How to Roll a Joint – With a Dollar Bill & More

Learning how to roll a joint is an essential skill for anyone who wants to enjoy cannabis. Besides the bong, or rolling a blunt, the joint is probably the most popular method of consuming cannabis. If you don’t know how to roll a joint, no worries. When it comes to smoking and toking, there are only two groups: The people who can roll a joint with dreamlike ease that could compete with the Cross Joint made from Pineapple Express, and, well, those with good intentions. If you lump yourself in with the latter group, we got you.

This task sometimes horrifies beginners in particular, but rest assured, it’s not too tricky to learn how to roll a joint. Practice makes perfect, so get to rolling.

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Joint Rolling Materials

Before you pop on the Pink Floyd and zone out, let’s first clarify what you actually need to roll a joint. A lack of suitable materials quickly causes impatience and frustration. That’s why many beginners give up before even learning how to roll a joint. Here’s a short but comprehensive list of the joint rolling materials you need:

  • Instructions
  • Preferred cannabis strain
  • Cannabis grinder
  • Rolling papers
  • Rolling tray*
  • Lighter
  • Pen or straw to pack the joint
  • Filter (optional)

*A rolling tray (complete with a magnetic lid) and a grinder for the weed are not necessary to roll the perfect joint, but they’re nice to have.

This is How to Roll a Joint

Probably the easiest way to roll a joint is to do it in the cigarette-rolling style. First of all, you need the proper rolling papers. Zig Zag is one of the most popular rolling paper brands, offering many kinds of hemp papers.

You can buy different sizes found in every tobacco shop, kiosk, or supermarket. They’re also available online and at most gas stations. Always keep the rolling papers in good shape. Don’t crumple them in your pocket or let them get wet. But first, prepare the product.

Step 1

Grind the cannabis with a grinder (manual or automatic) or another tool of your choice. If you have fresh buds, you should carefully remove all the stems and seeds. If your cannabis is well dried, it will break into small fragments with no problem.

A grinder prevents your hands from becoming sticky, especially with very resinous goods. If you don’t have a grinder, you can grind the grass with your fingers, scissors, or other sharp tools.

The pieces of marijuana must be roughly the same size because that’s the only way the joint will burn evenly and give you the full benefit.

If you’re a full-fledged gear pro, get out your automatic grinder, sit back, and enjoy the show. If not, you can also easily find manual grinders, so no scissors necessary.

Step 2 (Optional)

If you want a filter, now is the time to create one. You can do this yourself by tightly rolling together a small piece of slightly thick paper. Here is how to make a filter.

Step 3

Now it’s time to roll the joint. To do this, you first take one of your rolling papers and bend it in the middle. Most of the time, they already have a kink in the middle so you can easily see where the weed goes in later. Hold the paper over your rolling tray if you have one.

The adhesive strip should be on top. Fold one of the corners to form the bottom of the joint. Gently rub the two sides of the paper together and distribute the contents as evenly as possible.

Step 3a (If You’re Using a Filter)

Make sure there’s enough space at one end for the filter. Place the filter at one end and play carefully with the mixture so that it’s evenly distributed and slightly compressed. The small pile in the middle should be a little wider than the filter, as it will be compacted when it’s rolled. But be careful. Don’t insert so much that you can’t put the paper together afterward.

Step 4

Next is arguably the most challenging step, where the quality of a joint rises and falls, so work carefully. It’s best to start at the tip and tuck the glue-free side of the paper under the other. Once you get the hang of it, it will be easy for you, but this causes problems for most at the beginning. If you have wrapped the paper around the tip, you can work your way down the joint and wrap it up.


Bonus: How to Roll a Joint with a Dollar Bill

Many beginners don’t just roll a joint; they roll one with the help of a bill. Plus, it looks pretty cool when you do it in front of friends. And for beginners, this is also a very easy technique when learning how to roll a joint.

First, fill the folded rolling paper with your weed and use a dollar bill to roll it up nicely. Slide the paper between the bill and the rolled-up cannabis. Then turn the bill again so that the rolling paper takes on a cylindrical shape.

Do it so that the paper rolls around the weed, and then you can then pull a rolled-up joint out of the bill. You have to keep the joint pressed together so that it doesn’t unroll again. Now lick the edges again so that you can seal them together and ideally twist one of the ends slightly so that nothing falls out.

Step 5

It’s perfectly normal to miss a lot of weed when learning how to roll, which is why using a rolling tray is quite practical. This way, you can collect all the leftovers and pour them into the open end of the joint. Now you carefully stuff everything into the joint from above.

Step 6

You can stick a pen or something similar into the end of your joint to stuff it. Don’t pack the weed too much because the more compressed the weed is, the worse the joint burns.

Step 7

Now lick the adhesive strip, fold it over, and seal your joint shut. Moisten the glued edge of the rolling paper with your tongue and press it together. Alternatively, you can use a tiny amount of water, but remember that the adhesive surface only needs a little moisture to stick.

Fold the ends of the paper neatly like a small Christmas present. This ensures the joint burns evenly.

The Final Joint Rolling Step

After rolling your first joint, treat yourself to a 10-minute self-congratulatory phase in which you send photos of your monumental work to all your friends. (Thoughts about starting an engineering degree are also perfectly normal.) After you’ve celebrated your success enough, you can now enjoy your first joint too.

Now you know how to roll a joint. What are you waiting for? Check out which strain best suits your mood, and find a dispensary near you.

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