Whether you’re a football fan or not, Super Bowl weed games are for everyone. Get ready to share a few drinks, share a few laughs, and pass around a fatty. Put on some good music, make (or buy) delicious snacks, pour some beverages, and have a great time on Super Bowl Sunday.

The goal of weed-smoking games is the same as with drinking games: to make things more fun, make people laugh, and encourage your friends to have a good time while making fun of themselves.

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The Best Super Bowl Weed Games

There are a lot of group games you can play while smoking weed. These are our top seven Super Bowl weed games to play with friends in your living room (and even the ones out of state.)

Russian Roulette

Obviously, this isn’t the traditional Russian Roulette you might be thinking of. No guns here, only smoking and toking.

Have everyone sit in some semblance of a circle so that you can pass a joint around easily. Select a theme like clothing brands, city names, or animals. Each player has to quickly name three items related to the theme.

You can choose who gets to puff, puff, pass. Do those who name three items correctly get to take a hit? Do those who can’t name three items have to take a hit (similar to losers taking a shot of whiskey)?

Once the game gets up to speed, eventually, a player will go blank and be removed from the circle. The game usually gets fun around the third round when the weed starts to take its toll, and laughing is inevitable.


This game is for expert smokers. Roll a fatty before beginning.

Each player throws a pair of dice; the sum is the total time they must hit the joint and hold the smoke in. Those who can’t do it and start coughing or blowing smoke out leave the game; those who resist can have a new turn.

Winners get bragging rights.


For this game, form pairs. For an odd number of pals, take turns.

The pairs face each other, and each smokes a joint without stopping.

Tip: If smoking a whole joint to the dome is too much, set a rule of three puffs, five puffs, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

The player who finishes the joint first must stand on one leg or twirl in a circle three times without falling or whatever predetermined task you decide.

Whoever can complete the task without falling down or without losing their balance is the winner—the one True Gunslinger.

Strip Weed Tease

This is a fun weed game for naughty cannabis enthusiasts who want to turn up the temperature on Super Bowl Sunday.

Pass around a fat joint. Each player has to take a hit and hold it until the joint comes back around to them. If they fail, they must remove an article of clothing.

The winner is the player who keeps the most clothes. (Or are they? Sounds like everyone wins playing this weed game.)

Weed Pong (Or the “Dunk ‘n Smoke”)

In this adaptation of the classic drinking game, several plastic cups half filled with water are arranged to form two triangles. The objective is to dunk (toss) the ping pong ball in the indicated cup.

For each dunked ping pong ball, the players can take a puff on the joint.

There are two ways to play Weed Pong. First, the player who dunks takes a hit; if not, they must wait for another turn. In the game’s second version, whoever dunks the ball into the cup chooses who must take a hit from the joint.

Video Games

There are a variety of other weed games to play during the Super Bowl that don’t require making up your own rules.

Video games are an ever-present pal for smoking up, especially with games like Mario Kart 64 or Super Smash Brothers, which are true classics in cannabis culture.

Likewise, from the Android store or the Apple Store, you can find fun games to enjoy alone or in a group while you get high.

Board Games

On the other hand, board games are another great option.

Jenga or Monopoly are traditional when it comes to enjoying your high. Some board games are even specially adapted to the cannabis theme, like Weed-opoly.

And don’t forget card games as well. Poker, Spades, Euchre, Uno…you can turn any of these into fun Super Bowl weed games.

You can use almost any game as cannabis games. You and your friends can place bets or find other interesting ways to socialize while watching sports and smoking.

Choose Your Strain Wisely

We can sharpen your senses and accelerate your creativity. Be aware of the strain you’re smoking and sharing, especially when novice smokers are joining in. Don’t choose a couch-locking indica (like Dosi Punch) unless you want overnight company. If you’re not trying to send anyone into orbit, choose a sativa or hybrid (like Pink Champagne) that enhances intelligence and skill for a super fun Super Bowl Sunday.

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