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Don Julio tequila is considered one of the best tequilas in the world and can be found on the top shelves of bars worldwide.

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About Don Julio

Don Julio began in 1942 when its namesake decided to team up with a businessman to secure a loan for La Primavera, his very first tequila distillery. 

Set in the highlands of Jalisco, this distillery was where Don Julio spent four decades perfecting the world’s top tequila.

His habit of hand-picking agave piñas one by one has carried on to this day. At 6,500 feet above sea level, these blue Weber agave plants grow thick and lush in the volcanic soil. Those who work at the distillery still pick them by hand, selecting them at the ideal ripeness.

Since the distillery opened, more than three generations of families have continued to work its fertile fields and authentic equipment. 

Don Julio Blanco Tequila
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      Don Julio Products

      Don Julio sells several different types of tequilas:

      • Blanco: pure, blue Weber agave tequila in its purest form.
      • Reposado: a golden amber tequila aged for eight months in oak barrels.
      • Añejo: smaller-batch tequila aged for 18 months in American white oak barrels.
      • 70 Cristalino: Blanco tequila combined with the complexity of Añejo.
      • Ultima Reserva: tequila crafted from Don Julio’s final agave plants, aged using the Solera aging system.
      • 1942: An iconic tequila celebrated by connoisseurs worldwide.
      • Primavera: A limited-release Reposado to celebrate the unique mood of the cooler months.
      • Rosado: a new signature tequila with a light pink hue, finished in Ruby Port wine casks from northern Portugal
      Don Julio Recipe

      Photo Credit: Don Julio’s Website 

      Don Julio Online Reviews

      Here are some google reviews of the famous tequila:

      “It is hands down my favorite Tequila.”

      “Don Julio Reposado is my favorite tequila, and I was super excited to try this.”

      “This is a top-shelf tequila in every since of the term.”

      Don Julio Video

      Don Julio FAQs

      Here are some FAQs and their answers:

      How much does the famous tequila cost?

      You can expect to pay between $40 and $120 for most Don Julio bottles, though some can cost close to $200.

      Is Don Julio Tequila top shelf?

      Although it isn’t the priciest tequila in the world, it sports top-shelf credentials: high quality, small batches, and exquisite flavors.

      Why is 1942 Don Julio so expensive?

      Don Julio 1942 is made using hand-picked 100% blue Weber agave grown in the most ideal conditions on earth. It is aged for between two and seven years in oak barrels, which also contributes to the higher price.

      Is Don Julio better than Patron?

      Don Julio and Patron are often compared to one another, and which one takes the prize is a matter of taste. Don Julio Blanco has a citrusy aroma, while Patron Silver has a pleasant agave aroma.

      Is Casamigos or Don Julio better?

      Don Julio and Casamigos are both smooth, exceptional tequilas, with many people finding Casamigos to be smoother on the palate and with a lighter flavor.

      How should you drink Don Julio?

      Don Julio is a high-quality tequila that deserves to be sipped, though it can also be taken as a shot or as part of a delicious tequila cocktail.

      Is Don Julio good for shots?

      Yes! It is a trusted go-to for shots, particularly for people who enjoy tequila that has a sweet, light finish.

      What makes Don Julio so special?

      It is made using hand-picked agave plants that are fully mature and ripened at around 8 or 10 years of growth. The workers hand-cut the piñas to cook in a uniform way. This high level of care, combined with the distillation and aging processes, gives Don Julio its unique flavor and aroma.

      What mixes best with tequila?

      Try mixing the following with tequila:

      • Grapefruit soda (Paloma cocktail)
      • Tomato Juice (Bloody Maria cocktail)
      • Lemon Juice, club soda, and simple syrup (Tequila Collins cocktail)
      • Lager beer (Corona sunrise cocktail)
      • Orange juice and grenadine (Tequila Sunrise cocktail)
      • Triple Sec and lime (margarita cocktail)

      Can you drink tequila with Coke?

      You can drink tequila with Coke and ice for a refreshing cocktail called a Batanga.

      Where can I buy Don Julio?

      If you’re looking for a premium bottle of the brand’s tequila, here are several ways to get your hands on it.

      These days, one of the most convenient ways to find Don Julio is to order it online. It’s a prized item on the websites of major retailers such as Amazon, Drizly, and Total Wine. These sites often offer a wide variety of the brand’s products, including different types of tequila, gift sets, and limited-edition bottles.

      If you prefer to buy it in person — which is great, particularly for supporting local brick-and-mortar businesses — you can visit your local liquor store or supermarket. Many large grocery store chains carry a variety of Don Julio products, so it’s worth checking your local store’s selection. You can also visit a specialty liquor store or a dedicated tequila shop for a wider variety of Don Julio products.

      Where Can I Sample Before I Buy?

      If you’re looking to sample before you buy, head to a nice bar and try the different bottles they have on their shelves.

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