Cookie Dough Strain — Get Blissfully Baked

If you’re a fan of Girl Scout Cookies (the strain, not the delectable baked goods) and have a decent tolerance, the Cookie Dough strain might be right up your alley. This mega-potent, evenly balanced hybrid is a phenotype of GSC and delivers a magical blend of mind-body effects that’ll leave you feeling mollified, munchy, and 100% marvelous.

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Cookie Dough Strain
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Cookie Dough Strain Flavor Scale

It’s safe to say the Cookie Dough strain doesn’t taste like any cookie you’ve ever had. With each toke, you’ll taste:

Sweet orange
Cheesy skunk

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      Cookie Dough Strain Information

      Cookie Dough is a 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid with an average THC concentration of 25% and very little CBD. Even if you’re a seasoned toker, this powerful strain can easily get you super stoned, so if you’re not looking to spend hours zoned out on the couch, take it slow.

      After a few tokes, you’ll feel a rapid-onset, euphoric cerebral buzz, which may verge on psychedelic in higher doses. As your mind hurtles through space, you may feel an urge to chat and share your amplified thoughts with whoever will listen. You’ll feel ravenous, giggly, and perhaps even creatively inclined, but because this strain is so potent, you probably won’t accomplish much after it sets in.

      As your high wears on, Cookie Dough’s soothing indica side will gradually take over, steadily relaxing both your limbs and ultra-lively mind. You’ll find yourself sinking into the nearest soft surface, and before you know it, you’ll be drifting off to sleep.

      Cookie Dough Strain Effects

      Relaxed 76%
      Happy 83%
      Hungry 76%
      Creative 73%
      Helps With
      Anxiety 79%
      Stress 83%
      Depression 81%
      Loss of appetite
      Loss of appetite 77%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 46%
      Paranoia 40%
      Dizziness 43%

      Cookie Dough Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Queen — “Bohemian Rhapsody”
      Queen — “Bohemian Rhapsody” 79%
      Florence + The Machine — “Spectrum”
      Florence + The Machine — “Spectrum” 83%
      Empire of the Sun — “Walking on a Dream”
      Empire of the Sun — “Walking on a Dream” 73%

      Queen — “Bohemian Rhapsody”: While you’re feeling lively, turn this classic up loud. Singing along is so much more fun while you’re super happy and soaring through the stratosphere.

      Florence + The Machine — “Spectrum”: Let this lively, uplifting track take your elevated mind on a trip while Cookie Dough hurtles you through the full spectrum of cannabis effects.

      Empire of the Sun — “Walking on a Dream”: Cookie Dough will leave you feeling so good that you might wonder if you’re dreaming. Crank this upbeat tune and let it elevate that jubilant vibe.

      Pairs With Food
      Edible cookie dough
      Edible cookie dough 77%
      Cookie dough ice cream
      Cookie dough ice cream 76%
      Girl Scout Cookies
      Girl Scout Cookies 82%

      Edible cookie dough: Could there be a more perfect (and delicious) combo? Whip it up from scratch if you’re feeling ambitious.

      Cookie dough ice cream: Nosh on a pint of frozen goodness and let it soothe your soul (and your throat) while you navigate your Cookie Dough high.

      Girl Scout Cookies: When the munchies make an appearance, chow down and bless your tastebuds with some baked-good bliss.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Sidecar 79%
      White Russian
      White Russian 75%
      Hot buttered rum
      Hot buttered rum 84%

      Sidecar: Sip on this smooth, complex, balanced blend of cognac and citrus if you wanna double up on Cookie Dough’s sweet and orangey notes.

      White Russian: Enjoy this sweet, creamy, vodka-based cocktail if Cookie Dough leaves you craving something indulgent. (It probably will.)

      Hot buttered rum: When Cookie Dough’s relaxing side kicks in, sip on this warm, calming cocktail and let the combo soothe you straight to sleep.

      Where The Cookie Dough Strain Is Grown

      The breeders at California-based Flavour Chasers created the Cookie Dough strain.

      Cookie Dough Strain Summary

      Cookie Dough hits hard and fast and can easily send you hurtling into space even if you’re a long-time toker. With its powerful, all-encompassing effects, this bud is best-suited for late afternoon or evening use and only appropriate for cannabisseurs with a high tolerance. If you like this strain, you’ll probably also have a great time with similar strains like Emperor Cookie Dough and Animal Mints.

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