Mendo Breath Strain — Heavy and Comforting

Rare and not always easy to find, Mendo Breath has strong body effects that help soothe pain and relax stress. Yet the sedating effects can be a little heavy unless you’re ready to pass out for a nap. Make sure to use this strain at the right times of day, as with G-Force.

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Mendo Breath Strain
9.5Expert Score
Mendo Breath Strain Flavor Scale

Reminiscent of autumn and fall festival treats, Mendo Breath has a sweet flavor profile that includes:

Toasty caramel
Sugary candy

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      Mendo Breath Strain Information

      As a heavy indica strain with high THC levels over 20% on average, Mendo Breath isn’t for beginners or the faint-hearted. Use it at night, especially at first, since it has a high chance of making you catch some Zs. It’s great for those nights when you just can’t get your mind or body to shut down and relax.

      Mendo Breath Strain Effects

      Tingling 75%
      Euphoria 71%
      Sedating 75%
      Helps With
      Insomnia 76%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 72%
      Depression 77%
      Cramping 73%
      Sleepiness 39%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 44%
      Dizziness 43%

      Mendo Breath Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Poster Child”
      Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Poster Child” 72%
      Tame Impala — “Breathe Deeper”
      Tame Impala — “Breathe Deeper” 78%
      The Chainsmokers — “Takeaway”
      The Chainsmokers — “Takeaway” 76%

      Red Hot Chili Peppers“Poster Child”: Let your mind trip along with the tricky beat and lyrics of this new hit with that classic ’90’s sound that RHCP has made their signature.

      Tame Impala“Breathe Deeper”: This relaxing synth-pop song is perfect for setting the tone of your Mendo Breath experience.

      The Chainsmokers“Takeaway”: Nothing will worry you after a few puffs of this strain and a repeat or two of this chill song.

      Pairs With Food
      Candy Corn
      Candy Corn 71%
      Kimchi Pizza
      Kimchi Pizza 74%
      Coconut Ice Pops
      Coconut Ice Pops 75%

      Candy Corn: If you enjoy this controversial Halloween treat at all, it’s worth combining with this strain for a perfect fall-themed experience.

      Kimchi Pizza: When sugary flavors become overwhelming, cut through the sweetness with a spicy treat like pizza topped with kimchi.

      Coconut Ice Pops: Creaminess brings out the vanilla notes in this strain, so grab your favorite coconut pop.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Salted Caramel White Russian
      Salted Caramel White Russian 74%
      Sweet Tea Vodka
      Sweet Tea Vodka 69%
      Wheat Beer
      Wheat Beer 71%

      Salted Caramel White Russian: Elevate one of the creamiest cocktails into a perfect pairing for this strain by adding caramel syrup.

      Sweet Tea Vodka: With just a slight bitterness from the tea to balance out the flavors, this is a great choice for drinking straight while enjoying Mendo Breath.

      Wheat Beer: Let the sweet wheat notes blend with the sugar and vanilla from this strain.

      Where The Mendo Breath Strain Is Grown

      A project of the breeder Gage Green Genetics, this strain hails from California. The parentage includes Mendo Montage, OG KushBreath, and big names like Trainwreck and White Widow.

      Mendo Breath Strain Summary

      Made for those with a sweet tooth who need some relaxation, Mendo Breath is a unique indica and well worth experiencing.

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