What’s a Quarter of Weed?

Do you know your measurements? Within the wonderful world of weed, there’s lots of slang associated with different weed measurements. Even though most of these terms are old enough to predate legalization, they can still cause confusion when dispensaries use them.

What matters is that you know what you’re buying with your weed delivery and can plan your purchases accordingly. In this guide, we discuss what does ¼ mean with regard to weed, how much a quarter costs, and how long you can expect it to last.

What is a Quarter of Weed?

We’ve reached a record high as a nation, with 49% of Americans saying they have tried marijuana.

While millions may have taken a puff at a party, others are taking advantage of legalization to learn how to grow weed and research where to buy cannabis seeds. So, if you’re standing in the dispensary confused about quarters and eighths, what actually is a quarter?

Unlike other funny names for weed, a quarter is straightforward. It’s a quarter of an ounce, just over seven grams. There’s no cool backstory to this name. It’s nothing more than a slang term that gets to the heart of the matter.

What is 1/8 vs. Quarter Weed?

It may surprise you that even veteran smokers are often unaware of the answers to common questions like “How many ounces in a pound of weed?” But what is 1/8 compared to a quarter of weed?

So, how much is an eighth of weed in the cannabis world? An eighth is half the amount of a quarter. In other words, is 3.5 grams a quarter? No, it’s an eighth. And it takes eight-eighths to make an ounce, whereas it takes four-quarters to make a full 28-gram ounce.

How Much Does a Quarter of Weed Cost?

Did you know there has been a seismic shift in what Americans like to smoke? Today, more Americans smoke marijuana than cigarettes, but marijuana is just as expensive as cigarettes, meaning you are likely concerned about your budget.

After all, unless you’re fabulously wealthy or own a celebrity weed brand dispensary, you need to purchase cannabis amounts within your budget.

So, how much does weed cost if you’re looking to purchase a quarter of your favorite strain?

Like everything else within the cannabis world, various factors influence how much you can expect to spend. Higher-quality buds will set you back significantly more than low-quality cannabis filled with seeds. Yet product quality is only part of the formula.

Let’s examine the primary factors influencing how much you can expect to spend.

·                The Strain – Great strains cost more money. It’s like any product in the world. You can expect to pay for quality.

·                Supply and Demand – Good old supply and demand still applies to weed. If you’re looking for the best weed strains for sex and your area lacks supply, the price goes up, and vice-versa.

·                Where You Live – Where you live also matters. States, counties, and even individual towns can all set their own taxes and fees, meaning massive differences between dispensaries in different locales. This is something to remember if you like to engage in cannabis tourism.

But what if you’re looking for a ballpark figure? Generally, you can expect to spend as little as $20 or as much as $100, making it an economical choice for the average smoker.

How Many Joints Are in a Quarter of Weed?

Quarters are a moderate amount to buy. If you’re a casual smoker or you like to sample a different cannabis strain every day, this is a great choice to make when you next visit your local dispensary.

On average, you can expect to shake out around 20 joints, with about half as many blunts. But the number of joints you’ll get depends on how fat you like to roll your ganja.

How Long Can a Quarter of Weed Last?

Making the most of your quarter means figuring out how often you smoke and how often you intend to smoke in the future. Casual smokers that love to light up at the weekend could easily make their quarter last for one to two months.

On the other hand, heavier smokers that have invested in a magic grinder may find that a quarter lasts two to three weeks. If this sounds like you, consider upgrading to a “half,” approximately 14.17 grams.

Casual smokers, or those with vast weed collections, must take stock of proper weed storage guidelines. If you leave your cannabis out on the kitchen counter with direct sunlight pointing at it, expect your cannabis to lose its flavor, aroma, and texture.

Here are some tricks for making your quarter go the distance:

·                Use Airtight Containers – Glass containers, stash jars, or mason jars are ideal for preventing air from drying out your bud. Ensure all containers are kept in a cool, dark place, as light, heat, and humidity can ruin those precious cannabinoids.

·                Don’t Refrigerate – Thinking about beating the heat? Then don’t refrigerate. Like the growing stages of weed, marijuana storage requires precise conditions. Refrigeration can quickly introduce moisture and lead to mold growth.

·                Buy Boveda Packs – Also known as humidity packs, these products control the humidity by maintaining an optimal moisture level, even in the middle of August.

·                Leave Your Weed Alone – Don’t handle or crush your weed unless you’re about to smoke up. Doing this excessively will destroy the quality of your weed by destroying the delicate trichomes.

·                Separate Your Strains – With fresh cannabis in hand, go out of your way to separate your strains. Mixing them up can interfere with each strain’s unique aromas and flavor profiles.

Around 10% of Americans got high at least once a month in 2020, meaning proper storage education is vital to avoid wasting your quarter. Follow these tips and use common sense to ensure your weed makes the grade.


Buying a quarter of weed is among the most common amounts people like to buy. They’re affordable and offer a substantial enough amount to see you through most of the month, even if you’re a heavy smoker.

If you’re searching for a new flavor or have any other questions about cannabis, browse the Flavor Fix platform now.

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