Weed Delivery New Jersey – 4 Great Weed Delivery Options in NJ

Weed Delivery in New Jersey is here! New Jersey is known for three things: bagels, tolls, and jughandles (look it up).

We’re here to tell you that there’s a fourth item waiting to be added to that list: Weed Delivery! That’s right — New Jersey now makes it as easy to get high-quality bud as it is to get General Tsao’s chicken.

Below, we’ll look at how it all works, which delivery options to go for, and which weed to try out.

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Is Weed Delivery Legal in NJ?

Yes, marijuana delivery is now fully legal in New Jersey! The magical day came on February 22, 2021, when New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed three bills into law that legalized recreational marijuana use, creating a framework for the legal sale and distribution of marijuana.

Under this newest New Jersey law, licensed dispensaries are allowed to provide delivery services to customers who are 21 years of age or older. If you’re of legal age, you can get weed delivered — simple as that. There are a few guardrails, such as regulations for licensed cannabis businesses and limits on the amount of marijuana that can be purchased and possessed.

However, it’s important to note that the regulations and rules for marijuana delivery in New Jersey are still being developed, and delivery services may not be immediately available. Additionally, there may be specific requirements for delivery, such as proof of age and identity, that need to be followed to comply with the law.

Top 4 Weed Delivery Options in NJ

Here are the top four best weed delivery services in New Jersey:

Budtender’s Choice

This is the premium choice for weed delivery in New Jersey. Worry-free and reliable, Budtender’s Choice combines boutique, handpicked selections of marijuana products and uncomplicated delivery to your door. Order online from the comfort of your home and leave the rest up to them. With a variety of different flavors and an on-time guarantee, you can enjoy the best of weed delivery without the annoyances of normal delivery services.

Ding Dong Dank

The dankest bud, delivered straight to your door in northern New Jersey! This company has set its sights on capturing the market through free delivery, stylish marketing, and an excellent selection of different strains — even those that are typically not available on the east coast!

Stoner Klub

Stoner Klub bills themselves as the go-to people for weed delivery in New Jersey and New York. How do they back this claim up? They do so with a curated selection of edibles, vapes, and other paraphernalia for the cannabis connoisseur! Log in online to order your favorite cannabis products straight to your doorstep.

The Weed Delivery Service

weed delivery in NJ

These guys aren’t messing around: from their huge inventory of flower, concentrates, and edibles to their rewards program that lets you earn $10 off for every $200 you spend, The Weed Delivery Service is gearing up to rule the market.

They offer over 15 years of experience and over 200 products in stock at any given time, and they claim they’ll deliver anywhere in New Jersey. So take your pick and hit order.

Should We Tip the Weed Delivery Guy?

If you’re pleased with the service, it’s a great favor to tip. The best rule of thumb is a minimum of $5 and a total of 15% to 20% of your order total. You can have some wiggle room, but in general, don’t tip less than $5 if the person has done their job well.

How Do You Pay for Weed Delivery in New Jersey?

How you pay for weed delivery depends on where you order it from. Some dispensaries only take cash, but online orders may also accept credit cards or payment apps.

Top Three Strains to Ask For

Now for the fun part: which strains should you try?

  • Sour Cookies: this balanced hybrid strain is not overly sweet but definitely delivers some buttery cookie dough. Careful how much you take, because too much Sour Cookies can put you in some serious couchlock!
  • Pink Champagne: with flavors of sweet berries, tart fruits, and earthiness, Pink Champagne lets you kick back and relax a bit. As an indica-dominant hybrid of Cherry Pie and Grandaddy Purple, it is mood-boosting and sedating at once.
  • Woody Haze: woody tobacco, menthol and pine, and sweet citrus blend together in this breathy strain, which is known for its wake-and-bake potential. It’s popular for good reason — you can enjoy clearheadedness with an energetic, creative boost.
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