Liquid Marijuana Cocktail Recipe

Want to get high? If you’re thinking about how to roll a blunt and get a buzz, you may have come across the ever-intriguing liquid marijuana cocktail recipe. This colorful cocktail always catches the eye for its vibrant green glow as it sits on the bar.

But it may surprise you to learn that the liquid marijuana cocktail contains no actual marijuana whatsoever.

Below, we will show you how to make a liquid marijuanas drink shot recipe and explain where this incredible cocktail comes from.

The History of Liquid Marijuana

Liquid marijuana has become a popular cocktail throughout the 2000s and remains a favorite of many today. But what is a liquid marijuana shot made of, and why do they call it liquid marijuana?

Firstly, liquid marijuana cocktails are made from rum (multiple kinds!) and blue curacao. If you’ve got an excess of rum in your cupboard, this is one of the easiest cocktails to make at home.

However, the history of the liquid marijuana cocktail recipe is one that people are less sure of. You’ll get a different story whenever you ask, meaning fact and myth have become one over time.

What is sure is that liquid marijuana as a name came from the fact that this cocktail has a vivid green color. Some bars have even taken to cutting out cannabis leaf pineapple garnishes as a fun play on the name.

Initially, the cocktail entered the mainstream bar scene in the 2000s, especially in bars and nightclubs. It was all part of a trend where fun and visually appealing drinks were the order of the day.

Coupled with its otherworldly green color, this tropical, fruity cocktail has become a staple of nightclubs and all-inclusive resorts worldwide. In other words, the chances are high that you’ve already seen this Instagram-worthy drink bouncing around your feed.

How Strong is a Liquid Marijuana Cocktail Recipe?

Liquid marijuana is most similar to the painkiller cocktail, and like this cocktail, your mileage may vary. Every bartender puts their spin on this cocktail, such as by adjusting the ratios of the ingredients to create different effects.

At just 147 calories, you must be wary of letting this low-calorie drink go to your head. Don’t hesitate to ask the bartender about changing the ratios to avoid getting too buzzed.

Food Pairing Options with a Liquid Marijuana Cocktail

Most people love to pair their cocktails with a delicious dinner filled with their favorite words. Everyone knows that all spirits have their ideal pairings, so what are liquid marijuana’s best food pairings?

Here’s a rundown of some delectable choices:

·  Tropical Dishes – As an exotic cocktail, it makes sense to pair it with some exotic flavors. Dishes from regions like the Caribbean and Southeast Asia go exceptionally well here.

·  Spicy Foods – Anything spicy works with this liquid marijuana cocktail recipe. The flavors help to balance the heat of a spicy tuna poke or spicy grilled shrimp.

·  Light Appetizers – Lighter meals like ceviche, fruit skewers, and fresh spring rolls also work well with this cocktail because of its fruity and refreshing nature.

·  Seafood – Whether it’s sushi or some elaborate coconut-lime shrimp, the unique flavors of this cocktail complement those fishy tastes.

·  Desserts – Prefer a sweet pairing? Then this is the cocktail for you. Liquid marijuana goes best with treats like mango sorbet and key lime pie.

Marijuana Pairing Options with a Liquid Marijuana Cocktail

Many people love to end their day with a joint and a cocktail. If you’re inspired to try the two, check out our marijuana strains finder to discover your perfect strain.

Some intrepid mixologists have even studied the art of adding real marijuana strains for pain and anxiety to their cocktails.

If you’re interested in trying out some strains of weed for anxiety as part of your cocktail, here are a few options:

·  Lemon Haze – Sativa-dominant Lemon Haze offers a citrusy flavor and aroma that can pair well with cocktails like liquid marijuana.

·  Blue Dream – This popular hybrid strain is a fantastic choice for cocktails because of its sweet flavor.

·  Pineapple Express – As you can see from our food pairings, liquid marijuana cocktails go well with tropical dishes. So, it makes sense that Pineapple Express is a tropical strain that melds well with liquid marijuana.

·  Mango Kush – Mango Kush is another fruity strain that goes well with various popular cocktails. Sample this strain’s strong mango aroma and flavor and experience it yourself.

·  Strawberry Cough – Sink into the sweet strawberry of Strawberry Cough. This strain pairs well with any cocktail incorporating fruitiness into its flavor profile.

Other strains are also available, with popular options like Cherry Pie and Purple Punch working well with liquid marijuana cocktails.

If you’re combining drinking alcohol with cannabis, always consume responsibly. It’s also wise to view our CBD dosage chart calculator for further guidance.

How to Make the Perfect Liquid Marijuana Cocktail

If you’ve got an excess of spirits at home and want to try out a new cocktail, this popular cocktail couldn’t be simpler to bring together. And with low-ABV cocktails growing in popularity, you can change the ratios to achieve your perfect drink. Here’s our guide to the perfect liquid marijuana cocktail recipe.

·  Prep Time – 5 minutes

·  Cook Time – 2 minutes

·  Total Time – 7 minutes

·  Serves – One person

·  Calories – 147 kcal


·  ½ oz of coconut rum or Malibu

·  ½ oz of watermelon liqueur or Midori

·  ½ oz of Blue Curacao

·  ½ oz of Captain Morgan rum or a spiced rum

·  Three oz of pineapple juice

·  Lemon-lime soda or Sprite (no more than a splash)

·  Ice

·  Pineapple wedge or cherry for garnish


1. Fill the shaker with ice cubes.

2. Add everything to the shaker except the garnish.

3. Shake the mixture for 10-15 seconds to chill the ingredients and blend the flavors.

4. Strain the contents into a rock or highball glass.

5. Garnish with your pineapple or cherry.


·  The ABV level of this liquid marijuana cocktail recipe ranges from 15% to 20%.

·  With homebrew, you can also consider adding THC to your cocktail. Alternatively, grab a magic grinder and combine your cocktail with some fresh bud.

·  Traditional liquid marijuana cocktails contain 0% cannabis.

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