Tangie Strain — Fruity, Fun, and Flat-Out Fantastic

If you’re looking for a jolt of energy, motivation, happiness, creativity, and clarity, the fruitylicious Tangie strain is for you. This sativa-leaning hybrid has won numerous awards for its outstanding effects and characteristics and is a well-known favorite across the globe. Tangie is known for delivering a highly functional and fun high, so if you’re looking to roll a spliff that’s sure to satisfy, give this gal a try.

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Tangie Strain
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Tangie Strain Flavor Scale

The Tangie strain offers up a sweet, refreshing, and delicious flavor combo of:

Citrus fruits
Sweet tropical fruits
Floral notes

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      Tangie Strain Information

      Tangie is moderately potent, with an average THC content of about 22% and just under 1% CBD. This 70/30 sativa-indica hybrid’s effects kick off with a cerebral rush that’ll have you feeling euphoric, ridiculously happy, creative, motivated, and focused. And although there’s a decent amount of indica in the mix, you won’t feel physically weighed down or mentally slow even as this strain’s effects wear on.

      Whether you’re looking for an afternoon motivator or an energizing companion for your morning coffee, Tangie is an excellent choice. Many users say this strain works well for a range of mental and physical health concerns, including chronic pain, depression, fatigue, stress, migraines, mood swings, and loss of appetite.

      Tangie Strain Effects

      Super happy
      Super happy 88%
      Creative 74%
      Energized 78%
      Helps With
      Stress 79%
      Depression 81%
      Pain 83%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%
      Mild anxiety
      Mild anxiety 32%
      Headache 45%

      Tangie Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Glass Animals — “Tangerine”
      Glass Animals — “Tangerine” 73%
      Latto — “Big Energy”
      Latto — “Big Energy” 76%
      Emotional Oranges — “Don’t Be Lazy”
      Emotional Oranges — “Don’t Be Lazy” 79%

      Glass Animals — “Tangerine”: Tangie is a take on an older strain called Tangerine Dream, and this funky, upbeat jam fits nicely with the strain’s energizing, uplifting vibe.

      Latto — “Big Energy”: After a few tokes of Tangie, this song just fits. Power through your morning or afternoon riding on this vibe, and you’ll forget you didn’t wanna get out of bed today.

      Emotional Oranges — “Don’t Be Lazy”: You definitely won’t be feeling lazy after a spliff of Tangie. Let this vibey R&B jam be your anthem.

      Pairs With Food
      Pad thai
      Pad thai 80%
      Wasabi soy almonds
      Wasabi soy almonds 82%
      Breakfast fare
      Breakfast fare 85%

      Pad thai: This salty, nutty flavor bomb of a dish offers up a delectable combo of sweet, sour, and umami notes that pair amazingly with Tangie’s citrus flavors.

      Wasabi soy almonds: Complement Tangie’s strong citrus notes with these spicy, umami-forward little flavor bombs. Just don’t go crazy, or you’re tongue will hate you.

      Breakfast fare: What are your favorite breakfast foods? Eat those. Especially if you plan to use Tangie for your morning wake-and-bake sesh. It’s like orange juice in vapor form.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Tequila sunrise
      Tequila sunrise 77%
      Mimosa 81%
      Sidecar 79%

      Tequila sunrise: This simple, three-ingredient cocktail is super easy to toss together, and its citrusy notes pair beautifully with Tangie’s flavor profile.

      Mimosa: If you want a bubbly citrusy cocktail to pair with your bubbly, citrusy weed, this is it. Bonus: It requires almost zero effort, which is preferable when you’re a little baked.

      Sidecar: Keep it classy with this simple yet delicious, citrus-forward cocktail that dates back to the first World War.

      Where The Tangie Strain Is Grown

      The Tangie strain came to life when the breeders at DNA Genetics (who are based out of Amsterdam) set her parents — California Orange and Skunk #1 — up on a blind date. Even as a babe, she quickly became a world traveler and is now remarkably popular and well-loved across the planet.

      Tangie Strain Strain Summary

      The Tangie strain is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a super-uplifting, energizing, creativity, and motivation-inducing daytime buzz. If you vibe with this strain, you’ll probably also have a great time with Maui Wowie and Tangie Ghost.

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