Fire OG

With a name like Fire OG, this heavy-hitting, indica-dominant strain pretty much gives itself away as a knockout. Insanely potent, with a THC content of 20% to 25%, the Fire OG strain is super dank and widely considered one of the most powerful strains in the OG Kush family.

When OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush made sweet love, out came Fire OG with a 70% indica, 30% sativa ratio. Its mentally stimulating effects hit almost instantaneously, starting with an energizing, euphoric cerebral rush. The high slowly fades into utter sedation and intense couch-lock, complete with a mad case of the munchies.

Given its insane potency, the Fire OG strain is definitely suited to more experienced users. Both medical and recreational smokers alike find it useful for alleviating poor mood and pain.

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fire og strain
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Fire OG is a crazy-tasty blend of lemony citrus, spicy pine, and herbal, earthy flavors.


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      Strain Information

      Named for the frosty red hairs that make its densely packed buds look like they’re on fire, the strain looks gorgeous, reeks of citrus, and tastes amazing. Many devoted cannabiseurs consider this bud the strongest strain in the OG Kush family as its high comes on rapidly and packs an incredible punch.

      Initially, Fire OG delivers an energizing, euphoric, creative cerebral high that’s characteristic of its sativa genetics. But as the high wears on, it slowly fades into total mind-body relaxation, sedation, and ultimately, peaceful and deep sleep.

      The THC content in this bud spans quite a wide range and has tested as low as 16% and as high as 27%. The highest recorded CBD content of this bud is around 0.2%. Given its potency, medical users love Fire OG for its positive effects on chronic pain, low appetite, sleep disorders, stress, depression, and anxiety. Probably best for a late afternoon or evening smoke sesh, this is a great bud for de-stressing at the end of a long day

      Fire OG Effects

      Happy 60%
      Euphoric 70%
      Relaxed 90%
      Helps With
      Stress 80%
      Depression 65%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 50%
      Cottonmouth 50%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 50%
      Dizziness 50%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Beach House - Zebra
      Beach House - Zebra 100%
      Hippie Sabotage - Running Miles
      Hippie Sabotage - Running Miles 100%
      Surfaces - Grace
      Surfaces - Grace 100%

      Beach House – Zebra: The atmospheric serenity of Beach House’s dream pop ballads is a great accompaniment to Fire OG’s lifted, euphoric initial effects.

      Hippie Sabotage – Running Miles: Vibe out to these guys’ chill, relaxing, creative beats while you enjoy your chill, relaxing, creative high.

      Surfaces – Grace: Feel-good tunes for a feel-good high.

      Pairs With Food
      Chili cheese fries
      Chili cheese fries 80%
      Loaded nachos
      Loaded nachos 95%
      Pizza 100%

      Chili cheese fries: Fire OG is known for bringing on a mad case of the munchies. Mow down on this classic munchies staple while you light up.

      Loaded nachos: Another munchies classic, loaded nachos are excellent for satisfying late-night cravings while you burn a bowl of Fire OG.

      Pizza: What tastes better than a cheesy, gooey slice of pizza? A cheesy, gooey slice of pizza alongside a bowl.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Whiskey Smash
      Whiskey Smash 60%
      Spicy margarita
      Spicy margarita 85%
      Bloody Mary
      Bloody Mary 67%

      Whiskey Smash: Bright and refreshing, this blend of bourbon, mint, and lemon goes down great.

      Spicy margarita: Sip on this firey, tequila-based cocktail while you roll up some Fire OG. This spicy libation complements the bud’s spicy pine and citrus notes quite well.

      Bloody Mary: Salty, savory, and bursting with flavor, this vodka-based cocktail goes down super smooth with a bowl of Fire OG.

      Where Fire OG Is Grown

      No one knows for sure where the strain originated, but it’s believed to have come out of Southern California sometime during the 1990s.

      Strain Summary

      Crazy potent, and insanely tasty, Fire OG is a long-time favorite among experienced cannabiseurs for its balance of euphoric, energizing, and relaxing effects.

      The strain is a great choice for medical users who suffer from chronic pain, mood disorders, low appetite, and sleep disorders. It’s also an excellent bud for recreational tokers looking for a potent mood boost and a slow wind-down at the end of a long, stressful day.

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