Top 15 Fun Things To Do While High

Ever wanted a list of fun things to do while high? You came to the right place!

Cannabis enthusiasts know that one of the best parts about smoking weed is how it enhances activities and can make them more fun. From watching movies to playing video games, there are plenty of enjoyable things to do while high. But what are the best activities to do? According to pot smokers, here are the top 15 fun things to do while high.

Things To Do While High

1. Play Video Games

Playing video games can be an exciting and rewarding experience (or it’s just great to zone out playing Minecraft or growing plants in Stardew Valley). It allows you to explore new worlds, take on fun challenges, and discover hidden secrets. Some of the best video games to play while high are:

  • No Man’s Sky
  • Journey
  • Horizon
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Minecraft
  • Stardew Valley
  • Harvest Moon

Different types of video games across many genres are suited for every kind of player. No matter your skill level or preference, the perfect video game is waiting for you.

2. Plan a Garden

Ever heard of a victory garden? Start planning your own for springtime. (Just don’t plan on growing your weed in this garden.)

3. Listen to a Podcast

Do you like true crime? The study of mental health issues? Or maybe you want to listen to a podcast about weed while you’re high. There is a podcast for everyone; all you have to do is look.

4. Listen to Music (This Idea Will Blow Your Mind)

Have you ever listened to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” while watching The Wizard of Oz on mute? It’s a thing we used to do in the ’90s (and ’80s and ‘70s.) Hit play on the album’s beginning at the same time as the movie and watch them sync up in the coolest, creepiest way. It’s an odd thing to experience while you’re sober. It’s gonna blow your freakin’ mind when you do it after smoking a joint.

5. Order a Massage

Since the pandemic, we’ve been able to order in-home services like never before. Toke up and call a masseuse to help you relax and enjoy your high.

6. Play Board Games

You can play some board games with friends while high, but lots of entertaining board games now have rules for solo players.

7. Watch a Movie or TV Show

Between Netflix, Hulu, Paramount, Prime, and Disney, there is a movie or TV show made just for you. There’s something everyone can enjoy, like comedies, horror films, action movies, cartoons, and so much more. With endless possibilities at the tip of your fingers through streaming services like Peacock, HBO, and Starz, you’ll surely find something that interests you.

8. Take a Luxurious Bath with CBD and THC

Get high and throw a CBD bath bomb into a luxurious bubble bath. Light some candles, breathe deeply and sink into the wonderful relaxation.

9. Make Some Art

Making artwork can be one of the most therapeutic activities in many people’s lives. Sometimes our inner dialogue or life circumstances can make us feel like we’re not creative, but art is accessible to everyone. Whether painting on canvas, sculpting clay, or just doodling on paper, a sense of accomplishment and peace comes from using the imagination. Some of our fave ways to get crafty while high include:

  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Creating a new dance
  • Sculpting with clay
  • Knitting or cross stitching
  • Baking (Two birds, one stone when the munchies arrive!)

The opportunity to express yourself artistically through something tangible is an impactful experience that can help unleash those creative feelings.

10. Go to a Concert or Visit a Music Festival

This is especially easy if it’s summertime.

11. Get Outside and Enjoy Nature

Getting outside can be an amazing way to enjoy your buzz (and nature!) and just take a break from being cooped up inside.

Being high allows the landscape to open up in front of you so you can truly appreciate being surrounded by beauty. On the trail, don’t forget to take time for yourself; unplug from technology, take a few deep breaths, and relax as you listen to the sound of nature around you. Pack some snacks and maybe even a couple of joints (legally speaking, of course), then find a spot in the sun to stop, smoke, and genuinely appreciate being in harmony with nature.

12. Do Some Yoga

Check out YouTube while you’re high and find some beginner (or advanced) yoga and meditation videos. This is especially helpful if you’re feeling lonely.

13. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum

Visiting an art gallery while high can be a unique and enjoyable experience. Being under the influence of cannabis can lead to an increased appreciation for creativity and beauty, allowing you to explore the artwork in a new way. Plus, being in a physical space with other people experiencing the same can make it more fun. (And I’ve heard some art galleries offer free food and wine. Score!)

14. Check Out a New Restaurant or the Deli Down the Road

Some new bakery, restaurant, or cafe is opening daily, even in small towns. Smoke a joint, grab some cash and walk down the road to try something yummy.

15. Hit the Trampoline and Then Lay Under the Stars

Get some cardio while you’re high. Jump on a trampoline and pretend like you’re flying. Then, lay down, stretch out, and watch the moon and stars appear while you enjoy your high.

If you ever wonder what fun things you can do while high, we hope this list of 15 ideas helps jump-start your brain. Playing video games, listening to music, watching a movie or TV show, and making art are all great ways to get those creative juices flowing. Getting outside and enjoying nature is also a great way to rejuvenate your mind and body after smoking a fatty. So next time you’re struggling to come up with something new, try one of these activities and see what happens.

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