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$1.8 Million Cannabis Tour

Just as Napa Valley has attracted the world’s wine connoisseurs, Denver has become the go-to destination for marijuana aficionados since Colorado legalized recreational pot in November 2012.

One marijuana enthusiast, Michael Eymer, saw an early opportunity to cash in on the $1.3 billion legal marijuana industry. He founded Colorado Cannabis Tours in January 2014, the year it became legal to sell recreational weed in the state.

How a single dad turned weed bus tours into a $1.8 million business

The business began as a rudimentary model, with Eymer driving four people around in a sedan to check out a couple of dispensaries. These days, Cannabis Tours takes around 200 people in six party buses every weekend. Though the bus ride itself is the main attraction, tourists get to check out a few dispensaries, including Medicine Man (aka the “Walmart of weed”) as well as a live glassblowing demonstration.

Now, although Eymer, a 35-year-old single dad, runs his company out of his home, he raked in $1.8 million in sales last year. He’s up 66 percent this year so far.

“Pot is my passion,” Eymer told Yahoo Finance. “I keyed into the business opportunity early on. I’ve always had some involvement in the industry even before it was official. Then, seeing all these changes happening in Colorado, I just thought it was the perfect time to seize the opportunity.”

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