5 Nonalcoholic Fall Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Fall is the perfect time to make a commitment to drinking less alcohol for your health. The season’s favorite flavors are often perfect choices for pairing with the taste of a cannabis oil, tincture, or other extract. Mixing up some cannabis-infused drinks is as simple as giving the drink a good mixing in most cases. It’s never been easier to explore mocktails that will still put some pep in your step thanks to a sativa weed strain or deep relaxation from an indica addition. Try all five of these popular cannabis-infused drinks that have perfect flavor for the fall.

1. Cannabis-Infused Pumpkin Spice Latte

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is perhaps the most quintessential fall drink of all, especially when you’re thinking of nonalcoholic treats. Just make sure you don’t have a THC Drug Test coming up if you choose to infuse yours with cannabis. You can make simple cannabis-infused milk by soaking decarboxylated marijuana in warm milk on the stovetop. After about 45 minutes of simmering, that milk is perfect for making the latte with a mix of spices and optional real pumpkin puree. For a quicker result, make the pumpkin spice latte first and then simply add a drink-soluble THC extract.

2. Matcha Tea Cream with Extra Green

This thick yet refreshing green tea-based drink deserves a matching cannabis strain with a floral or sweet hay flavor like Honey Bun. Start with a powdered form of green tea known as matcha from Japan. Mix it with warm water and whip it with a special whisk until it’s foamy and smooth. Then, you can add in heavy cream and sugar before whipping again. The resulting cannabis-infused drink will definitely put you in a calm yet awake mood due to the caffeine content.

3. Sparkling Pear Punch Powered by Sativa

Blending up a big batch of nonalcoholic punch is the best way to fuel a fall party that includes people abstaining from alcohol. If everyone’s a fan of cannabis but no one can remember how to roll a blunt, a cannabis-infused sparkling punch powered by pear flavor is a great choice. Mix up two parts of pure pear nectar with two parts sparkling apple cider, lemon-lime soda, or seltzer water. Add one part sweetened cranberry juice or a cran-pear blend if you can find it. Drop in a tincture or extract at the end, or leave it free of THC if you’re planning to enjoy something like psychedelic mushrooms.

4. Cannabis and Cranberry Cosmo

There’s no need to avoid classic cocktails when enjoying a dry fall. A tart cranberry Cosmo with the color and flavor of the season is just as intense when it’s mixed with a THC extract. The Fruit Loops strain is a perfect match for the flavor profile of this drink. It’s even featured in some of the cannabis marketing for the strain. Blend cranberry juice, lime juice, club soda, and a splash of orange juice for a balanced background that boosts your chosen strain’s effects.

5 Hot Cocoa with Plenty of Cannabis

Hot cocoa is one of those fall and winter treats you just can’t miss. Make your cocoa even more special than usual by using one of the many weed recipes for making infused milk. If you prefer to use hot water with your favorite cocoa mix, choose a water-soluble extract or tincture instead. No matter how you mix it up, don’t forget the THC-infused marshmallows on top. It’s the crowning glory on a beautiful and sweet cup of creamy cocoa.

Tips for Making Cannabis-Infused Drinks

All of these drinks work well for delivering CBD products as well. Just check a reliable CBD Chart to decide how much to add to each recipe. Many cannabis extracts can be a little tricky to blend into a drink. Add the THC at the end while the drink is hot, and use a small milk frothing power whisk to blend everything smoothly. Consume our cannabis-infused drinks while warm as well since the extract might separate out as the liquids cool.

You have lots of options for having fun without spirits just to have fun this fall. Brew up a batch of some cannabis-infused drinks for relaxing trips to the apple orchard or for a crisp night around the fire pit with friends.

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