Bangi Haze Strain — Get Hazy and Happy

The Bangi Haze strain is a buzzy and stimulating, sativa-dominant hybrid that brings on a happy, energetic high, which perfectly showcases its landrace sativa genetics. Like most Haze strains, this bud’ll leave you mildly unfocused, but it definitely won’t impact your ability to stay moving.

Excellent for upbeat activities like concerts or hiking, a few tokes of Bangi Haze will deliver a long-lasting, joyful energy boost, which is excellent for managing fatigue and depression.

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Bangi Haze Strain
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Bangi Haze Strain Flavor Scale

The Bangi Haze strain packs a unique flavor combo of fruity berries, honey, and cheese mixed with notes of anise and citrus. The three main flavors in Bangi Haze are:


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      Bangi Haze Strain Information

      The Bangi Haze strain is 70% sativa and 30% indica with a THC content that ranges from about 15%-19%. With its strong sativa genetics, this bud delivers a fast-acting and potent energy boost while lifting the mind and washing away negativity for hours on end. A mild body buzz follows, providing a gentle relaxation that won’t have you looking for the closest couch.

      Aside from its stimulating and uplifting effects, Bangi Haze is notorious for bringing on a mean case of the munchies. With its moderate THC levels and hunger-inducing high, both medical and recreational tokers choose this strain to fight chronic fatigue, depression, low appetite, inflammation, and fibromyalgia.

      Bangi Haze Strain Effects

      Energized 70%
      Uplifted 71%
      Euphoric 50%
      Helps With
      Fatigue 50%
      Depression 76%
      Appetite 66%
      Dry Eyes
      Dry Eyes 50%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 33%
      Paranoia 26%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Jhené Aiko — While We’re Young
      Jhené Aiko — While We’re Young 78%
      Emotional Oranges — Don’t Be Lazy
      Emotional Oranges — Don’t Be Lazy 50%
      Miguel — Pineapple Skies
      Miguel — Pineapple Skies 61%

      Jhené Aiko — While We’re Young

      Sultry and soothing, this song is an excellent backdrop for your hazy, happy high.

      Emotional Oranges — Don’t Be Lazy

      You definitely won’t feel lazy after a few tokes of Bangi Haze. Put this tune on while you get your motivation on.

      Miguel — Pineapple Skies

      Upbeat and energizing, this song will definitely help you get your groove on while you light up and get your happy haze on.

      Pairs With Food
      Grilled chicken and veggie kabobs
      Grilled chicken and veggie kabobs 50%
      BLT with avocado aioli
      BLT with avocado aioli 72%
      Pizza 69%

      Grilled chicken and veggie kabobs: Tasty (and healthy!) finger food. Smoky kabobs are an excellent flavor complement for the sweet and slightly cheesy notes in Bangi Haze.

      BLT with avocado aioli: While you’re feeling motivated, why not whip up this gourmet twist on the classic? Salty, creamy, and oh so delicious, this BLT really hits the spot when the Bangi Haze munchies hit.

      Pizza: The ultimate stoner-approved snack. Pizza is heavenly all the time, but when you’re flying high and hungry, it’s about 50 times better than you ever thought it could be.

      Pairs With Spirits
      French 75
      French 75 61%
      Mojito 66%
      Gin and tonic
      Gin and tonic 73%

      French 75: While your high has you feeling all energized and bubbly, it’s time to break out the bubbly. This gin and champagne-based cocktail tastes amazing with the sweet and citrusy notes in Bangi Haze.

      Mojito: It’s bright and invigorating, just like Bangi Haze. Break out the rum and fresh mint and get shakin’ when you feel that motivation kick in.

      Gin and tonic: Bangi Haze isn’t a strain you wanna smoke at night, so if you’re gonna day drink, go for a classic. An herbaceous and slightly citrusy gin really brings out the anise notes in this bud.

      Where The Bangi Haze Strain Is Grown

      Bangi Haze is an F8 hybrid of two landrace strains: A Nepalese and a stabilized Congolese. This strain was originally bred in Spain by Ace Seeds and was carefully stabilized over eight generations.

      Bangi Haze Strain Summary

      The Bangi Haze strain is an energizing and uplifting bud that’ll leave you happy, motivated, and at ease for hours on end. Excellent for outdoor activities, jamming to your favorite artist, or goofing around with friends, this strain’s moderate THC content is suitable for both seasoned and new-ish users. Similarly uplifting daytime strains include Kaya White Fyah OG, Kaya Haze, and Mowie Wowie.

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