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INSA has taken the craft cannabis world by storm, blowing away the competition at High Times Magazine’s Cannabis Cup. Their secret recipe? Handcrafted cultivation and product innovation.

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This place is fantastic. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. They go through extensive training. They have all the products on display.

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Who are Insa?

The cannabis expert, from cultivation to consumption. With a headquarters in Chicopee, MA, and additional locations across Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Florida, top-quality products are just around the corner for medical and adult-use consumers. And if that doesn’t work out? No problem! The company offers convenient home delivery services throughout Boston neighborhoods so you can get your dose of expertise without stepping foot outside your door.

Our Review

The company has earned a worldwide reputation for superior quality and stand-out values, so it’s no wonder we’re such big fans. Our experience with them is unbeatable, with excellent service and a fantastic product range. We highly recommend them.

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About INSA

In 2013, childhood friends Pete Gallagher and Pat Gottschlicht shared a mission: to help make life better for more people. Fast-forward four years later, they opened INSA’s first dispensary, and that was only the beginning.

By harnessing true craftsmanship from master growers Frank Golfieri and Kevin Sparks, plus adding creativity from Chef Julian Rose’s forty-year experience as chocolatier/pastry chef and Chris Geoffrion working with his lab team on distilling flowers like fine artisans, this dream team has proven themselves ready to go above and beyond in their quest.

Insa’s Products or Services

Acclaimed throughout the Bay State for its world-class standards of craftsmanship, high-quality ingredients, and innovation. They operate retail locations in Springfield, Salem, and Easthampton, MA, and can be found at other fine cannabis retailers across Massachusetts or via delivery to select Boston neighborhoods through

INSA offers:

  • Flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Vaporizers
  • Concentrates
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • And more!

The Cannabis Cup

Since its launch in Amsterdam in 1988, the Cannabis Cup has become an internationally renowned competition to identify and award top-notch cannabis products. Last August, High Times hosted a groundbreaking event: This illustrious cup’s first-ever Massachusetts edition! With 11 categories, from Indica flower to Edibles chocolate, it was packed with premium marijuana selections competing for titles across statewide canna firms.

And guess who took home lots of gold. (Psst. It was INSA.)

The Citrus Superstar, Clementine Sativa Vape, took home the gold in the juicy sativa vape category at High Times Magazine’s Cannabis Cup. The zesty blend of Tangie and Lemon Skunk creates a deliciously sweet yet energizing profile, giving users a bright taste and aromatic scent with every puff.

Insa’s Double Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bar

In another stunning victory, their Double Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bar takes the top spot in the Edibles: Chocolate category. This decadent treat starts with pure ivory chocolate sourced from Europe and is caramelized during conching to enhance that luscious salted caramel hue and flavor.

With each bar containing 5mg of THC and crunchy bits of salted-sugar caramel, this little bite has quickly become one of brand’s most popular options.

INSA Online Reviews

It’s no secret that their cannabis carries top-notch strains from high-quality genetics, and the prices reflect it. Unlike other major cannabis brands, there is no discrepancy between cost and value. Cannabis fans across the web eagerly anticipate each new drop. As soon as products are released, there seems to be an instant sell-out, so make sure you move quickly if there’s something from INSA that you’re dying to try.

Bottom line: INSA is totally worth the hype, so check them out ASAP.

INSA Cannabis Brand Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns INSA weed?

Peter Gallagher and Patrick Gottschlicht are the founders of INSA Cannabis. Keep your eye on these trailblazers as they make their mark in the weed world. These green entrepreneurs have taken this budding industry to new heights as CEO and COO, respectively.

What is INSA’s net worth?

The brand is keeping the lights on and then some, thanks to its estimated annual revenue of $76.6M. That’s a lot of (cookie) dough. That means there’s more than enough money to create innovative products to continue making your cannabis dreams come true.

How does INSA delivery work?

If the delivery is available in your area, it’s super easy to get cannabis delivered directly to your front door. All it takes is a few clicks on the menu page and some quick information during checkout, including an ID verification step as simple as uploading a picture of your license or passport. Select one of the available time slots and get ready. They package everything up and send it off with a trusty courier, so you don’t even have to leave the house!

Where are INSA dispensaries located?

The dispensaries are located in Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Hopefully, they’ll be expanding across the country in no time.

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