Cannabis Infused Olive Oil Recipe

This Cannabis Infused Olive Oil recipe is simple, delicious and versatile. Combine the health benefits of Olive Oil and Cannabis to create a delicious base for savory recipes and dressings. Skip the extra virgin olive oil and save some money, filtered olive oil holds up best as we heat things up for the infusion. Before make this recipe you will have to decarb your weed for the best results. 

Cannabis Infused Olive Oil Recipe

Get adventurous with your olive oil and bud pairings: Drizzle a Berry vinaigrette made with Blueberry OG Delight over a steak, combine Lemon OG Strain with citrus and honey for a delicious salad dressing, or drizzle a funky GlueChee infusion over summer tomatoes and mozzarella. The point is experiment with the strains that you use. Different strains will create different flavor.

Marijuana infused Olive Oil recipe

Prep Time
22-30 Minutes

Cook Time
120 Minutes

Total Time
140 Minutes

1 People

21 kcal


2.33 grams Ground Cannabis Flower

1/2 Cup Olive Oil


  1. Decarboxylate Prepare your cannabis by decarboxylating it first, this will activate the THC and/or CBD that will be infused into the olive oil. Preheat your oven to 220 F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spread your cannabis over the parchment and cover with aluminum foil. Bake for 22-30 minutes, keeping an eye on it, as every oven is different. When finished it should be lightly toasted, not burnt.
  2. Infuse your oil with the flower. Add the bud and olive oil into a double boiler, a slow cooker, or your sous vide and infuse over low heat, or 85C/185F for 2 hours.
  3. Strain over a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth. “NOTE: Use disposable kitchen gloves and flexible spatulas to handle this material. Handling this material with your bare hands can lead to an undesired experience as THC infused oil can be absorbed through skin.” (Chef Korby)
  4. Store the finished cannabis infused olive oil in a mason jar. The potency of the oil will depend on your bud’s THC and CBD content. Test out with a teaspoon and dose accordingly for what is right for you.


This recipe yields 24 teaspoonsDose appropriately! When using your medicated olive oil in a recipe, remember to dose per person/serving. If the recipe calls for more olive oil, be sure to use regular or extra virgin instead. Here are some amazing strains to use with this recipe.

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Andres Castello

Chef Andres is a restaurateur in the original sense of the word he is always on the search for recipes that restore the body and soul. He is currently based in Mallorca working and visiting farms to learn about the healing practices of biodynamics and permaculture agriculture. Embark on a journey of recipes and articles and learn about the restorative power of cannabis, food, and drinks. Prior to moving to Mallorca Chef Andres ran his restaurant in NYC and sold it.

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  1. I’d ‘highly’ recommend that if you actually want to taste any of the terpenes from the lovely strains mentioned in the article in your infused oils, you search for a different method of decarboxylating your flowers. While the quick and dirty method of tossing some buds in a hot oven is somewhat effective in activating THC, your terpenes will boil off way before your buds are decarboxylated. If you take a moment to make a foil pouch to allow your buds to decarb in, and then wait until it has returned to room temperature before opening, it will allow the more robust terpenes to remain, but if you actually want to retain the real terpieness of your flowers, decarb in a sous vide!

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