7 Methods to Consume Cannabis: From Smoking to Edibles

Marijuana has exploded in popularity, and with so many ways to consume cannabis, it’s never been easier to find your flavor.

But anyone learning about marijuana for the first time may be overwhelmed by the many different products available. And that’s why anyone figuring out what is cannabis has a whole world to explore.

This guide discusses the most common consumption methods and some products you can try now.

7 Ways to Consume Cannabis (and products to try)

The popularity of cannabis has soared since legalization across much of the U.S. This is why 43% of young adults reported trying marijuana at least once in 2021.

So, if you’re wondering how to consume cannabis, here are the seven most popular options.

1. Cannabis via Inhalation

You can’t go wrong by teaching yourself how to roll a blunt and spark up. This is the most common way of inhaling some of that sweet Mary Jane, so it’s no surprise that this is where most people begin.

Various inhalation methods and products exist. Here’s a rundown of your options:

·  Bongs – The ultimate party guest. Ripping on a bong is a time-honored tradition for young people. But what is a bong, and why is it so awesome? A bong is a type of water pipe used to lower the temperature of the smoke before it hits your lungs. It’s also one of the most intense highs you’ll get.

·  Joints/Blunts – Traditionalists among you will always head for a weed delivery of their favorite herb before rolling it up and smoking it just like a cigarette. Note that a blunt is similar to a joint, only larger.

·  Thai Sticks – Ultra-traditionalists looking to smoke the ancient way may encounter Thai sticks during their travels. According to the Bangkok Post, these were made by hill tribes in the 1970s during the height of the Vietnam War. Consisting of smoke-cured buds wrapped in leaves and coated in hash oil, these sticks are much more potent than your favorite cannabis brands.

·  Moon Rocks – Reach for the stars with your next high. Moon rocks consist of dried cannabis flower sprayed with cannabis oil and then dipped in kief. That’s why moon rocks are typical candidates for making up a joint that’ll knock you on your keister.

·  Dabbing – Dabs require a dab rig to smoke cannabis concentrates. These are among the strongest THC products available.

·  Pipe – Typically made of glass or ceramic, you can smoke marijuana from a traditional pipe. Pack the bowl with dried marijuana, light it, and then puff away.

·  Vaping – Finally, you can vape cannabis like CBD oil or nicotine juice. With your trusty vape pen, you heat the cannabinoid extract or dried plant matter to vaporize it. Unlike other smoking methods, vaping weed doesn’t burn it, meaning you’re inhaling only those sweet, sweet cannabinoids.

With so many inhalation options for when you consume cannabis, it shouldn’t be a shock to see that most people prefer to take in their favorite weed strain this way.

2. Cannabis via Edibles

We don’t know the true extent of how popular edibles are. But we can see from the 1375% rise in accidental edibles ingestion in the last five years that this niche has soared alongside other cannabis consumption methods.

Consuming edibles means you don’t have to worry about inhaling carcinogens from burning and smoking weed. It also offers a different sort of high, with most edible recipes containing high concentrations of THC.

So, what does the industry have to offer the stoner in training?

·  Cannabis Snacks – Pot brownies are always popular, but countless other snacks and food products are available. Whether it’s gummies, lollipops, or even Cannabutter, there’s no shortage of weed-infused snacks.

·  Weed Drinks – Some grocery stores and bars may carry special weed drinks. These may be simple sodas or THC-infused cocktails.

·  Pills – Eating and drinking THC might not be your thing, but there’s still a way to enjoy weed without reaching for the rolling papers. Cannabis comes in pill and capsule form, with some promising immediate highs and others time-released.

We’re no strangers to joints and blunts, but the marijuana edibles business is still emerging. It’s why you can find various weed restaurants in NYC, LA, and beyond that specialize in THC-infused cuisine.

3. Consume Cannabis Sublingually

Sublingual cannabis products require you to place something under your tongue and allow it to dissolve.

The effects are designed to be quicker because the area beneath your tongue is filled with tiny blood vessels, making absorption either. Plus, cannabis bypasses the digestive system. This is part of why delta-9 THC isn’t converted into 11-hydroxy THC.

11-hydroxy THC is 1.5-1.7 times more potent than delta-9, so sublingual consumption is best for those who don’t want an intense high.

4. Marijuana via Tinctures

If you’re tired of American Dream or Power Plant, you may want to head for the tincture aisle at your local dispensary.

Tinctures are nothing more than pure cannabis extracted using alcohol as a solvent. Most tinctures use an eye dropper or a spray.

5. Weed via Topicals

Topicals are commonly used within weed health products. This niche also contains non-psychoactive cannabis products, including CBD oil.

These must be applied directly to the skin and are often site-specific. For example, THC-infused cannabis marketing brands may have anti-eczema cream for the hands or CBD oils for aching muscles.

In no circumstances will topicals make you high. Some examples of these weed products include:

·  Cream

·  Lotions

·  Oils

·  Lube

6. Consume Cannabis via Patches

Yes, patches aren’t just for quitting that nasty cigarette habit. They can also get you high.

These transdermal products release cannabinoids into your bloodstream over a set period. Usually, you’ll feel the effects for eight to twelve hours. Unlike topicals, you can place them on any body part you like.

7. Marijuana via Suppositories

Unsurprisingly, suppositories are the least popular way of consuming cannabis. These products are designed as an alternative to weed lube.

So, if you feel like adding a new dimension to your sex life, these could be the products for you.


With so many ways to consume cannabis, you have a whole world to explore. Whether you want to pick up some Mother’s Milk or Paris OG, there’s no end to strains and ways to take them.

At Flavor Fix, we provide handy guides and recommendations on the world of cannabis and beyond. Check out our guides to learn more.

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