Irish Breakfast Shot Recipe – Upgrade Your Breakfast with an Irish Breakfast Shot

Try a breakfast with a difference by adding an Irish breakfast shot to your repertoire. Whether you’re celebrating the beginning of your annual vacation or preparing for St. Patrick’s Day, rustling up one of these is a great way to taste whiskey and put some pep in your step.

Like an Old Fashioned, this breakfast shot recipe relies on Irish whiskey to make magic. So, here’s everything you need to know about where this shot comes from and how to put it together.

What is an Irish Breakfast Shot?

Let’s begin with the obvious: What is an Irish breakfast drink, and how does it relate to Ireland or the traditional Irish breakfast?

To answer the latter question, nobody knows how this shot relates to the country or its culture. The only connection is the presence of a fine Irish whiskey. However, there’s no reason why you can’t use other types of whiskey around the world.

With 63% of American adults actively drinking alcoholic beverages, this will surely be a new way to drink for many. But what is a breakfast shot made of?

Nothing more than Irish whiskey and butterscotch schnapps. However, unlike other cocktails, a second glass of orange juice is designed to be drunk as a chaser. As you can see, the goal isn’t to soak your insides with the taste of alcohol so early in the day.

Naming Conventions for the Irish Shot

Note that you may also come across other variations when examining the Irish breakfast shot. It’s easy to confuse this relatively modern cocktail with the other variations available.

For example, one version you may hear is a drink called an “Irish shot” or an “Irish breakfast shooter,” including adding candied bacon as a chaser.

Moreover, this is not to be confused with the classic Irish shot. What is an Irish shot? This type of cocktail is a version of the Boilermaker, where a shot of whiskey is dropped into a beer. If making this shot, it’ll contain two parts whiskey and one part Baileys.

You may also hear this drink referred to by names like:

·                Irish pancake shot

·                Pancake breakfast

·                Breakfast of champions

Which Whiskey Should You Use for an Irish Breakfast?

As always, if you care about quality – and you should – you must always have a quality whiskey, regardless of the drink.

There’s no reason to use a single malt in an Irish breakfast. Single malts are considered the highest quality whiskeys and are designed to be drunk straight to absorb their complex tastes.

Instead, we recommend choosing a more affordable whiskey, such as Jameson, Bushmills, Powers, or Tullamore.

Can You Use Non-Irish Whiskey?

If you’re wondering what to do with Irish whiskey, but all you have is American blends, will this suffice?

Anyone who knows the flavor of a high-quality whiskey knows that whiskeys from across the globe all have their quirks. But with the heavy taste of the butterscotch schnapps and the orange juice/bacon chaser, you don’t need to worry about this much.

Feel free to switch out Irish whiskey with Scotch, American, or Canadian blends. However, the only way to get the intended taste is with a shot of Irish.

The History of the Irish Breakfast Shot

The history of this shot is hazy. Most historians believe that it somehow relates to Ireland’s love of whiskey and gradually evolved from there. But it’s correct to point out that this shot has nothing to do with the flavors of the classic Irish breakfast.

Furthermore, nobody is 100% sure that this shot even originated in Ireland. The most likely explanation is that it emerged in the U.S., where it gained its initial popularity.

What we do know is that there’s no evidence of this shot existing in any of the major mixology literature from history. For example, The Savoy Cocktail Book, written by legendary bartender Harry Craddock, does not refer to this shot or anything similar.

Any whiskey connoisseurs thinking about making up this shot should beware that this is not designed to be a classy drink. On the contrary, it’s a fun drink for those few special occasions of the year, so it usually won’t involve using premium whiskey.

Weed Pairings for the Irish Breakfast Shot

Are you among the 22% of Americans who love to wake and bake? Then, consider a cannabis pairing with your breakfast.

Since you’re likely beginning your day with this shot, it’s wise to avoid a cannabis strain that will make you go back to bed. Instead, look for a weed profile that pairs with the alcohol and your need to stay energized.

With this in mind, here are several wake-and-bake cannabis pairings for your Irish breakfast shot:

·                Jack Herer OG

·                Strawberry Cough

·                Green Crack

·                Sour Hawaiian Haze

·                Sour Diesel

·                Pineapple Express

·                Sour Space Candy

Daytime strains should be your go-to, but even a rejuvenating Sativa can still pack a bigger punch than expected. Remember to manage your alcohol consumption as a whiskey-based shooter, plus cannabis remains a potent mix.

Irish Breakfast Shot Recipe – How to Make the Perfect Irish Breakfast Shot

Good breakfast shots begin by selecting a high-quality whiskey, even if you’re drinking whiskey on a budget.

We recommend Jameson as a safe option but feel free to switch up your whiskeys based on what you’re thirsty for.

Here’s the recipe for easy cocktails to make at home using the ingredients most people associate with the Irish breakfast shooter.

·                Prep Time – Five minutes

·                Cook Time – Five minutes (if making bacon)

·                Total Time – 5-10 minutes

·                Serves – One person

·                Calories – 155 kcal


·                One ounce of Irish whiskey

·                ½ ounce of butterscotch schnapps

·                Two ounces of fresh orange juice

·                One strip of bacon (optional)


1.             Add Irish whiskey and butterscotch schnapps to a standard shotglass.

2.             Pour the orange juice into a lowball glass.

3.             Cook your bacon how you like it (optional).

4.             Serve and enjoy!


·                The ABV level varies depending on the whiskey used. Standard shots are around 40% ABV.

·                Rim the glass with cinnamon for a party starter.

·                Change the whiskey type for an entirely different taste.

·                Try replacing the whiskey with blueberry vodka for a sweeter variation.

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