What is CBD Balm used for? – You’d be surprised, Pain, Cold Sores and more

If you’re wondering, “What is a CBD balm” or “Why are they good for you?” then you’ve come to the right place. Our favorite Flavor Fix Cannabis connoisseurs got together to talk CBD balms and why they’re good for you. Here’s what they have to say:

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Why Use a CBD Balm?

CBD balms and why they’re good for you is a multi-layered topic that we’re excited to discuss.

We can infuse CBD (cannabidiol) into almost anything, from balms to edibles. For many users, CBD promotes sleep, relaxation, and general relief. CBD balms and creams are just one way to enjoy the wellness properties of hemp. They combine the moisturizing benefits of ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter with the properties of cannabidiol for natural relief.

CBD is a powerful antioxidant with pain-relieving properties and is rich in beneficial amino acids, flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes. CBD facilitates the healing process, prevents the skin from drying out, and shortens the healing time. In addition, CBD balms strengthen the skin’s ability to regenerate and improve its ability to defend itself.

Many consumers claim that CBD balms and ointments are the fastest pain relievers among other CBD products. They work best to eliminate acute, temporary pain, while CBD oils and tinctures are better suited for treating chronic conditions like anxiety and depression.

What’s In a CBD Balm?

Most high-quality CBD balms and lotions have other ingredients that soothe and nourish your skin. These usually include some essential elements like:

  • An oil base
  • A natural wax (in most cases beeswax)
  • A healing compound (CBD or CBD with vitamins)

In addition, many CBD balm manufacturers add various botanical ingredients like almond and passionflower. Botanical blends provide an extra curative effect and give the balm a pleasant aroma.

For example, lavender enhances calmness and helps with anxiety and depression. CBD balms with peppermint boost energy, promote mental clarity, and relieve muscle pain. If you need something that reduces inflammation, look for a botanical blend with eucalyptus, which has a healing effect. CBD balms that include rose can provide relaxation and calmness for your body and mind.

Check the product label for other ingredients that make up a CBD balm. Look for a full-spectrum blend derived from hemp and other organic ingredients.

What Is a CBD Balm Made From?

CBD is incorporated into balms and ointments using an oil base as a carrier for the therapeutic agent. Although several oils are suitable carriers for CBD, many manufacturers prefer coconut oil because of its high fatty acid content. Fatty acids transport the CBD, so the more an oil contains, the more CBD is delivered.

CBD infusion into a carrier oil begins with a cannabis plant being crushed into pieces. Later, the pieces are steamed in the carrier oil at more than 212°F for several hours. The high temperature activates the CBD, allowing it to combine with the fatty acids in the carrier oil.

CBD Balms: Why Are They So Good for You?

Now that you’ve had a short science lesson on how CBD balms are made, you probably want to know why they’re good for you and how they work.

When you apply CBD balms and ointments topically, the lipids in the oil base transport CBD and other beneficial compounds across the skin cell’s membranes. CBD then interacts with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS comprises natural receptors that are thought to regulate appetite, inflammation, immune response, and pain. Also, experts believe the interaction between CBD and the natural ECS receptors improves several internal processes related to homeostasis.

Basically, if you’re feeling out of whack and need something to level you out, CBD is your friend.

These balms are especially great for users who want just a small dose of CBD. Your skin is already really good at keeping things out, so the CBD absorption is low. The balm does give you quick results, but you must apply it generously.

The Benefits of CBD Balms

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). But if you’re looking for instant pain relief or a treatment for skin conditions, CBD balms can be your best bet. Whether you use a balm, cream, or lotion, every CBD product is made with cannabidiol and can be applied directly to your skin.

CBD balms, ointments, creams, and lotions are popular products among CBD topicals. They smell lovely and provide nearly instant pain relief to the areas of the body you apply them to. A fast and efficient therapeutic effect is the primary advantage of CBD balms over CBD oils and tinctures. Unlike CBD capsules and oils, you can apply CBD balms directly to your skin, and they don’t need to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Pain Relief: More Reasons CBD Balms Are Good for You

Recent publications suggest that CBD topicals are gaining new ground in medicine as a natural way to relieve pain. Specifically, Harvard Health Publishing reports that CBD balms may reduce inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. Also, some research has shown that CBD balms may inhibit neuropathic pain, which is one of the toughest types of chronic pain to treat.

Despite promising animal clinical studies, there is still a lack of scientific evidence to support the benefits of CBD balms, particularly for arthritis and other problematic skin conditions. However, the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that highly concentrated CBD balms could effectively treat acne, eczema, and psoriasis. CBD balms soothe dry skin and reduce inflammation. They also relieve itching and pain. Studies have also shown that CBD regulates sebum (oil) production and slows skin cell growth.

CBD balms are great for dry or aging skin, effectively moisturizing and nourishing any skin type. CBD also stimulates fat production. Because fine lines and wrinkles remain more visible on dry skin, increased oil production can reduce their appearance.

CBD Balms: Miracle Cure-All?

Our experts agree that CBD balms are pretty close to being a miracle cure-all (okay, a miracle cure-almost-anything). Balms are a powerful anti-inflammatory, soothing sensitive and irritated skin, providing targeted pain relief and restoring sebum production. CBD balms continue to be an efficient remedy for muscle cramps, painful joints, and spasms.

Apply CBD balms to desired areas of your body, then massage it gently into the skin several times a day, especially on inflamed areas.

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