Unlocking The Secret: What is a Dab Pen And How to Master its Use

Do you know how to dab? No, we’re not talking about that silly dance move. We’re talking about using a dab pen with cannabis concentrates. If you’re looking for things to do while high or want another way to consume marijuana, dabbing could be for you.

In this guide, we discuss questions like “What are dab pens?” and “What does a dab pen do to you?”

What is a Dab Pen?

Firstly, let’s discuss the apparatus for inhaling potent cannabis concentrates. If you’ve already learned how to roll a blunt and want to enhance your experience further, dabbing could be for you.

Dab pens can be known by separate names, including weed pens. Regardless of their name, they each accomplish the same function: to heat cannabis concentrate to a temperature that vaporizes it and allows it to be inhaled.

According to CTV News in Canada, cannabis concentrates can produce a 97-99% THC concentration, making them far more potent than joints and blunts. As a relatively new addition to the cannabis industry, dab pens are viewed as a more portable and accessible version of the dab rig.

But what is a dab rig, and how does it differ? In short, rigs require open flames and other accessories. Dab pens resemble pens and use electrical energy to heat the concentrate to the required temperature.

On a side note, what does “dab” mean in “dab pen” anyway?

In this context, dab refers to the concentrated cannabis extract itself. Dabbing is a term that predates the dance move, but the association remains even today. It’s why Saudi Arabia banned the dance move in 2017, with one singer being arrested for performing it.

What is the Difference Between a Dab and a Wax Pen?

In short, nothing. The two terms may be used interchangeably. However, dab or wax pens must not be confused with vape pens, which are a different product entirely.

Does a Dab Pen Have Nicotine?

Many people are worried about using nicotine together with their weed. After all, just 22% of Americans used tobacco in the last 30 days. Thankfully, all types of dab pens contain zero nicotine. The same cannot be said for vape pens, which can be used for vaping nicotine products.

What is a Dab Pen vs. Vape Pen?

Dab and vape pens have identical purposes. They’re designed to vaporize a substance to enable it to be inhaled. But vape pens are more versatile because they can be used for everything from nicotine and e-liquids to cannabis vape cartridges. Dab pens have a singular purpose and are only compatible with cannabis concentrates.

How to Use a Dab Pen

Using dab pens is relatively simple, even for the first-timer seeking a new cannabis strain. The first step is to place your concentrates or oils into the device. These pens are incompatible with cartridges, meaning you must load them manually. Note that many oils can be extremely sticky.

This is why it’s strongly recommended that you purchase additional dab tools to aid this process. But regardless of whether you use tools, the next step is to adjust the temperature and settings according to your preferences.

While this might sound complex, it isn’t. Most devices have clear guidance to prevent you from getting into silly weed games when you just want to get high.

Once the temperature and settings have been adjusted, fire up your pen and start vaping. Typically, this involves nothing more than pressing a little button on the device. Now you can enjoy vaping like any pen or e-cigarette.

Inhale the concentrate, and you’ll feel it within seconds. But does the product smell?

Your dab pen can produce some odor, so you should be careful when engaging in cannabis tourism due to differing regulations. However, the smell usually dissipates quickly, but this can depend on the concentrate you use. For example, it’s not uncommon for concentrates to smell skunky or fruity.

Unlike smoking joints vs. blunts, the smell is less pungent because there’s less smoke and fewer aromatic compounds involved in the process.

Benefits of Using Dab Pens to Get High

Dab pens are relatively new to the cannabis industry, meaning even many veteran smokers have never tried them before. Under marijuana legalization, many are gaining access to these tools for the first time.

As of this writing, 23 states have legalized recreational weed, with Minnesota being the latest addition.

Here are the primary benefits of using it to get high.

·                More efficient consumption than THC gummies and other traditional smoking methods.

·                Higher potency for a greater high.

·                Dab pens are compact and portable, making them easy to carry around discreetly.

·                A healthier alternative to smoking cannabis is because of fewer byproducts.

·                Get a more precise dosage with your weed measurements by gaining fingertip control over how much you consume.

·                Dab pens are better at preserving the unique flavor profiles of cannabis concentrates than smoking.

·                These pens are extremely user-friendly.

How to Pick a Dab Pen

Take the time to understand the marijuana rules in your state. Dabbing may still be illegal in your area. Even in legal states, there are limits on what’s available. For example, under New York marijuana legalization, the legal limit is 24 grams of concentrate.

With that in mind, here are the most important factors to consider when buying a dab pen.

·                High-quality airflow

·                Automatic shutdown

·                Long-lasting battery

·                Minimum of three power settings

·                Smart design

·                USB charging

·                Style

·                Customer reviews

Be prepared to shop around to get the functionality and versatility you expect from your pen. Unfortunately, cannabis marketing means that there are many duds on the market, so take your time.

How Much Should a Dab Pen Be?

Dab pens are much cheaper than the heavy-duty rigs you see people carrying around. Generally, the cheapest rigs begin at $30, with state-of-the-art models approaching and surpassing $150. Note that some celebrity weed brands may be more expensive.


Changing your weed delivery to add dabbing to your arsenal offers a different high. For as little as $30, you can take advantage of the most concentrated high of your life. But take your time in choosing the right model and always dab responsibly.

If you want to learn more about trying on a new flavor by dabbing with cannabis, Flavor Fix is the one-stop platform for you.

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