Liquid Marijuana Shot Recipe

For nights with friends or wild parties, this liquid marijuana shot recipe will loosen your guests up. If you want to know how to make a liquid marijuana cocktail, you don’t need a degree in mixology, and it only takes minutes to rustle up a set of these rum cocktail shots.

If you’re a fan of sweet and fruity cocktails, you can make at home, liquid marijuana shots are the perfect appetizer for a night at home. Below, we show you what is in a liquid marijuana shot recipe and discuss why it’s called liquid marijuana, to begin with.

The History of Liquid Marijuana Shots

While liquid marijuana is a feature of bars and nightclubs worldwide, the history of this vivid green drink is less straightforward. In fact, the story varies depending on where you are and whom you ask.

Some older stories state that the original shot originates from the flower-power era of the 1960s, with Jimi Hendrix supposedly being a big fan of this premium rum drink. But this is mere hearsay, and the liquid marijuana shot recipe has changed several times over the decades.

What is certain is that this shot came to prominence in the 2000s as young people looked for colorful, visually appealing drinks. Today, the global cocktail market was worth $86 million in 2022, and this drink has held its own against a range of different spirits and other popular cocktails.

But why is it called liquid marijuana, and is there any actual cannabis in this drink?

Even though many people believe that they should begin searching for a marijuana strain finder before they begin rustling up this drink, it contains zero marijuana.

The name arises from its vivid green color, which resembles absinthe cocktails in many ways. Some bars have even playfully added cannabis leaf-shaped pineapple garnishes.

How Strong is a Liquid Marijuana Shot Recipe?

Liquid marijuana shots are a moderate potency shot. What is a liquid marijuana shot made of? Although it contains three types of alcoholic spirits, the fruit and garnishes temper the overall ABV rating. Unlike a straight shooter, which may be 40%, liquid marijuana shots come in at 15-20%.

As always, feel free to change up the ratios if you prefer a more potent drink. Likewise, you can reduce the amount of alcohol in this liquid marijuana shot recipe if you’re worried about finishing the evening talking to the houseplants.

Calorie-wise, this is also a lightweight type of shot. Expect just 14 calories per shot, meaning you can go all night without worrying about your waistline.

Food Pairing Options With a Liquid Marijuana Shot

Pairing some tasty treats with your liquid marijuana shot recipe is a great way to soak up some alcohol and add a touch of class to your evening.

So, what goes well with this tropical, fruity cocktail shot?

·  Fresh Fruit – Fresh seasonal fruits, such as watermelon, pineapple, and kiwi, complements your fruity shooter due to the natural sweetness of the fruit.

·  Cheese and Crackers – Simple, basic, and no effort necessary, mild cheeses like gouda and brie with some crackers contrast with the sweet tastes of your shooter.

·  Coconut Shrimp – Bring some coconut shrimp or coconut-battered chicken tenders to the party. The crispy textures and sweet coconut flavor melds with the fruity notes of the shooter.

With the examples above, you can use the principles of what makes a good food pairing for liquid marijuana to create platters and snacks. Generally, anything with a hint of sweetness or a savory taste will go well with this shot.

Marijuana Pairing Options With a Liquid Marijuana Shot

Combining a liquid marijuana shot with the right joint can have a similar effect to choosing the right food pairings. As always, pairing marijuana with alcohols like rum should be done carefully to avoid the dreaded “green-out.”

Here are some of the top strains you can combine with this easy home cocktail recipe:

·  Blue Dream – This popular hybrid strain goes well with any sweet or berry-flavored drink. As well as liquid marijuana shots, Blue Dream goes with blue lagoon and the raspberry mojito.

·  Sour Diesel – The Sativa-dominant Sour Diesel is an uplifting strain that pairs well with cocktails with a sour or tangy taste.

·  Purple Punch – This Indica weed possesses a sweet and fruity profile, making Purple Punch an ideal pairing with any tropical cocktail.

·  Cherry Pie – If you’re a fan of hybrid strains, Cherry Pie is an ideal choice for various exotic cocktails. It goes exceptionally well with berry-flavored cocktails, including berry sangria.

·  Tangie Tangie smells and tastes exactly how you would expect. Its tangerine aroma makes it an ideal choice for anything with a hint of citrus.

Some experimental mixologists have even worked on adding THC to liquid marijuana itself, which has already been done with drinks like cannabis-infused sangria. If you create your custom liquid marijuana shot recipe, monitor the dosage carefully.

How to Make the Perfect Liquid Marijuana Cocktail Shot

If you’re ready to get the party started and wondering, “What is the best liquid marijuana recipe?” you’re in the right place. Below are all the ingredients and instructions necessary to put your shot tray together.

Note that this is one of the most straightforward shots, meaning your guests can make their own if you have enough ingredients.

·  Prep Time – 5 minutes

·  Cook Time – 2 minutes

·  Total Time – 7 minutes

·  Serves – Four people

·  Calories – 14 kcal per shot


·  ½ oz of spiced rum

·  ½ oz of Midori liqueur

·  ½ oz of Blue Curacao

·  ½ of Malibu/coconut rum

·  ½ sweet and sour/bar mix

·  ½ pineapple juice

·  Ice

·  Pineapple or cherry as a garnish


1. Place a half-full cocktail glass of ice into your shaker.

2. Fill the shaker with your ingredients.

3. Shake for 15-30 seconds or as desired.

4. Strain the contents into your shot glasses.

5. Garnish if desired.


·  Chase with club soda.

·  Liquid marijuana shots can also be made into jello shots for more fun.

·  Try out some fruity marijuana strains with your cocktail.

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