How to use Cannabutter

Do you want to learn how to use cannabutter? Our connoisseurs at Flavor Fix know you canna do it with our help!

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How to Use Cannabutter Like a True Connoisseur

Cooking with cannabis is no longer frowned upon, and you can conjure up some really delicious things with cannabutter.

How Cannabutter is Made

Cannabutter makes everything canna-better.

If you’re wondering how to use cannabutter, the possibilities are limitless. But probably the best thing about cannabutter is how it’s made. (I mean, it’s basically free.) A lot of the hemp plant is usually thrown away—the upper stems, flowers with too many seeds, or the leaves that are too thickly coated with resin. But you don’t have to toss it all out because you can make cannabis butter from all the leftover “junk.”

You don’t have a thing to lose with cannabutter, since it comes from parts that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage or compost heap, so try lots of different things to make the tastiest butter you can.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the very best weed butter recipe, look no further. Flavor Fix has a killer hookup.

Choose the Best Strains to Use Cannabutter

As weed professionals, the experts at Flavor Fix suggest the following strains for making cannabutter:

OG Kush

OG Kush is the ideal strain for making cannabutter. This spicy hybrid is known for its ability to relieve depression and the major munchies it causes. What better way to enjoy some OG Kush than to use it to make weed butter for use in cookies, cakes, or brownies? Two birds, one stone(d).

White Widow

Another legendary hybrid, White Widow, is the perfect complement to fats and oils for baking. This bud’s earthy and citrusy notes make this medicinal strain wonderful in muffins, banana bread, and even rich, buttery mac and cheese.


The third hybrid strain on our list, Trainwreck, is extremely potent and best for veteran users. Its herbal and piney flavors create a robust, cannabutter umami-bomb. Use this strain for savory dishes like pasta sauces, baked potatoes, or pizza.

As long as you cook at the right temperature, the potency of cannabis in your cannabutter won’t be compromised. Staying within 365 degrees is ideal as THC starts to degrade beyond that.

How to Use Cannabutter

Using cannabis butter gives you a whole range of other advantages besides pure enjoyment. Depending on the dosage and temperature, you have control over the strength of your buzz. Fortunately, cannabutter is easily incorporated into any recipe that calls for traditional butter, allowing you to add the ingredient into foods that align with your personal preferences and dietary needs.

Here are some extra tips to get your buzz on.

  • Enhance everything from fruits, sugars, spices, and savory herbs with cannabutter. Some of the tastiest additions include garlic, thyme, and basil.
  • Those looking for a spicy kick can add chili powder, pepper, or hot sauce to cannabutter.
  • You can make fruity cannabis butter, adding a little extra vitamin D and C with oranges, lemons, or apples.
  • If you want to make a sweet cannabutter, consider adding sugar, cocoa powder, or even crushed candy.
  • Intensify the sensual experience by adding dark chocolate with at least 52% cocoa content before chowing down. Dark chocolate activates neurotransmitters in the body, which results in a more intense and long-lasting high.
  • If you have extra cannabutter, keep it in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator or freezer. It should keep for several weeks and in the freezer for up to six months.

The possibilities for how to use cannabutter are endless. Whether you use the butter to conjure up a hearty dish or for your next batch of out-of-this-world cookies, time to get cooking.

How to Use Cannabutter for Medicinal Purposes

Medicine doesn’t have to taste bad, and edibles don’t have to taste like skunky weed. Cannabutter is the basis for many cannabis recipes, and using cannabis in the kitchen is an optimal alternative to smoking the sticky icky.

There is a lot more you can do with medical cannabis these days than just smoking it. Cooking with cannabis has become an absolute hit among connoisseurs of recreational marijuana. There is practically nothing that can’t be refined with a good pinch of weed, from delicious brownies to hearty main courses, almost all recipes with cannabis use cannabutter.

Go Forth and Bake (While Getting Baked)

Cannabis butter is the foundation of pretty much all cannabis cooking. Knowing how to use cannabutter ensures that everything you cook has the potential to deliver an incredible, vibrant high.

Now that you know how to use weed butter try using it as a starting point for all of your other cannabis-related recipes, or simply use it as a lovely buttery spread. Mmm, delish!

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