Coconut Oil Strain — Tropical Paradise in Bud Form

Need to take a quick vacation, but no time to fly to the beach? Then, escape without leaving home with the tropical vibes of Coconut Oil. Named after its distinctive smell and flavor, this strain is a great variety to mix with Pineapple Express.

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Coconut Oil Strain
9.5Expert Score
Coconut Oil Strain Flavor Scale

Aptly named, Coconut Oil’s primary flavor profile includes:

Toasted nuts
Gentle floral hints

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      Coconut Oil Strain Information

      Designed to make you happy and excited, Coconut Oil is heavier on the sativa side of the hybrid fence. However, it’s calming enough to help you unwind or sleep if that’s what you’re after instead. Some users also report that it’s ideal for setting a frisky mood when intimacy is strained due to chronic pain or depression.

      Coconut Oil Strain Effects

      Mood-boosting 74%
      Energizing 70%
      Relaxing body high
      Relaxing body high 80%
      Helps With
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 81%
      Low mood
      Low mood 72%
      Sleep issues
      Sleep issues 74%
      Headaches 48%

      Coconut Oil Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Lizzo — “Coconut Oil
      Lizzo — “Coconut Oil 73%
      ABBA — “Tropical Loveland
      ABBA — “Tropical Loveland 70%
      Ciara — “Level Up
      Ciara — “Level Up 74%

      Lizzo — “Coconut Oil”: One of Lizzo’s earliest hits deserves a revisit when indulging in a few hits of Coconut Oil.

      ABBA — “Tropical Loveland”: Get away to an island paradise in an instant with one of ABBA’s more playful hits, which also pairs well with Kaya Island Girl.

      Ciara — “Level Up”: Preparing for a big day with this strain’s help? This song will pump you up as well.

      Pairs With Food
      Rice noodles and spicy prawns
      Rice noodles and spicy prawns 66%
      Mango lassi
      Mango lassi 71%
      Banana bread
      Banana bread 69%

      Rice noodles and spicy prawns: Try a Thai-inspired dish that’s easy to whip up even under the influence of Coconut Oil.

      Mango lassi: The combination of sweet mango and tangy yogurt is perfect for pairing with fresh coconut flavor.

      Banana bread: Bake a fresh loaf to use up those old bananas, and have a great snack to go with your tropical smoke sessions.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Coconut rum
      Coconut rum 67%
      Mai Tai
      Mai Tai 72%
      Coconut IPA
      Coconut IPA 82%

      Coconut rum: Just a shot or two of a premium coconut rum will bring out all the flavors of Coconut Oil.

      Mai Tai: Sweet and citrus flavored, you’ll be swept away on a Polynesian wave of fun when you mix up this cocktail for your next smoke session.

      Coconut IPA: For beer drinkers, don’t overlook the many IPAs that feature coconut flavors to mellow out their bracing hops profiles.

      Where The Coconut Oil Strain Is Grown

      As a phenotype of the popular SFV OG, Coconut Oil has roots in West Coast Genetics. It’s the project of the Taste Budz breeding collective.

      Coconut Oil Strain Summary

      For a body high that won’t leave you couch-locked or drowsy, try Coconut Oil. It’s a reliable hybrid that is great for daytime use, much like Bangi Haze.

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