Cotton Candy Strain — Candied Cherry Fun

Visit the carnival at any time by simply puffing a little Cotton Candy. This flavorful and fruity strain is for those who prefer dessert strains and want to giggle like it’s their first time on a carousel. Not unlike Cherry Punch, this strain has a distinct flavor that will have you coming back again and again.

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Cotton Candy Strain
9.5Expert Score
Cotton Candy Strain Flavor Scale

Each puff of this candy-themed strain will reveal hints of:

Sweet and sour cherries
Spun sugar
Lavender and other floral notes

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      Cotton Candy Strain Information

      Cotton Candy will make you feel like a kid again, starting with a head-buzzing effect and settling into a mood-lifting high. Between the floral and bubblegum notes, you’ll need to enjoy sugary strains to enjoy this strain’s flavor profile. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, giving you mostly energy-boosting effects rather than sedating ones.

      Cotton Candy Strain Effects

      Happiness 83%
      Giggliness 85%
      Stress relief
      Stress relief 81%
      Helps With
      Anxiety 78%
      Depression 83%
      Stress 75%
      Fatigue 81%
      Paranoia at high doses
      Paranoia at high doses 34%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 43%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%

      Cotton Candy Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Yungblud — “Cotton Candy”
      Yungblud — “Cotton Candy” 81%
      Beyoncé — “Church Girl”
      Beyoncé — “Church Girl” 83%
      Lady Gaga, Blackpink — “Sour Candy”
      Lady Gaga, Blackpink — “Sour Candy” 85%

      Yungblud — “Cotton Candy”: Celebrate yourself with a few puffs of the strain that shares its name with this laid-back song.

      Beyoncé — “Church Girl”: Get inspirational with Beyonce’s most gospel-rich hit and a little of this euphoric strain.

      Lady Gaga, Blackpink — “Sour Candy”: Balance out the sweetness of Cotton Candy with a little sourness from Lady Gaga and Blackpink.

      Pairs With Food
      Pork floss buns
      Pork floss buns 79%
      Cherry pie
      Cherry pie 83%
      Turkey with lavender masala
      Turkey with lavender masala 81%

      Pork floss buns: Pork floss is similar to meat-based cotton candy, making it an ideal pairing for this strain.

      Cherry pie: Bring out the fruity sweetness of Cotton Candy with a freshly baked cherry pie.

      Turkey with lavender masala: A savory dish with floral notes is an unusual but apt pairing for this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Kirsch 87%
      Doppelbock beer
      Doppelbock beer 82%
      Cherry wine
      Cherry wine 78%

      Kirsch: Cherry liqueur highlights the sweet bounty of Cotton Candy’s exhale.

      Doppelbock beer: This sweet beer has just the right caramel notes for bringing out the best of this strain’s flavor profile.

      Cherry wine: Both red wines with cherry notes and actual cherry-based wine will pair well with Cotton Candy.

      Where The Cotton Candy Strain Is Grown

      Combining the rare Power Plant variety with the floral Lavender, Cotton Candy has a wide range of genetics in its background, including the classic Skunk and Afghani Hawaiian strains.

      Cotton Candy Strain Summary

      You don’t need a sweet tooth to appreciate the happiness brought on by a session with this strain. Keep it on hand for those days when you’re feeling a little down.


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