Step Three – Place your weed on your scales without touching the scale.

·                Step Four – Take the measurements and remove the weed from the scale. If you’re using the tare weight with a lid, you can use it to put your bud back into its container quickly.

If you’re concerned that your scale displays the incorrect weight, you may need to calibrate it. This is performed using a calibration weight. Each scale will have its own instructions for calibration, so consult your manual.

What to Consider When Buying a Weed Scale

What is the best scale to weigh weed?

Deciding on the best marijuana scale can take some time because so many options are available for weighing up your favorite cannabis strain. Here’s a brief rundown of what to consider when searching for a scale:

·                Material – Most scales are made from stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic, with the former providing more longevity.

·                Precision – All scales have varying precision levels. For most people, 0.1 grams is the best balance between precision and capacity. 0.01-gram scales are suited more to weighing concentrates.

·                Size – How much capacity do you need? Most of the 52.5 million cannabis users in America will require nothing more than a pocket scale. But commercial cannabis growers will need something larger.

·                Function – Features like the tare and overload protection functions can ensure more accurate measurements and less wear and tear on your scale.

·                Warranty – Don’t get stuck with a poor scale while trying one of your many weed recipes. Purchase one with an ironclad warranty. Some manufacturers even offer ten-year warranties.

As always, take the time to do your research. Reviews are an excellent source of information on the long-term function of various scales. Plus, they can provide objective recommendations.

How Much Do Weed Scales Cost?

Cannabis scales vary massively in price. Just like how weed strains for anxiety can vary in cost and quality, so do weed scales.

The cheapest marijuana scales can be found for as little as $10-$15 for a pocket scale. On the other hand, commercial scales can cost hundreds of dollars. Larger scales with more features will always drive the price up.

Where to Buy a Weed Scale

Finding a cannabis scale is simple. They can be found in local stores and dispensaries. But the best place to buy is at an online marketplace like Amazon. These are where you will find the best deals, including from many of the brands you love.


Beginners learning how to roll a blunt must consider the other aspects of making the perfect joint. Choosing the correct scale is one such step that benefits customers and growers alike.

If you’re looking for your favorite flavor, check out Flavor Fix for more information on all things cannabis.

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