Pink Starburst Strain — It’ll Put Stars in Your Eyes

For a high THC strain that won’t leave you needing a CBD calculator, choose Pink Starburst. It’s a hybrid strain that leans towards the sativa part of the spectrum. With 25% to 30% THC, it’s ideal for making canna gummies at home. The effects are similar to other popular medicinal strains like Kosher Kush.

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Pink Starburst Strain
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Pink Starburst Strain Flavor Scale

Often used to add a tasty flavor to CBD products, Pink Starburst tastes like:

Fresh sweet strawberries
Hints of fresh flowers
Spicy pine finish

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      Pink Starburst Strain Information

      Aside from being popular for edible recipes, Pink Starburst is known for its medicinal effects and pain relief. It can stimulate your desire to hang out with friends or put you to sleep with the right dosage. The fresh flavors also make it popular among people who don’t like overwhelmingly sweet tastes.

      Pink Starburst Strain Effects

      Mood lifting
      Mood lifting 92%
      Appetite and social stimulation
      Appetite and social stimulation 84%
      Inspiring 85%
      Helps With
      Insomnia 87%
      Lack of appetite
      Happy 83%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 88%
      Stress 83%
      Depression 89%
      Anxiety 82%
      Inflammation 87%
      Headache 43%
      Dizziness 40%
      Paranoia at high doses
      Paranoia at high doses 36%

      Pink Starburst Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Yng Lvcas — “La Bebe”
      Yng Lvcas — “La Bebe” 87%
      Pink — “Who Knew”
      Pink — “Who Knew” 85%
      Smashmouth — “All Star”
      Smashmouth — “All Star” 89%

      Yng Lvcas — “La Bebe”: Kick back and listen to some Spanish R&B as you practice rolling a blunt.

      Pink — “Who Knew”: For a slower time with your new favorite strain, turn to Pink.

      Smashmouth — “All Star”: Rock out like it’s the 2000s with an all-star hit and Pink Starburst.

      Pairs With Food
      Creamy Saag Paneer
      Creamy Saag Paneer 88%
      Jamaican beef patties
      Jamaican beef patties 85%
      Mac and cheese
      Mac and cheese 86%

      Creamy Saag Paneer: This dish also pairs great with OG Kush, an ancestor of Pink Starburst.

      Jamaican beef patties: Enjoy them as spicy as you like to bring out the warm side of this strain.

      Mac and cheese: Highlight the creamy notes in this strain’s flavor.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Pink Starburst shots
      Pink Starburst shots 86%
      Strawberry wine
      Strawberry wine 88%
      Porter beer
      Porter beer 83%

      Pink Starburst shots: No need to mix up batches of cocktails when simple shots will do.

      Strawberry wine: Sweet and fruity wine is the key to a good time with this strain.

      Porter beer: A darker alcohol offers a contrast to the sweet taste of Pink Starburst.

      Where The Pink Starburst Strain Is Grown

      Born from parents Headband and DJ Short’s Blueberry, this weed strain can be hard to find in some areas. It’s more common in the East than the West thanks to being a Sour Diesel strain, a major project of some of the top cannabis brands.

      Pink Starburst Strain Summary

      If the candy flavor of a strain like Pink Runtz is a little too sweet for you, swap it for Pink Starburst. It has enough pine freshness to keep everything balanced and a very high THC level.

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