Top 5 Blue Curacao Drinks

Chase away those blues with some stunning blue curacao drinks. Blue curacao cocktails are among the most eye-catching at any bar, making them a popular choice whether you prefer rum cocktails or premium vodka.

So, if you want to get acquainted with the deep blue depths of blue curacao drinks, this guide shows you everything you need to know.

Why Use Blue Curacao?

Blue curacao has long been a prized ingredient within cocktails for its aesthetics. But most people begin their understanding with little more than the color.

Firstly, it’s made from the laraha orange, created from the bitter Sevilla orange, brought to the Caribbean island of Curacao in 1527 by the Spanish.

It was soon found that the skin of this orange, with its highly aromatic characteristics, could make one of the world’s most recognizable liqueurs.

So, why should you use the best blue Curacao in your vodka cocktails?

·                Aesthetic – Nothing is as eye-catching as the blue-tinged version of the curacao liqueur. Traditionally, it’s orange, and the blue dye is added purely for decorative purposes.

·                Tasty – Its zesty, sweet orange flavor with a hint of bitterness also gives it a real practical use.

·                Versatility – You may notice that blue curacao cocktails can contain any number of base alcohols. This is why you can find it in an array of the best cocktail recipes in history.

In short, blue curacao is one of the best liquors to always have in your cabinet at home. There’s no better way to wow your guests!

Is Blue Curacao just Triple Sec?

Blue curacao is nothing more than ordinary curacao colored blue with a dye. However, the blue version usually has an alcohol percentage ranging from 20-25% since its primary function is decorative.

However, while different, blue curacao can substitute Triple Sec in all popular cocktails.

What is best to mix with blue curacao?

Blue curacao drinks are highly versatile, meaning they work as well with premium rum as with vodka and tequila.

It even works with ordinary juices, such as strawberry and cranberry. So, feel free to experiment with some easy blue curacao drinks.

And, like other liquors, blue curacao will also pair well with your favorite weed strain.

Top Five Blue Curacao Drinks

Exploring new spirits for the first time allows you to check out some new cocktails.

With 63% of Americans drinking alcoholic beverages, there’s no more beautiful alcohol to invite your friends over to enjoy.

So, check out these drinks with blue curacao and rum, vodka, and more.

1.             The Blue Lagoon

Sink into summer bliss that makes you feel like you’re at the beach. With the addition of lemonade, turn ordinary blue curacao recipes with vodka into a tall drink. Plus, the lemonade will help to dilute the alcohol so that you can enjoy your blue curacao cocktails guilt-free.

·                Prep Time – One minute

·                Cook Time – One minute

·                Total Time – Two minutes

·                Serves – One person

·                Calories – 123 kcal


·                One ounce of vodka

·                ½ ounce of blue curacao

·                Lemonade

·                Strawberries/blueberries


1.             Add blue curacao and vodka to a highball glass.

2.             Fill with ice.

3.             Top the glass up with lemonade.

4.             Stir well.

5.             Garnish with strawberries/blueberries.

2.             Blue Hawaii

Not to be confused with a blue Hawaiian, this is one of those rum-based blue curacao drinks that’s fun and fresh. From featuring in Elvis Presley’s 1961 hit Blue Hawaii to being the most recognizable drink from the Aloha State, this cocktail brims with history.

If you’re interested in one of these blue curacao cocktails developed by Harry Yee, here’s how to make it.

·                Prep Time – Two minutes

·                Cook Time – One minute

·                Total Time – Three minutes

·                Serves – One person

·                Calories – 336 kcal


·                ¾ ounce of vodka

·                ¾ ounce of light rum

·                ½ ounce of blue curacao

·                Three ounces of pineapple juice

·                One ounce of sweet-and-sour mix.

·                Ice

·                Pineapple wedge


1.             Add all your ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake. You can also use a blender.

2.             Strain into a Hurricane glass with ice.

3.             Garnish with a pineapple wedge.

3.             Midnight Kiss

Ring in a special occasion with a drink that oozes with class. This type of champagne cocktail brings together vodka, champagne, and blue curacao to create an exciting mix that tastes divine.

You also get to rim your glass with sugar like you would in a margarita recipe, which is always fun!

·                Prep Time – One minute

·                Cook Time – Two minutes

·                Total Time – Three minutes

·                Serves – One person

·                Calories – 185 kcal


·                ¾ of an ounce of vodka.

·                Five ounces of premium luxury champagne.

·                ¼ of an ounce of blue curacao

·                Ice

·                Sugar

·                Orange wedge


1.             Rim the edge of a champagne flute with sugar and an orange wedge.

2.             Pour in the vodka and the champagne.

3.             Add your blue curacao.

4.             Serve and enjoy!

4.             Envy

Like a liquid marijuana shot, the Envy cocktail has a stunning aesthetic, making it a popular cocktail in any bar. This incredible blue-green premium tequila drink has a tropical flavor and requires just three ingredients.

If you’re new to mixology and want to crank up your summer party a notch, here’s how to make it.

·                Prep Time – Two minutes

·                Cook Time – 0 minutes

·                Total Time – Two minutes

·                Serves – One person

·                Calories – 271 kcal


·                One and ½ ounces of Blanco tequila

·                One ounce of blue curacao

·                ½ ounce of pineapple juice

·                Ice

·                Maraschino cherry


1.             Place your liquids into a cocktail shaker.

2.             Shake the ingredients until well-chilled.

3.             Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

4.             Garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

5.             Big Easy Blue Punch

As far as rum cocktails go, the Big Easy Blue Punch must be an addition to anyone’s list. Although the Mai Tai is considered the most famous tiki drink, try this one if you’re getting sick of the same old drink.

This cocktail is known for balancing its sweeter notes with a hint of fizz. Rum lovers everywhere should consider this their new go-to if dreaming of lounging by the pool on hot summer days.

·                Prep Time – One minute

·                Cook Time – One minute

·                Total Time – Two minutes

·                Serves – One person

·                Calories – 240 kcal


·                One ounce of blue curacao

·                Two ounces of coconut rum

·                Two ounces of pineapple soda

·                ½ ounce of lemon juice

·                Ice

·                Lemon wheel


1.             Add rum, lemon juice, and blue curacao to your cocktail shaker.

2.             Shake until well-chilled.

3.             Strain into a rock glass.

4.             Top up with pineapple soda.

5.             Garnish with a lemon wheel, and enjoy.

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