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Are you looking for a premium vodka that’ll knock your socks off? Look no further because we have the down low on top-shelf vodkas that are incredibly smooth, flavorful, and pack a mighty punch!

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What Is Premium Vodka, and How Is It Made?

Premium vodka is the crème de la crème of vodkas. It’s a high-quality vodka made with superb ingredients and filtered for a smooth, clean flavor.

While traditional vodkas are made from grain or potatoes, premium vodka is often distilled from grapes, grains, fruits, or even plants such as aloe vera.

 Premium vodka typically has fewer impurities and additives than standard vodka, making it a popular choice for those looking for a smoother taste and higher quality.

Where Can I Buy Premium Vodka?

Times are tough for everyone right now, so how do you decide which bottle of vodka is worth the splurge? The answer lies in doing your due diligence. Actually, let us take care of that for you!

Where can you buy premium vodka? Where should you buy premium vodka? First, look into reviews and ratings of different vodkas to find preferred brands and distillers among connoisseurs.

Most liquor stores provide a wide selection of premium vodka at competitive prices. Or, get creative and try many flavored vodka variations from multiple distilleries.

While many liquor stores and supermarkets now offer specialty vodkas, if you’re looking for something truly deluxe, consider going to an independent supplier specializing in high-end spirits. 

A quick search online should give you the address of one near you where you can browse and sample their different premium offerings.

And if you can’t afford a bottle of premium vodka (can anyone right now?), think about visiting a distillery where they offer free samples and get boozy for the cost of a tank of gas.

Top 5 Premium Vodka Brands

If you want to experience vodka like never before, these top five premium brands are the way to go. From delicate and complex flavors to super smooth finishes that leave you wanting more, these drinks offer an elevated experience.

1. Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a French vodka made from winter wheat and spring water. It’s distilled five times and is known for its smooth taste.

Grey Goose is a name synonymous with premium vodka. You can find it at most bars, nightclubs, and even restaurants. Grey Goose provides connoisseurs something to celebrate, from its numerous awards for being the purest French grain vodka to its innovative blending technology.

2. Belvedere

Belvedere is a Polish vodka that is made only from Polska from rye. This top-tier vodka is distilled four times and has a clean, crisp flavor. Belvedere vodka has become one of the most sought-after premium brands amongst partygoers and seasoned cocktail aficionados.

Gaining traction as a go-to beverage choice in bars and nightclubs worldwide, this Polish original is smooth yet energizing, giving off a timeless appeal.

3. Crystal Head

Crystal Head is a Canadian vodka made from Newfoundland spring water and peaches. It’s distilled seven times and has a smooth, sweet flavor.

This premium vodka brand has captivated the palates of many drinkers. Overflowing with mysterious charm, Crystal Head vodka is characterized by its sharp, crisp notes, making it a popular go-to at bars and nightclubs from Europe to America.

What’s even cooler about Crystal Head is its glass skull bottle, so you can’t miss this premium vodka on the shelf.

4. Ketel One

Ketel One is a Dutch vodka that is made from 100% wheat. It’s lovingly crafted at a 300-year-old distillery in the idyllic Dutch town of Schiedam. Ketel One is distilled from 100% wheat, carefully filtered over charcoal then laid to rest in tile-lined tanks until it’s ready for your enjoyment.

The vodka is distilled three times and has a smooth, clean flavor. Ketel One is one of the most popular premium vodka brands and can be found in most bars and nightclubs. 

5. Stolichnaya

Stolichnaya is a Russian vodka that is made from rye grain and wheat. The top-shelf vodka is distilled four times and has a smooth, rich flavor. 

Whether you’re looking to get a little buzz or impress your friends, Stolichnaya is always the perfect choice. This premium vodka brand can be found in almost any bar or nightclub and has earned millions of fans around the world.

Note: If you’re concerned about supporting a Russian-made vodka, don’t worry. We have good news. Yuri Shefler, the founder of Stoli Group, said in 2022, “I wish for Stoli to represent peace in Europe and solidarity with Ukraine.” The company founder left Russia in 2000, and this premium vodka has been produced in Latvia since.

The Best Cannabis Strains to Pair with Premium Vodka?

If you love a smooth sip of premium vodka while smoking something special to add some extra dimension to your experience, let our cannabis pairing experts help out. These weed strains provide the perfect synergistic balance between the distinct flavors of the spirits and the subtle nuances found in some of the most popular cultivars.

Kosher Kush

Looking to spice up your vodka experience? Try pairing it with a strain like Kosher Kush for an out-of-this-world flavor combination. It’ll bring out the sweet, earthy tones of your favorite drink and your experience to a whole new level.

White Widow

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a citrusy taste and aroma that is slightly reminiscent of traditional cocktails, then White Widow might be a good fit. It’s the perfect mix of classic flavors in one impressive strain.

Northern Lights

Alternatively, pair Haze or Northern Lights with your vodka if you want to enjoy an energizing and lighthearted experience at the same time.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the premium vodka possibilities, don’t worry. Start experimenting to figure out which vodka, classic cocktails, or cannabis strains work together and work for you.

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