Trending Cannabis Jobs – Top 8 Best Cannabis Industry Jobs Today

Love weed? Want to get cannabis jobs to transform your passion into a new calling? If you’re lucky enough to live in a state with a medical or recreational marijuana program, you could have the opportunity to launch a new career in cannabis.

But with so many potential marijuana careers available, you’ve likely come across part-time and full-time cannabis jobs. Moreover, it’s possible to take the show on the road with international cannabis jobs.

Let’s discuss some of the best-paying cannabis jobs available today.

What Types of Weed Jobs Are Available?

Cannabis careers are available in abundance. You may have already searched for “cannabis jobs near me” and felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice.

Most people begin their search by asking, “What is the highest-paying job at a dispensary?” Although dispensaries are standard for people to source marijuana jobs, the industry is much more.

With 23 states boasting fully legal cannabis, it’s unlocked many full and part-time cannabis jobs.

This includes within the broader cannabis research field, cannabis marketing, and even acting as part of the supply chain that makes the green flow in your state. So, if you’ve only begun your search, this is the time to think beyond the conventional.

8 of the Best Cannabis Jobs Available Now

Launching a new career is the chance to begin the next chapter of your life. How much can you make with cannabis? There are no glass ceilings.

Let’s discuss some of the top jobs in cannabis available now.

1. Dispensary Manager

Starting with the obvious, dispensary managers oversee the operations of medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensaries. Their duties involve everything from managing employees to tracking inventory and crunching the numbers.

In other words, this is likely the highest you can rise within a dispensary without owning it. So, if you know how to roll a blunt or spot the best weed strains for pain from a mile away, this could be the start of your next job.

Expect to possess impressive organizational skills and a friendly person-facing personality.

2. Laboratory Technician

With 38 states legalizing medical weed, it shows real therapeutic promise from the cannabis plant. As states open up to a green future, it’s also unlocking new research opportunities.

Lab techs are a fundamental part of the scientific process, as they assist researchers, scientists, and chemists in studying the chemistry and biology of cannabis.

Alongside supporting ground-breaking research, lab techs manage and maintain relevant lab equipment and technology.

Due to the scientific nature of this role, ensure that you possess a science or math-related degree.

3.             Accountant

Whether you’re a cannabis farm specializing in strains of weed for anxiety, a dispensary, or you sell marijuana-themed merchandise, you run a business, and every business needs an accountant.

Accountants manage the numbers and maintain compliance with various business rules and regulations. Additionally, accountants provide helpful advice and guidance on strategy going forward.

4. Customer Success Manager

Customer success managers connect with businesses to help them improve how they engage with their customers. They also provide tailored guidance on upgrading the customer experience so that you can go from selling a quarter of weed in a day to selling a zip of weed.

Within the cannabis business, customer success managers will likely work directly with dispensaries and distributors to learn about the local market. They’ll also pinpoint any specific problems a cannabis company has.

5. Marketing Specialist

Gone are the days when you could open a dispensary, launch a brand, and begin printing money. Today, the problem is that there’s so much competition. How much do top dispensaries make? The answer is millions.

For example, Curaleaf is the world’s most valuable marijuana company and operates dispensaries in 19 states. When competing with billions of dollars, you need a marketing specialist.

These professionals are responsible for targeting and promoting products to specific customer segments. Also, they’ll establish key performance indicators and use the power of data analytics to assess the effectiveness of a cannabis business’s campaigns.

6. Field Technician

Field and processing technicians ensure that crop growth and quality are consistently outstanding. They’ll spend much of their time flitting between the field and the laboratory, taking samples, analyzing samples, and communicating their findings.

They have an intimate understanding of the growing stages of weed and what makes an excellent Gelato strain. This is because many of their tasks will require direct involvement in cultivation, harvesting, and packaging.

7. Compliance Officer

The cannabis industry is relatively new and must contend with relatively heavy-handed legislation. Regulations can come from the state, county, and even local levels. Failure to comply means a business could be shut down.

Compliance officers have the single goal of ensuring that cannabis industry brands comply with every single rule. They’ll be responsible for pointing out compliance issues and producing tailored strategies and processes to achieve compliance.

In some cases, compliance officers may also collaborate with accountants on financial compliance issues.

8. Brand Manager

No dispensary has ever succeeded based on a single marijuana strain. All cannabis businesses are brands and must act as such.

Brand managers create awareness of a business in a way that helps them to connect with their target customer segment. They work with marketing specialists and all relevant stakeholders to make brands succeed.

Should I Be a Budtender?

You may have noticed that budtender didn’t make the list of trending cannabis jobs. If you know your Green Goblin and how many ounces are in a pound of weed, this could be the ideal role for you.

However, ask, “Where do budtenders get paid the most?” and, regardless of the answer, this is a relatively low-paying job. While it’s an excellent starting point if you’re learning the business, if you want a career, this should merely be a stepping stone.

The same principle applies to other typical roles in the industry, such as being a weed delivery driver.


Are you tired of worrying over a THC drug test that could see you lose your job?

Marijuana jobs provide abundant opportunities for you to become part of the industry furniture and launch a lucrative career.

If you’re learning about the flavor of the industry and want to get started, browse Flavor Fix for weed guides now.

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