Animal Cookies Strain — Strong Enough to Sedate the Whole Zoo

Animal Cookies Strain is a powerful indica with a sugary cookie flavor, Animal Cookies is easy to underestimate. But if you overindulge, you may find yourself spending the whole afternoon enjoying the same song over and over again without realizing it. Pick up this strain for instant euphoric calm when you need a tranquil evening but feel like a raging elephant.

Animal Cookies Strain
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Animal Cookies Strain Flavor Scale

Like a freshly baked cookie with a little yogurt added to the mix, Animal Cookies tastes like:

Sweet cherries
Buttery cookies
Slight sourness

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Animal Cookies Strain Information

The name may make this strain sound like a walk in the park. It is pleasant enough in moderate doses, thanks to its combination of euphoric mood-lifting effects and strong sedation. However, newcomers and those with light tolerances should treat Animal Cookies with care due to its relatively high THC levels of up to 25%. Coconut Oil is a strain with similar effects but is not so likely to overwhelm you.

Animal Cookies Strain Effects



Helps With

Chronic pain


Dry mouth

Animal Cookies Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music

Miike Snow — “Animal”
Jnr Choi — “To the Moon”
The Proclaimers — “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

Miike Snow — “Animal”: Let a little indie-pop soothe your soul if you find yourself overwhelmed by this strain’s sedating effects.

Jnr Choi — “To the Moon”: Boost the energy levels and have a private dance party with this recent hit and some hits of Animal Cookies.

The Proclaimers — “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”: You won’t be able to worry after combining this strain with an ’80s anthem for the ages.

Pairs With Food

Fried dill pickles
Eggplant caviar
Frosted animal crackers

Fried dill pickles: Cure those cravings for something sour to balance out the sweetness of this strain with fried dill pickles.

Eggplant caviar: If caviar is out of the budget, try transforming eggplant into an even tastier dip.

Frosted animal crackers: You can’t enjoy the Animal Cookies strain without the sweet treats that inspired its name.

Pairs With Spirits

Birthday cake flavored vodka
Frosted animal cracker shot
Cherry sangria

Birthday cake flavored vodka: Try birthday cake vodka by the shot glass to complete the sugary sweet sensation.

Frosted animal cracker shot: Another option for quick shots that fit the flavor profile are these shots that share nearly the same name as the strain.

Cherry sangria: For a slower sipping experience while enjoying Animal Cookies, try an iced cherry sangria with white wine.

Where The Animal Cookies Strain Is Grown

This strain was created through the cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. The creators, BC Bud Depot, are located in Canada.

Animal Cookies Aroma

The Animal Cookies strain smells kinda like sweet, nutty cookies and kinda like earth. You’ll also pick up some sour citrus and herbaceous notes with each whiff.

How to Grow the Animal Cookies Strain

Animal Cookies is a clone-only strain that can be a bit challenging to grow, so it’s best to hold off on cultivating this strain until you have at least a little growing experience under your belt. And while you can certainly grow your bud outdoors, this strain prefers an indoor environment, where you can tightly control temperature and humidity levels.

No matter where you choose to grow, you’ll want to use high-quality, well-draining soil to ensure your plants’ root systems get the oxygen and nutrients they need to thrive. You’ll also want to feed your plants on a regular schedule to encourage optimal growth and high yields.

Animal Cookies typically takes nine to 10 weeks to finish flowering, after which it can yield nearly a pound per plant with proper care.

Animal Cookies Full Terpene Profile

The most plentiful terpene in Animal Cookies is caryophyllene (0.25%), which has a bold, earthy, clove-like scent and flavor. This strain also contains:

  • Camphene — 0.13%
  • Linalool — 0.11%
  • Limonene — 0.1%
  • Humulene — 0.09%
  • Myrcene — 0.09%
  • Bisabolol — 0.07%
  • Phellandrene — 0.06%
  • Ocimene — 0.06%
  • Pinene — 0.04%
  • Terpinolene — 0.01%

Top Three Strains Similar to Animal Cookies

OG Kush

If you love how Animal Cookies slows you down, try the OG Kush strain, which lent a good chunk of its genetics to this powerfully calming bud.

Mendo Breath

Love Animal Cookies but need something a bit more sedating? Try Mendo Breath, which hits similarly but tends to be a stronger sleep-inducer.

MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies)

When you need something a bit less tranquilizing than Animal Cookies, reach for the MAC strain, a 50/50 indica-sativa hybrid with similar effects.

FAQs About the Animal Cookies Strain

Is Animal Cookies indica or sativa?

Animal Cookies is a hybrid strain, meaning it contains both indica and sativa genetics. But because this strain leans toward the indica end of the spectrum — it’s 75% indica and 25% sativa — it’s more relaxing than stimulating.

Is Animal Cookies good for insomnia?

Many medical cannabis patients who struggle with insomnia rely on the Animal Cookies strain to get a good night’s sleep. That said, your mileage may vary since everyone reacts a bit differently to every cannabis strain.

What does the Animal Cookies strain yield?

While yield depends heavily on how well you care for your plants, Animal Cookies tends to yield 0.5 to 1 ounce per square foot indoors and up to 15 ounces per plant outdoors.

Animal Cookies Strain Summary

Try a complex indica that will deal with the most stubborn insomnia or pain. Just use in moderation until you’re sure of how you react to its soporific effects.

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