Weed Delivery – What are the Best Weed Delivery Services in 2023?

Weed Delivery Services are here! Two of the most beloved words in the English language are joining forces for the first time — legally, at least — to form a whole new level of awesome:
Delivery (n)
the action of delivering letters, packages, or ordered goods
We love weed, and we love delivery — and now you can enjoy the combination of both with weed delivery!

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What Is Weed Delivery?

Weed delivery is just what it sounds like: it’s the service of delivering marijuana products, such as cannabis flowers, edibles, or concentrates, directly to a customer’s doorstep.

It’s a service offered by certain licensed dispensaries in states or countries where marijuana is legal for medical or recreational use.

Here’s how it works: marijuana delivery can be ordered online or by phone, and the customer must provide proof of age and identity before the delivery can be made. Depending on local regulations, delivery may only be available within certain hours, and there may be minimum order requirements and delivery fees.

Is Weed Delivery Legal?

Whether marijuana delivery is legal depends on where you are. In some places, it’s legal at the state level (it’s still illegal at the federal level, but politicians are working on that), while in others, it is not.

Some states have legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use and have established regulations for licensed dispensaries to provide delivery services. Other states may allow marijuana delivery for medical use only, while others prohibit it altogether.

In Canada, marijuana delivery is legal for licensed cannabis retailers and is regulated by the federal government.

It’s important to note that even in places where marijuana delivery is legal, specific rules and regulations may need to be followed. These might include minimum age requirements, proof of identity, and limitations on the amount of marijuana that can be delivered at one time.

What States Is It Legal In?

In the United States, marijuana delivery is legal in several states, including California, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Maine. However, each state has its own rules and regulations regarding delivery services, so it’s important to check the specific laws in your state before ordering.

What Are the Top 5 Options for Weed Delivery?

Here are the top 5 weed delivery services to check out:

Eaze: Cannabis Delivery

If you’re looking for safety in numbers, look no further than Eaze. It is among the most popular weed delivery apps, and it connects you with licensed and independent sellers who deliver. You have to be at least 21 and in the right state and/or city.

If you qualify, you can flip through an on-demand weed delivery list and choose the products you want and need! They also have a referral program and feedback capabilities.

Caliva: Weed Delivery

Another hard-hitter is Caliva, featured as one of San Francisco’s biggest weed delivery services. Great for finding high-quality bud, Caliva is partnered with various companies in California that are licensed to sell. The mission? To make weed easily available to clients and customers.

PotBot: Medical Marijuana App

In 2022, PotBot won the Best Medical App in the year’s Best Weed Apps in the USA. As a marijuana patient, you can select the dosage you’re going for and filter by product. Search by local store or dispensary and even base your purchases on automated recommendations from the app — all based on your needs and health conditions.

Use PotBot if you’re interested in sticking to the science instead of buying strains based on guesswork!

Muncheez: Weed Delivery App

Fun and streamlined, Muncheez lets you explore different strains and select your favorite to be delivered to your front door. Make sense of the different strains and their effects while hunting down the best deals — and if you’re interested, you can even read the latest news. Explore major weed delivery stores and reviews to help you gain information and narrow down your selections.

MassRoots: Cannabis Information and Delivery App

As informational as it is fun, MassRoots puts information in your hands to help you shop for cannabis more efficiently. Millions of users use this app to learn more about strains and their effects. Look for doctors, clinics, delivery services, and dispensary locations.

Top Three Strains to Ask For

If you’re looking for three fail-safe strains, try:

  • Pineapple Chunk: skunky, cheesy, and fruity, Pineapple Chunk is a medicinal menagerie that boosts your mental state, alleviates pain, and soothes stress.
  • Laughing Buddha: as jolly as it is citrusy and spicy, Laughing Buddha connects you to the universe and soothes depression while elevating your mood.
  • Bio-Jesus: a more challenging palate of diesel, chemicals, and earthiness belies a gentle strain that can help with cramps, insomnia, or relaxation.
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