Kaya Island Girl

Coming in at 21% THC, Island Girl’s potency comes from Canadian Mist – possibly the mother plant of God Bud – crossed with Citrus Sap. She is perfect for curing chronic fatigue, muscle spasm and stress, of course.

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Kaya Island Girl Strain
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Island Girl delivers citrus, orange aromas blended with earthy, wood tones. This potent strain packs a fresh, natural punch of flavor, as well as elated, sweet vibes.


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      21% THC



      0% CBD

      Island Girl Information

      A sativa-dominant hybrid, Island Girl, contains 21% THC, and is known to get its potency from Canadian Mist – possibly the mother plant of God Bud – crossed with Citrus Sap.  It’s origins are rooted in Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, and India and it is considered to be potent.
      Island Girl has a wood aroma from the Citrus Sap lineage and sweet hints of orange, making it a flower version of an Old Fashioned —bourbon, simple syrup, bitters, with an orange slice.  The citrus flavors blended with the wood give it smooth earthy flavors and the elated effects will leave you creative and uplifted. This pairs well with rum and cognac.

      Island Girl Effects


      Island Girl Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Hoodcelebrityy ft Cardi B
      Island Girls 95%
      DJ Khaled, Buju, SIzzla, Mavado
      Holy Mountain 88%
      Blessed 74%
      Pairs With Food
      Mango and Avocado Salad
      bright fruit and veggies 82%
      Tender Roast Duck w/ citrus & carrots
      cheat code: buy pre-made duck confit 89%
      Italian-Inspired Orange Ricotta Cake
      Pink Navel or Blood Oranges 72%
      Pairs With Spirits
      Old Fashioned
      bourbon, simple syrup, bitters, orange slice 99%
      neat or on the rocks 75%
      Mai Tai
      Fruity, sweet rum cocktail 80%

      Where The Island Girl Is Grown

      Island Girl Summary

      Island Girl is a sweet, earthy sativa-dominant hybrid that is potent, with 21% THC, and is an uplifting pain-fighter.  This flower is a hybrid that is elating and euphoric, but there is a cool sativa boost that would help anyone with chronic fatigue.  Crossed with Cirtus Sap and Canadian Mist, this elevating strain will spark creativity and can also help those with stress, pain, and muscle spasm issues.

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