What’s a Zip of Weed?

Have you been presented with a zip of weed and have no clue what that means? It’s just one of the many funny names for weed amounts. Initially, the term came from long before marijuana legalization, meaning it’s a slang term from conventional street dealing.

But the term has evolved and is now used regularly in the legal cannabis industry. This guide will discuss what a zip is, how much weed you get with a zip, and how many joints you can make with your stash.

What is a Zip of Weed?

Anyone purchasing a zip needs to know how much they’re getting. Thankfully, slang terms are uniform across every cannabis strain, so the amount you get isn’t going to differ depending on what you’re buying.

Is a zip of weed a lot?

Strictly speaking, a zip is an entire ounce of marijuana. An ounce is equivalent to 28.35 grams, which makes it a pretty hefty amount of bud to have on your person at once. People buying this much weed will likely share it with friends, or you’ve found the best weed strains for sex and want to stock up.

Note that in 2020, the average cannabis purchase amounted to $20-$49, meaning if you’re buying a zip, this is undoubtedly an out-of-the-ordinary purchase. Remember that every state has separate rules on how much cannabis you can purchase, possess, and transport at one time.

Where Does the Term “Zip” Come From?

As already mentioned, “zip” is a street slang term. It comes from a time before legalization when stoners had to buy weed from street dealers.

Typically, weed measurements in such high quantities would be delivered in a Ziplock bag, hence why it received its name. Fortunately, this is precisely how much a standard Ziplock bag can comfortably hold. However, remember that most reputable dispensaries are unlikely to sell weed in these bags today, but they may still use the term.

Is a Quarter of Weed More Than a Zip?

No, a quarter of weed is significantly less than a full zip. Since a zip is equivalent to one whole ounce whenever you put in a weed delivery, a quarter is 25% of a zip or eight eighths.

Knowing answers to questions like how much is an eighth of weed or even how many ounces in a pound of weed is critical to making the best cannabis purchase for you.

How Much Does a Zip Cost?

Approximately 18% of Americans used cannabis at least once in 2019, which has likely risen since then. As new purchasing systems and supply networks arise with legalization, this leads us to how much you can expect to spend.

Unless you’re running a celebrity weed brand or happen to be a rapper or billionaire, the chances are you’ve got a budget fixed within your mind. So, how much is a zip?

Like all things cannabis, it depends on what you’re buying. A zip of relatively low-quality weed could cost a hundred bucks less than a zip of medium-quality bud. But product quality is only part of the equation. Supply, demand, and where you live also matter.

Let’s delve into why these factors are so important:

·                Cannabis Quality – Higher quality buds will always command higher prices because that’s what people want. Your dispensary also likely spent more to stock that particular strain in the first place.

·                Supply and Demand – Supply and demand are as crucial to the cannabis industry as to retail or any other industry. Popular brands sold in large quantities will often lead to significant discounts for someone looking to purchase a zip of weed.

·                Location – Your location also matters. This is why if you’re engaging in cannabis tourism, you could visit two dispensaries in two different states and see considerable price differences. This could be due to the supply and demand or local and state taxes.

So, how much does weed cost if you’re buying this much? In short, you could spend anywhere from $150 to $300 upfront to secure your zip. But, like shopping at Sam’s Club, buying in bulk can save you money in the long run.

How Many Blunts is a Zip of Weed?

A single ounce of weed could see you through the entire month unless you’re regularly catatonic. Blunts are considerably thicker than joints, allowing you to pack more into your magic grinder and get a bigger hit.

For this reason, you could roll as many as 14 blunts with a single zip. How many blunts is half a zip? Expect to get a minimum of 5-7 blunts if you don’t want to splurge on a massive amount of a single strain.

Regarding other measurements, zips can reach as many as 56 joints or an identical number of bowls. Of course, it depends on how you roll and how much ganja you like to pack. Everyone is different.

How Long Should a Zip of Weed Last?

Daily weed consumers can expect to get at least a month out of their zip. For this reason, it’s often the smartest and most economical choice. But zips aren’t for everybody, especially if you like to switch up your strains regularly.

Occasional consumers that only toke on the weekends could get anywhere from three to six months out of a zip.

However, it’s not as simple as that. Anyone who knows how to grow weed and the different growing stages of weed is aware of the importance of freshness and flavor. Wait too long to consume your zip, and all that is good about your favorite strain will be lost.

Unless you’re sharing, we advise purchasing a quarter or an eighth as an average consumer. After all, even though more people smoke marijuana than cigarettes, daily consumption doesn’t make up most of today’s cannabis community.


Hit your next high for less by buying in bulk and making the most of every gram. A zip of weed is the ideal choice for the regular consumer, but you must ensure you’re storing your marijuana correctly.

Whether you want to learn more about buying cannabis seeds or you just want to find the right strain for you, discover your next epic flavor with Flavor Fix today.

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