How to Make a Filter in 5 Easy Steps

What’s a Filter?

A filter aka a tip or a “crutch” is a mouthpiece that structures your joint or blunt open for flow, prevents pieces of plant to pull through, as well as prevents lip burns.

There is an art to rolling tips, like rolling a joint or a blunt. You can be creative, master the art and perfect your own technique to have your stoner friends swooning and smoking.

how to make a joint filter

Filters come included in most roll-up packs

Kaya brand natural rolling packs have ideal tips and is our go-to for all rolling needs, but you’ll find them in just about any brand packs nowadays.  Tips are also available pre-cut and pre-rolled.  Meaning you have zero-to-no work to make one.

Filter Variations

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Glass, and more

How to make your own Filter

If you don’t have any pre-cut tips, fear not, this will only take you a few seconds…

Step 1:

Find some strong paper and cut it into a long, thin strip smaller than a stick of gum  (not copy paper, more like an index card material, but thinner than cereal box paper).

Step 2:

Start making a few folds, I usually do 3-4, but how many you make is up to you.  An effective way is the M or W shape.  And no need to press or crease too hard, be gentle and let the paper breathe so your joint will breathe.

Step 3:

Take the remaining filter material  and roll it around the folded piece.

Step 4:

Shape filter and remove any excess material to avoid clogging.

Step 5:

Place filter at the end of the rolling paper and roll it into joint/blunt.

Things to Remember about your DIY Filter

  • If you’re purchasing a pre-rolled joint or blunt they will have a filter already attached almost always.  We recommend purchasing a roll pack which will have all the do-it-yourself tools and paper for rolling a proper j.
  • Also, don’t sleep on Reusable Tips – glass, wood, metal, ceramic, and plastic – are all viable options if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint and create less waste.
  • If you’re looking for the cleanest smoke that will allow you to taste your weed best, look for filters that have a visible filter that claim to remove any tar.

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