The Best CBD Oils

Finding the best CBD oils should be easier than ever now that they’ve been legal for a few years. Yet many consumers still struggle to tell which products are worth their hard-earned money. Good quality CBD oils aren’t cheap, so trying a few different products can be quite an investment. Here are some of the top brands and products worth your time. After trying a reliable CBD oil from the list below, you won’t be left wondering if you’re getting any beneficial effects.

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What is a CBD Oil?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, one of the many compounds found in both hemp and marijuana. It’s not intoxicating like THC is, but it is believed to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and offer other potential positive side effects. The best CBD oils are products generally made from hemp since the plant offers it in abundance and with little THC mixed in. Full-spectrum CBD oils are made with a different process that captures more terpenes and other compounds from the plant, which some users prefer. Since CBD oils are legal in states where THC products are still illegal, it’s important to know what exactly is in a product before purchasing it.

CBD oils can be made in a number of ways, which affects how you should take them. Most of the oils below are best taken by mouth directly from the dropper because they won’t blend so easily with drinks. They can be added to foods with some amount of oil or fat, like a cup of yogurt with granola. Oil tinctures tend to be mixed with some amount of alcohol so they’re more water-soluble. If you want to avoid alcohol altogether, avoid products labeled as tinctures and stick to pure CBD oils. These products are generally made with CBD extract or isolate, a base oil like hemp seed or sunflower oil, and any desired flavoring.

The Best CBD Oils

Ready to find a CBD oil for every budget, preferred use, and flavor palate? We’re here to help with only the best CBD oils.

Best Affordable CBD Oil

There’s no rule saying that one of the best CBD oils has to be expensive. Affordable and even downright cheap CBD oils can still be great, and they allow you to give the whole CBD experience a try without splurging. Yet most low-cost oils are untested, unclear on the exact content of CBD, or contain little actual CBD at all.

For an affordable CBD oil that you can trust, stick with FAB CBD Oil. Their products can be as low as half as expensive as other popular brands per MG of CBD, yet they’re lab-tested and made with organic US-grown hemp. Flavor options and potency levels let you customize your CBD oil experience while getting a good deal on a reliable product.

Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full-spectrum CBD oils are low in THC but made to extract more compounds from the hemp. This allows them to offer a wider profile of flavor-providing terpenes and related cannabinoids. However, it does result in THC in the hemp plant being included in the oil. If you’re concerned about THC content, double-check the product before using it.

NuLeaf Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is recommended by many sources for chronic pain in particular because the full spectrum extraction may offer more protection against inflammation. NuLeaf’s high-quality CBD oils all feature consistent dosing per dropper-full, allowing you to ensure you get the same amount each day even if you switch bottle sizes.

Best Flavored CBD Oil

Some people just can’t stand the taste of hemp extract. It’s undeniable that high-quality CBD extracts, especially full-spectrum products that include terpenes, have a distinctly grass-like plant flavor. Flavored CBD oils are best for people who want to look forward to taking a dose without that overwhelming natural flavor.

The flavoring ingredients need to be natural and safe so that the CBD oil contributes to good health overall. Lazarus Naturals Classic High-Potency Tincture has been chosen year after year by many as the best tasting CBD oils on the market. They offer tropical fruit, chocolate, and mint flavors that mask the CBD taste without being overwhelming, artificial, or boring after a few days. You can look forward to taking CBD oil again by trying a flavored product from Lazarus Naturals.

Best THC-Free Isolate Oil

For people with sensitive jobs or those living in states with strict THC restrictions, a THC-free CBD isolate oil is likely the best choice. These products are safe to ship almost anywhere in the country, barring any local restrictions on purchasing CBD isolates.

It’s not enough just to extract CBD from hemp and declare it THC-free. There’s a good chance that trace amounts of THC are still mixed in. A CBD isolate goes a few steps farther to ensure only a single compound is left behind before it’s mixed into the base oil. Then the product is usually tested again to verify the lack of THC. You can rely on CBDistillery THC-Free Pure CBD Oil Tincture, even though it’s a little pricier than most isolate products. The company guarantees 0% THC content with full labwork posted on its website and a 60-day money-back policy.

Best Organic CBD Oil

No list of best CBD oils is complete without an organic option for those sensitive to both environmental damages from hemp farming and the potential for pesticides in the finished product. Holmes Organics CBD Oil Tincture is an excellent choice because it’s not only made with only organic hemp extracts and base oils, but it’s also certified THC-free, fully lab-tested, and made with only U.S. sourced ingredients. As a broad-spectrum product, it’s got the terpenes and other compounds you might want for the fully organic CBD experience. There is no need to worry about sourcing when you have Holmes Organics on your side.


There’s something for everyone interested in CBD on this list. Hopefully, you’ll have a few new things to try and will soon declare your own winners of the best CBD oils competition.

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