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While definitely NOT for kids, the Trix strain works wonders on adults. This Columbian Gold hybrid is considered one of the world’s best, with a fruity aroma whose sweetness mixes perfectly with the diesel of Chemdawg D. Delicious and potent, this bud delivers a motivating, energizing high that’s great for tackling projects and getting stuff done.

Think the sweetness of Kaya Mangonani and some of the kick of Golden Back Gorilla.

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trix og information
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Trix OG Flavor Scale

Expect a fruity, sweet flavor mixed with a rich, fuel-like taste. And just to make it sweeter? Some Girl Scout Cookies.


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      Trix OG Information

      The delectable Trix strain comes from bud growers Riot Seeds, who crossed Chemdawg D with a New World landrace to arrive at this sweet yet skunky weed. The strain can produce huge yields and finishes in just 2.5 months, making it an appealing project for sativa growers.

      Trix OG Effects

      Happy 93%
      Energized 96%
      Riding the wave
      Riding the wave 81%
      Helps With
      Productivity 92%
      Mood 92%
      Tiredness 89%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 86%

      Trix OG Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Reggae 97%
      Classic Rock
      Classic Rock 90%
      The Strokes
      The Strokes 94%

      Reggae: With the energizing kick of Trix, some chill reggae makes the perfect counterpoint.

      Classic Rock: Zeppelin, Queen, Bon Jovi — if it rocks, you will dig it on Trix. Plus, you’ll clean your house twice as quickly.

      The Strokes: The fab sounds of one of 2000’s coolest bands is exactly the vibe you’ll dig with Trix — upbeat, rational, and awesome.

      Pairs With Food
      Trix 100%
      Mango curry
      Mango curry 97%
      Taco night
      Taco night 91%

      Trix: Like you weren’t gonna.

      Mango curry: Whether it’s takeout or you prepare it at home, you owe it to yourself to try Trix with some mango-infused curry. The fruity notes of the weed pair great with the sweet heat of this South Indian dish.

      Taco night: If it’s taco night in your household, whip out some of this strain to accompany you. The iconic flavors of Mexican food work great with this fragrant strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Scotch 95%
      Cognac 86%
      Bourbon 94%

      Scotch: The intellectual’s choice of whiskey is perfect for this motivating strain.

      Cognac: Whether you’re setting up for a board game or a night of me-time, Trix and cognac make an elegant pairing.

      Bourbon: You won’t regret pulling the great American treasure off the shelf for the evening if you’re partaking in the Trix strain.

      Where Is Trix OG Grown

      Trix is a sativa-heavy cross between Chemdawg D and New World Landrace. It flowers quickly and produces an abundant yield. It’s considered among the most potent Colombian Gold hybrids on earth.

      Trix OG Summary

      Fruity and sweet, the Trix strain is an enlivening, motivational ally. Stay clear headed while enjoying one of the tastiest strains on the market — you’ll definitely smell the iconic kids’ cereal, and you might also taste flavors like coconut, lime, and other sharp citruses.

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