The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Tourism – Top 20 Countries to Visit Where Marijuana is Legal

Cannabis Tourism is booming. With marijuana increasingly becoming more accepted and legalized in countries around the world, cannabis tourism has become an ever-growing industry. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an exciting city getaway, there’s no shortage of places for cannabis enthusiasts to explore marijuana laws that are more progressive than ever.

Let’s look at the top 20 countries to visit where marijuana is legal.

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1. Jamaica

Jamaica has become a popular destination for cannabis tourism since it decriminalized marijuana in 2015. The country is known for its vibrant festivals, such as Reggae Sumfest and Jazz & Blues Festival, which draw in visitors looking to enjoy some of Jamaica’s finest beaches while legally participating in cannabis-related activities such as smoking and cooking with marijuana.

Private clubs are available throughout the island, where tourists can purchase various products legally, including edibles, concentrates, and flowers.

Local dispensaries are also popping up, offering organic, locally-grown cannabis products. The Rastafari Indigenous Village near Negril offers an interactive experience where you can learn about the effects of ganja on the body and its spiritual properties for the mind and soul.

2. Spain

Spain has become increasingly open toward cannabis legalization over the past few years. Tourists can visit a variety of private clubs where they can purchase and consume products legally, including edibles, concentrates, and flowers.

There are many options for tourists to enjoy their time in Spain with weed-related activities, like workshops and cooking classes. The country also hosts weed-centric festivals and events such as Spannabis and Expogrow, which attract thousands of visitors annually.

3. South Africa

In South Africa, they’ve decriminalized marijuana for private use and cultivation. With the help of legal advocates, personal-use laws now allow individuals to possess up to 600 grams of weed or grow up to four plants in their homes. There are also a number of cannabis social clubs where people can get together and use their own products in private.

With more progressive regulations on the horizon, South Africa could soon become an international destination for pot enthusiasts looking for a unique and safe experience.

4. Colombia

In Colombia, marijuana is decriminalized for personal use in amounts up to 20 grams. Cannabis clubs exist throughout the country where members can consume their own weed legally.

La Flor de Colombia is one of the best dispensaries in this beautiful country. They have a wide range of medical and recreational hemp products and a knowledgeable staff.

5. Mexico

Mexico is becoming well known for its yearly cannabis events. The Annual Hemp and Cannabis Expo in Mexico City is an enormous celebration, drawing thousands of attendees every year. If you visit during the event, you can take part in workshops, lectures, and networking opportunities. And don’t forget to plan a trip to GreenLife, Mexico’s most popular dispensary.

For a more local experience, the Merida Cannabis Conference offers an opportunity to connect with experts and learn about emerging marijuana trends in the Mexican market.

El Festival de la Marihuana en La Paz celebrates cannabis culture with art exhibits, live music performances, and plenty of partying.

6. Peru

Don’t forget to stop in Peru on your international marijuana vacay. In Lima, you’ll find the Cannabis Expo Peru, which explores all facets of the industry with panel discussions, product demonstrations, and more.

Meanwhile, in Cusco, the Sacred Valley Cannabis Conference showcases cannabis culture through art exhibitions, film screenings, pop-up shops, and seminars.

And in Arequipa, the Colca Valley Cannabis Festival brings together growers, farmers, and producers from around South America to celebrate their craft while enjoying live dance performances and educational programming.

7. Germany

Germany has become an increasingly popular destination for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a safe experience.

It’s home to many cannabis-related events. One of the largest is Cannafest Berlin, which takes place annually and features speakers from all aspects of the industry, from designers and entrepreneurs to medical professionals and pot aficionados.

You can also visit the Hemp Fair in Hainburg, which allows you to sample different hemp strains and learn about growing techniques and product offerings.

Finally, the Copenhagen Cannabis Conference focuses on advances in research and education related to medical uses for marijuana products.

And don’t forget to buy some killer weed at the Grasshopper dispensary while you’re there.

8. Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, weed is legal for medical use and decriminalized for personal use. You can buy weed at one of the top dispensaries in the Czech Republic, like PuffLife. PuffLife offers a large variety of high-quality cannabis products for your enjoyment while visiting.

9. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most popular destinations for cannabis tourists, as recreational marijuana laws have been in effect since 1976. You can buy weed in coffee shops throughout the country. Amsterdam’s coffee shops have even started offering “weed passes,” which allow tourists over 18 to purchase and use cannabis products on their premises. Did the Netherlands just jump to the top of your dream destinations list?

10. Estonia

Have you ever considered visiting a country that’s not usually on the top of anyone’s vacation destination list? Consider smoking weed in Estonia.

The country recently decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana as part of a drug reform act passed in 2018. Check out Sativa Seeds while you’re there to pick up yummy edibles and check out some exciting and unique cannabis strains.

Cannabis Tourism

11. Canada

Canada recently became one of just two countries (the other being Uruguay) where adult-use recreational marijuana is legal nationwide, making it an excellent destination for cannabis tourists looking for an easy way to smoke weed while traveling without hassle.

Although each province maintains its own regulations regarding sale and distribution, Canadian citizens over 19 can purchase up to one ounce of flower at dispensaries like the super popular GreenZipp, anywhere in the country.

12. Thailand

Cannabis tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Thailand as the country takes steps to legalize recreational marijuana use.

Cannabis tourism is an attractive option if you want to explore the unique culture and regional offerings like Thai Stick and other traditional forms of weed consumption.

Dispensaries like Cannabis Kings are stocked with various exciting strains and products, plus you’ll find a range of adventurous activities like hemp tours and bud-tasting events. Delish!

13. Malta

Malta is emerging as one of the most popular destinations for cannabis tourism thanks to its progressive approach to weed legalization.

The island nation boasts an array of dispensaries like Weed Mecca, offering an enormous selection of strains and products, plus a ton of fun things to do, like hemp expeditions and tasting experiences.

14. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is quickly becoming a major destination for traveling tokers. The Cannabis Cup Costa Rica takes place annually in San Jose and features seminars, panel discussions, and an awards ceremony to recognize excellence within the industry.

Other events include the Hemp Expo Costa Rica, which draws top producers from Latin America, hemp-based product vendors, and educational speakers.

Finally, the ARJA Festival focuses on a cultural celebration of cannabis with music, art exhibitions, and more.

15. Uruguay

Uruguay was the first country to legalize recreational marijuana in 2013, making it a must-visit destination for any cannabis enthusiast.

The government regulates legal sales via pharmacies only, but visitors can also purchase from private clubs if they become members.

Paragon Uruguay is the best dispensary in Uruguay, so check it out while you’re there.

16. Australia

Visitors are heading down under to take advantage of the opportunity to explore the world of legal weed in Australia.

All around the country, dispensaries like Cannabis Haven have opened their doors. They provide a wide variety of edibles and strains for you to try while you travel through the outback and take pics of kangaroos.

17. Belize

Belize has been a pioneer in the legalization of marijuana, becoming the first country in Central America to decriminalize recreational cannabis use.

Every year the Belize Cannabis Conference takes place, providing an opportunity to learn about the latest advances in research and medical applications.

The Cannafest Belize features speakers from the industry, including experts on hemp production and extraction technology, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and legal advocates.

The Belize Hemp Expo offers an opportunity to sample local hemp products and learn about growing techniques and regulations.

18. Georgia (The Country)

Georgia is relatively new to cannabis tourism, but the country is fast making a name for itself as an ideal destination for legal weed. It has become a cannabis lover’s paradise, with an increasing number of dispensaries offering an astounding range of products and strains. From bud tours to tasting events, visitors are provided an unparalleled opportunity for cannabis tourism in the state.

19. United States

With the legal weed market worth billions, states such as Colorado, Nevada, and Alaska have become popular destinations for cannabis tourists looking to explore the world of legal weed.

Green Valley dispensary in California is one of the best in the US, offering an extensive collection of medical and recreational cannabis products and a friendly and well-informed staff. They offer both medical and recreational marijuana products, as well as a variety of accessories, smoking supplies, and edibles.

20. Everywhere Else

Countries 1 through 19 are the only countries in the world with laws that allow recreational marijuana use; so for number 20 on our list of top countries to visit where marijuana is legal, we have a whole list of countries where you can’t smoke weed legally.

These are some countries with laws that currently allow the use of medicinal weed only:

  • Argentina
  • Barbados
  • Chile
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • And many more

Time to Book Your Flight

From North America through Europe and beyond, there are plenty of places around the world where cannabis enthusiasts can toke up without fear. Just make sure to always stay aware of your local regulations and restrictions on possession and consumption.

So, grab your passport, pack your dancing shoes, and start planning your next trip; these top 20 countries offer some truly unique experiences for enjoying legal weed. Happy travels!

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