Satori — Peaceful and Powerful

Pungent and spicy like Fire OG, Satori is a powerful heavy-hitter with a 25% average THC content. Yet since it’s only 60% indica dominant, it’ll send you soaring through the clouds rather than keeping you locked to the couch.

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Satori Strain
9.5Expert Score
Satori Flavor Strain Name Flavor Scale

With hints of basil and tea and the sweet flavors of honey and citrus, Satori has a light but complex flavor profile. Its main notes are:

Sweet Citrus
Green Herbs

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      Satori Strain Information

      As its Zen-inspired name suggests, Satori is perfect for achieving enlightenment — or at least feeling like you have. It’s a balanced hybrid that is great for calming activities like painting or enjoying music. The flavors are unique and delicate, with many reviewers comparing it to a cup of green tea with honey and lemon. It’s a milder experience than a strain like Jet Fuel.

      Satori Strain Effects

      Uplifting 90%
      Euphoric 79%
      Creative 66%
      Helps With
      Stress 82%
      Anxiety 50%
      Depression 74%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 58%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Beach House — Space Song
      Beach House — Space Song 78%
      McBaise — Water Slide
      McBaise — Water Slide 79%
      Daft Punk — Lose Yourself to Dance
      Daft Punk — Lose Yourself to Dance 69%
      • Beach House — Space Song: Zone out and float away on your own personal cloud while grooving to this psychedelic slow jam.
      • McBaise — Water Slide: Slip and slide your way to a new frame of mind with the grooves of “Water Slide” combined with the power of the Satori strain.
      • Daft Punk — Lose Yourself to Dance: They may no longer be together, but Daft Punk’s classic hits live on. This song, in particular, is a great choice for getting down while enjoying Satori.
      Pairs With Food
      Chicken tenders
      Chicken tenders 73%
      Shrimp scampi
      Shrimp scampi 65%
      Tea and cookies
      Tea and cookies 71%
      • Chicken tenders: The light and spicy flavor of this strain won’t overwhelm this classic munchies snack, but the honey flavor will pair perfectly with your dipping sauce.
      • Shrimp scampi: Creamy and sweet shrimp flavors are ideal for pairing with Satori for a fancy dinner.

      Tea and cookies: Thanks to the green and sweet notes of this strain, it’s the perfect accompaniment for cookies and tea in the afternoon.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Bee’s Knees
      Bee’s Knees 77%
      Blonde Lager
      Blonde Lager 87%
      Whiskey 70%
      • Bee’s Knees: The perfect cocktail for Satori since the honey flavor and sour gin lets the earthy spice of this strain shine.
      • Blonde Lager: A light-flavored beer won’t overwhelm the more delicate flavors of this strain.
      • Whiskey: Your favorite light whiskey is another great choice for combining with Satori. The earthy and spicy flavors will stand out more with each sip.

      Where The Satori Strain Is Grown

      As the High Times Plant of the Year winner in 2007, Satori has a long history of praise. It was bred by Mandala Seeds.

      Satori Strain Summary

      If you’re already a fan of high THC content hybrids like Jack Herer OG, give Satori a try. This flavorful but light strain won the High Times cup for a reason.

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