Buying Cannabis Seeds — Your Ultimate Weed Seeds Guide and 10 FAQs

Growing marijuana can’t begin until you buy cannabis seeds. While you can start with clones as well, they’re not as easy to find as cannabis seeds. No matter where you live, there’s likely an option for shipping seeds. You can grow your own marijuana plants from a wide variety of strains rather than settling for whatever is available at your dispensary. Get the facts about buying marijuana seeds of all kinds to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

The issue of legality when you buy weed seeds online is a sticky one. In general, it’s illegal for controlled substances to cross state lines, even when they’re legal where you’re receiving them. However, it is legal to buy cannabis seeds for purposes other than growing marijuana. The DEA has also signaled in an official letter that they don’t intend to treat seeds as a controlled substance either. Choosing a seed bank that ships medical marijuana seeds from within the U.S. gives you the best chance of receiving your package without any issues.

How to Buy the Right Cannabis Seeds for Your Needs

Not all cannabis seeds offer the same growing experience, even when they all come from a reliable source. For example, feminized cannabis seeds are treated so that the resulting plants are all or nearly all female. Since male cannabis plants don’t produce buds, they’re unnecessary and waste your seed money. Beginners should consider autoflowering cannabis seeds as well. Most cannabis seeds only begin flowering when you trigger them with a distinct change in the length of light applied per day. For an easier growing experience, autoflowering seeds simply start flowering and forming buds after a certain number of weeks, regardless of light exposure.

When Buying Cannabis Seeds, Look for These Things:

  • A wide variety of cannabis genetics guaranteed to produce the desired traits.
  • Pot seeds sold in various quantities, so you can order just a few or dozens at a time.
  • Secure packaging to ensure the seeds aren’t exposed to light, heat, or moisture during shipping.
  • Online cannabis seed banks that ship from within the US for the fastest results.
  • A germination guarantee to replace your seeds or refund your money if there are no results.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Cannabis Seeds

Finding inexpensive seeds for sale may lead you to make an impulse purchase. But if the cannabis seeds aren’t coming from a reliable seed bank, you might find that very few seeds germinated. No amount of savings is worth a complete failure from the seeds you order. Choosing a company that doesn’t specify its efforts to keep strains separate during pollination will also lead to disappointment. You may get seeds that grow healthy-looking plants, but the buds they produce could have any kind of traits because of cross-pollination and hybridization.

Cannabis seeds

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Vs. Store

Getting your weed seeds in a store might seem ideal to avoid legality issues. Yet finding a marijuana seed bank is harder than you might think. The seeds you’ll find for sale at your everyday dispensary or smoke shop are likely to be old, of low quality, and unlikely to grow strong plants. Ordering online gives you access to a wider range of reputable seed bank products. Unless you’re lucky enough to live near a store that specializes only in selling seeds and clones for home growing, you’re better off ordering your cannabis seeds online.

10 FAQs on Buying Cannabis Seeds

1. How much do good cannabis seeds cost?

Quality cannabis seeds range in price between $8 and $20 each, depending on the strain and treatments. Mixed male and female seeds tend to cost less than feminized varieties.

2. What cannabis seeds should I buy?

Choose high-quality marijuana seeds that are from strains known to provide an easy growing experience. Even if you’re not a newcomer to home growing, using a reliable strain is the best way to test out a new supplier.

3. Why buy regular cannabis seeds?

Some online seed bank outlets provide great deals on regular seeds that aren’t feminized or otherwise treated or hybridized. If you’re a skilled grower, culling the male plants could still net you extensive savings per seed.

4. What cannabis seeds are shipped to the U.S.?

When you buy marijuana seeds online, you’ll find most seed banks, regardless of location, will ship to the U.S. The best results come from seed banks located within the U.S.

5. Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

This depends on the state, and federal regulations still prohibit the transfer of seeds between states. However, a seed bank is allowed to ship you cannabis seeds for non-growing purposes.

6. Which month is best to buy and grow cannabis seeds?

When growing marijuana indoors, you can buy seeds any time of year. Outdoor growers should order by March to May, depending on the climate in their area.

7. Can I buy cannabis seeds online?

The best seed banks around the world support cannabis cultivation by selling their seeds online.

8. Can I buy feminized cannabis seeds?

Almost all cannabis strains come in feminized varieties.

9. Are there any tips for buying cannabis seeds on a budget?

Look for volume discounts for ordering more seeds of one type or just a certain number at once. Seed banks may also run sales or offer coupons to repeat customers.

10. How do I know if a cannabis seed bank is reputable?

Look for cannabis seed banks that outline their pollination processes, offer secure and speedy shipping, and are preferably located within the U.S.

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