Sip Your Way to Serenity: The #1 Ultimate Guide to CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are relative newcomers to the cannabis market, but they’re making a splash. That’s probably because a tasty drink is a way more accessible entry point to CBD than, say, a sublingual tincture or a CBD suppository (Just kidding, those don’t exist. Yet.). If you’ve never tried a CBD drink before, have no idea how you could go from CBD flower to a beverage, or simply think it might be a better way to live a healthy lifestyle, read on.

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What Are CBD Drinks?

It’s exactly what they sound like: delicious beverages with cannabidiol infused into them. They can be anything from coffee to tea to soda to alcohol, and the industry has only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning it won’t get you high like THC, which is found primarily in the marijuana plant — CBD, on the other hand, is sourced from the hemp plant.

CBD drinks have the same benefits as other products like CBD oil, CBD gummies, and other infused goodies, except there’s a more flavorful experience awaiting you. It may even include caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or other indulgences.

One thing to note is that they generally have a lower bioavailability than other methods of taking CBD, like tinctures. Since all cannabinoids are fat-soluble instead of water-soluble, we don’t tend to ingest them as efficiently through our digestive tracts. Placing CBD under your tongue or smoking it will deliver more CBD per dose than any other method. 

But who cares? Drinks are great, and CBD drinks are even better. Plus, we’re finding better ways to mix CBD into drinks all the time. Some of these even increase bioavailability.

How Does Manufacturing Work?

Beverage makers can do any number of things to make a CBD drink. They may mix raw CBD with an existing beverage or let it brew.

The most important part of a CBD drink is the CBD itself, which should be sourced responsibly and from reputable suppliers. 

The best CBD on earth is made in the USA at the moment, particularly in Colorado, Oregon, California, and a handful of other states. Many CBD suppliers are doing great things for the environment via sustainable farming practices. Buying a drink with CBD is a great way to support these farmers!

How Do CBD Drinks Affect You?

CBD offers a number of well-documented benefits, including both mental and physical ones:

CBD Can Reduce Pain

Those with chronic pain, muscular or joint discomfort, or any other type of physical pain might find relief. This is because our bodies have built-in endocannabinoid systems, which regulate things like pain, pleasure, sleep, emotions, and more.

CBD can block some of the sensations of pain while also reducing inflammation. It also stimulates our brains to produce anandamide and serotonin, providing strong analgesic effects.

CBD Is an Antioxidant

Antioxidants travel through our bodies, neutralizing free radicals, which thrash our cells and do damage to our DNA. The more antioxidants, the better!

CBD Can Help with Anxiety

Anxiety can take many forms, including social anxiety, general anxiety, or other types of anxiety induced by work or our environments. CBD can help calm that anxiety and reduce nervous thought patterns. 

The drinks will contain a certain dosage of CBD (for instance, a bottle of CBD lemonade might contain 15 mg), which can help take the edge off anxiety and lead to a more relaxed state of mind.

CBD Drinks Can Help Regulate Sleep Patterns

There’s another wonderful benefit to CBD — it can help us sleep through the night. Provided the drink you choose isn’t overly alcoholic or caffeinated, the CBD in it can help you make it through the night and wake up rested.

CBD Is a 100% Natural Ingredient

When CBD is tested to the proper standards, you can be sure it’s natural and good for your body and mind.

CBD Drinks Can Improve Your Mood

It’s fantastic when a non-intoxicating substance can have a significant impact on your mood — and that’s just the case with CBD! CBD’s ability to quell anxiety and relax us also helps improve our moods with no effect on cognition. So that lemon lavender CBD drink might deliver more benefits than just tasting good!

What Types of CBD Drinks Are There?

You can find many different types of CBD drinks available today:

Flavored CBD Drinks

Whether it’s a soda, lemonade, some kombucha, or iced tea, there are tons of different variations hitting the market these days. You’ll find delicious flavors like lemon, basil, peach, black currant, blueberry, and anything else you can imagine.

Note that CBD itself doesn’t usually feature in the flavor profile of CBD drinks — it’s kind of a secret weapon inside the drink, doing its work without stealing the spotlight.

Non-Alcoholic CBD Drinks

There are non-alcoholic CBD cocktails galore to try out. These include light seltzers with subtle fruit and herb flavors, as well as CBD non-alcoholic beer.

CBD Drinks with Alcohol

It’s been exciting to watch a new generation of alcoholic Weed drinks become available, and more are coming out every month. The only catch is that they’re not in the US yet.

However, make your way to places like Great Britain, and you’ll find spirits like sweet hibiscus gin, dark spiced rum, vodka, and other spirits — all loaded with the goodness of CBD.

How to Find Good CBD Drinks

  • To locate good-quality CBD drinks, here’s what to keep an eye out for:
  • Dosage. A moderate dosage of CBD from 15 to 30 mg is a fine place to start.
  • Origin. Where is the CBD coming from? Because CBD isn’t an FDA-regulated product, you have to stay alert to quality to avoid contaminated products. Look for USA-grown, organic hemp.
  • Environmental Creds. Make sure whoever is making both the beverage and sourcing the CBD is choosing sustainable partners and practices. This is a great way to put your hard-earned dollars toward supporting businesses that have everyone’s long-term wellness in mind!

Enjoy your foray into CBD drinks!

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