Star Killer Strain — Buckle Up for an Outing to Outer Space

The award-winning Star Killer strain — also known as “Starkiller” and “Star Killer OG” — is a powerful, indica-heavy hybrid strain with supremely soothing effects. This lovechild of the Rare Dankness #2 and Skywalker OG strains is hard-hitting and particularly potent, so it’s best for tokers with a decent tolerance. Just a few hits will leave you with a super stoney head high and heavy, sedating body buzz that’ll have you remarkably relaxed, mentally lifted, and ready for bed in no time at all.

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Pink Starburst Strain
9.5Expert Score
Star Killer Strain Flavor Scale

Star Killer tastes like a fusion of:

Woody pine
Pungent, spicy herbs

      AVO Ratings



      26%- 29%




      Star Killer Strain Information

      Star Killer is a 70/30 indica-sativa hybrid with an average THC content of 26% to 29% and CBG content of 1%. This ridiculously relaxing strain will quickly leave you with an intense need to position yourself horizontally (preferably on a cushy surface with a comfy pillow) and may leave you with a moderate case of the munchies, too. If you’re a new(ish) toker, take it extremely slow and assess your high as you go — or avoid this strain altogether — lest you enjoy it a bit too much and wind up feeling paranoid or anxious.

      If you suffer from insomnia, excessive stress, depression, or chronic pain and have a decent cannabis tolerance, Star Killer may be the herbal remedy you’ve been looking for. Many medical tokers also report that this strain can help alleviate anxiety and acute or chronic inflammation.

      If you’re not big on THC, check out how to use CBD for sleep, as it’s an excellent alternative.

      Star Killer Strain Effects

      Relaxed 86%
      Euphoric 88%
      Happy 80%
      Sleepy 77%
      Helps With
      Pain 84%
      Insomnia 82%
      Depression 85%
      Stress 80%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 41%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 42%
      Anxiety 47%
      Paranoia 44%

      Star Killer Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Arc De Soleil — “Strolling Sloth”
      Arc De Soleil — “Strolling Sloth” 85%
      Slightly Stoopid — “I’m So Stoned”
      Slightly Stoopid — “I’m So Stoned” 84%
      flor — “Slow Motion”
      flor — “Slow Motion” 87%
      • Arc De Soleil — “Strolling Sloth”: After a few tokes of Star Killer, you’ll embody the title of this super chill guitar track (minus the strolling — you’ll definitely be lounging, not walking around).
      • Slightly Stoopid — “I’m So Stoned”: Play this track while you burn down — it’ll accurately mirror your cerebral and physical state.
      • flor — “Slow Motion”: Veg out and light up to this chill, indie alternative rock track and enjoy your slow-motion evening winddown.
      Pairs With Food
      Steak and twice-baked potatoes
      Steak and twice-baked potatoes 83%
      Turkey sandwich
      Turkey sandwich 86%
      Star Crunch
      Star Crunch 87%
      • Steak and twice-baked potatoes: Why not enjoy some classic comfort food alongside your supremely comforting smoke? Add some cannabutter to those spuds for a double dose of relaxation-inducing goodness.
      • Turkey sandwich: If you wanna get a truly great night’s sleep, the tryptophan in this sammy combined with your snooze-inducing smoke should get the job done.
      • Star Crunch: If you get the munchies, this tasty treat will blast your tastebuds off on an intergalactic adventure while your brain and body take a ride through outer space.
      Pairs With Spirits
      Painkiller 87%
      Lemon Drop
      Lemon Drop 88%
      Whiskey 83%
      • Painkiller: Why not enjoy a killer cocktail alongside your killer weed?
      • Lemon Drop: This classic, citrusy cocktail is a lovely pairing for Star Killer’s lemony notes, and even better, it’s a super easy drink to make at home.
      • Whiskey: Make sure you spring for premium whiskey — it’s the only stuff that’ll do alongside such a primo strain. Not a fan of straight liquor? Try one of these whiskey mixers to create a quick and delicious cocktail.

      Where The Star Killer Strain Is Grown

      Word has it Star Killer was created by a guy called Scott “Moonshine” Reach, who is the founder of Colorado-based seed bank, Rare Dankness.

      Star Killer Strain Summary

      Star Killer is a true mood-leveler and insomnia killer, so if you’re feeling down or have trouble falling asleep or keeping your eyelids locked down all night, give this ganj a try. If this strain hits you just right and you’d like to branch out a bit, check out Ice Cream Cake, Grease Monkey, or London Pound Cake, all of which deliver similarly relaxing effects.

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