Skywalker Strain — Like Floating on Air

One of the most widely recommended strains for mental health issues, Skywalker is considered a potent solution when stress gets you down. It’s a mostly indica-dominant hybrid, helping calm you down without putting you right to sleep.

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Skywalker Strain
9.5Expert Score
Skywalker Strain Flavor Scale

This complex strain has a fruity and familiar flavor, yet it’s also made more complex with hints of:

Juicy blueberries
Spicy notes
Green herbs like sage and thyme

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      Skywalker Strain Information

      Also sometimes referred to as Skywalker Kush or Skywalker OG, this strain has an average THC level of around 20% and a CBD level of around 1%.

      It’s a little prone to leaving you couch-locked or even nodding off if you overindulge and you’re not used to its calming effects. The soothing effect can be quite helpful for people with racing minds or anxiety attacks.

      Skywalker Strain Effects

      Mood boosting
      Mood boosting 85%
      Sleep inducing
      Sleep inducing 81%
      Stress relieving
      Stress relieving 82%
      Helps With
      Anxiety 83%
      Bipolar disorder
      Bipolar disorder 77%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 81%
      Stress 78%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 44%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 42%
      Dizziness 46%

      Skywalker Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Rex Orange County — “The Shade”
      Rex Orange County — “The Shade” 83%
      Electric Light Orchestra — “Mr. Blue Sky”:
      Electric Light Orchestra — “Mr. Blue Sky”: 81%
      The Weeknd — “Can’t Feel My Face”
      The Weeknd — “Can’t Feel My Face” 77%

      Rex Orange County — “The Shade”: Feel your worries fading when the beat of this pop song combines with this strain’s effects.

      Electric Light Orchestra — “Mr. Blue Sky”: Celebrate your newfound euphoria with a fun rock classic.

      The Weeknd — “Can’t Feel My Face”: If you feel a little numb or tingly after giving Skywalker a try, put on this song for some commiseration.

      Pairs With Food
      Sage chicken sausage
      Sage chicken sausage 79%
      Blueberry spinach salad
      Blueberry spinach salad 81%
      Snickerdoodles 84%

      Sage chicken sausage: Bring out the sage notes in the strain’s flavor profile with a tasty sausage.

      Blueberry spinach salad: Combine spinach, blueberries, and goat cheese for a healthy pairing for this strain.

      Snickerdoodles: Highlight the spicy flavors in Skywalker with an all-time bakery classic.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Rum and root beer
      Rum and root beer 83%
      Blueberry stout beer
      Blueberry stout beer 78%
      Jalapeno tequila
      Jalapeno tequila 79%

      Rum and root beer: Try combining spiced rum with the warmth of root beer for a cocktail that pairs well with this strain.

      Blueberry stout beer: Fruity notes mingle from Skywalker and berry-flavored stout beer.

      Jalapeno tequila: Lean into the heat with pepper-infused tequila shots.

      Where The Skywalker Strain Is Grown

      The Skywalker strain is often referred to by its crossing name, which is Mazar x Blueberry. The Blueberry strain contributed to its sweet flavor, while the Mazar strain is spicier. It was created in Amsterdam by Dutch Passion Seeds.

      Skywalker Strain Summary

      If you’re ready to feel sky high after only a few puffs, choose Skywalker. This strain has the calming power to help you deal with anxieties or stress that’s keeping you up at night.

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